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CD-Rom Auto run for CD drives under WinNT u.2000: under W inNT u. 2000 is missing Autorun the possibility in one - as well as, to turn off. possibilities:
--Registry, keys' of Key_Local_Maschine\Services\Cdrom', DWord-Wert with entry' Autorun' seeks, value 1 to enable.
--file AUTORUN.VBS (on CD PC-Welt or download
ID: Autor02158

CD-Rom CD-Zugriff without DOS drive rs: Winstart.bat with entry% comspec% in the Windows table produces
ID: CD0Zu00342

CD-Rom DOS, driver MSCDEX.EXE, which normally is in the Command steward of Windows, can be modified with parameters. at first, the driver must like follows in the CONFIG.SYS is bound: DEVICE=c:\PFAD\TREIBER / D:MSCD000 Man which one copies on the hard disk can u
ID: DOS0T05711

CD-Rom Breakdowns with the burns of CD-ROM, Troubleshooting,
ID: Panne00902