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CD-Rom CD Labeler of Sure Thing, print CD-Etiquette, Booklets, backgrounds and clip Art.
ID: CD0La01432

CD-Rom CD Speed measures the transfer installment, Freeware, English 32 1.01, CD-ROM test program, file 63KB
ID: CD0Sp01891

CD-Rom CD-ROM GOD 5.5 CD-ROM drivers for your DOS boot floppy disk, the Utility usually produces a boot floppy disk with about 50 drivers, that one can try out over a DOS surface, without new boot, file CDGOD55.EXE, 1.02MB.
ID: CD0RO02257

CD-Rom Demon tools 3.33 p roduces up to 4 virtual CD-ROM drives, for private utilization gratuitously.
ID: Daemo02831

CD-Rom DVD-Cover-Designer 2004 0.99f: Cover-Editor for CDs and DVD. imports ready pictures, or Covers from the internet. gratis, donation desires. file 2.150KB
ID: DVD0C03875

CD-Rom GP-Bench/CD 1.0.2, CD-ROM test program, measures the transfer installment and access time, file 585KB
ID: GP0Be01893

CD-Rom Paragon CD-ROM emulator 2000 of Pearl Agency: produces images of CDs (Data), audio, and mixed fashion format, up to 23 virtual CD-ROM drives possible, German, start screen English, help German with misspelling, 40.-DM
Now as freeware.
ID: Parag02369

CD-Rom Speed OCD 1.2, CD-ROM test program, measures the transfer installment, Freeware, English, file 120KB
ID: Speed01892'Ocd-10482790.htm

CD-Rom Virtual CD 3 of DTP stores newcomers media, virtual CD drive, image data files of CD-ROMs on the hard disk they itself as virtual CD has used, still problems with Win2000, German, 89.-DM
ID: Virtu02198

CD-Rom Wineject 1.3, CD-ROM ejectors, also other change media, for privately free
ID: Winej01064