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CD-Brenner Ashampoo Music Studio 6 of Ashampoo: checks MP3-Dateien, defects track down, and convert the file into the WAV-Format. as advertising-financed
ID: Asham03442

CD-Brenner AutorunMagick Studio is a powerful development tool to create dynamical and interactive autorun applications for your CD or DVD. It is the easiest way to create professional autorun interface and generate autorun files for CD or DVD. Creation of autorun programs with AutorunMagick Studio does not require any programming skills. Just click and drag your mouse a few times and build a dynamical and interactive menu interface which will pop up when you insert CD into the CDROM. From the menu you can launch applications, open documents, play music files, and do much, much more.
ID: Autor05743

CD-Brenner AVS CD/DVD/BD Data Burner sting you data on CD, DVDDouble Layer and Blu-ray Discs. the program supports a multiplicity of media types - CD-R/RWDVD+/-RDVD+/-RWDVD-RAMDouble/Dual Layer-DVD as well as the modern Blu-ray-Technologien BD-R and BD-RE.
It works together with a multiplicity at CD/DVD-Laufwerken - develops and tests on IDESATASCSIUSB and Firewire-Laufwerken
ID: AVS0D08031,46,34282.htm

CD-Brenner web site: extensive download area and useful supports to the topic CD-Burnings
ID: Brenn02685

CD-Brenner CD Burner XP pro 1.1.7 CD and DVD burnsoftwares for audio and Data-CDssimilar scope and service like Nero-Burning. Supported burners: see list on the homepage.<i><br>System: Win2000 WinXP <br>Note: 7 / 10</i>
ID: CD0Bu03697

CD-Brenner CD Startup Standard 2.0 CD-Startmenüs produces. several skinheads to drawing selection. for private utilization gratuitously, otherwise in pro version for 19.-Euro available. file 1.280KB
ID: CD0St03698

CD-Brenner CD/DVD Device Capabilities Viewer shows drive information of CD and DVD drive, FOR EXAMPLE which media types it reads, describes that whether it is multi-session-capable, doesn't work with all drives. file Cdidentifier.EXE 168KB, also on MAGAZIN-C
ID: CD/DV03120

CD-Brenner CDMenuPro has been specially designed to create graphic autorun CD menu applications for CD, DVD and USB Flash Drive (Vista only). It comes with a large number of templates and project assistants that enable anyone to create professional results in no time at all.
ID: CDMen07773

CD-Brenner CD-Protector 3.0 of Dudez, for Nero Burning ROM: copy protection program, equips your CDs with a copy protection. also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/03, info side 245
ID: CD0Pr02698

CD-Brenner CD-R Diagnostic: analyze CDs and rescues data, analysis of music and Daten-CDs, mistake analysis: allows access to damaged data, file 700KB,
ID: CD0R002313

CD-Brenner CD-R Identifier 1.63: reads manufacturer info of CD brutes and determines the Farbstofftyp, helps to put in the burner right as well as to adjust on the brute, Freeware, English, file 100KB see also PC-MAGAZIN 00/11 info side 191
ID: CD0R002314

CD-Brenner CDR-Win 3.8 of S.A.D.: burnsoftware with many Einstell-Möglichkeiten, CDs with copy protection, Überlängen, MP3, 40 burner models is supported, price 80.-DM, demo version of Heft-CD. further URL: /
ID: CDR0W02052

CD-Brenner CDs burn with Windows XP: HowTo reference: co the built-in burning function of Windows XP can burn only CDs and not DVD.
ID: CDs0b08030

CD-Brenner Cedor 4.0 of Jeekey software: CDs professionnel archives, your complete CD-Sammlung searches in seconds according to certain data. Zum ausfüllen/erstellen of the data bank must be laid one after the other all CDs into the drive. then, these are scanned, a
ID: Cedor03443

CD-Brenner Davideo 4 for photos of G -Data. photo shows. Davideo 4: DVD-Kopierprogramm ~~~~~~~~~~ Davideo 3 of G-Data, DVD-Kopier-Tool, copies DVD videos on CDs or on DVD, however only unprotected. the Patch of GData to the aushebeln of 3 copy protection mechanisms i
ID: David03006

CD-Brenner Deep Burner burns CDs and DVD into many formats, also boot-capable CDs. writes and left image data files in the ISO-Format. Label-Editor. file 1.770KB
ID: Deep003874

CD-Brenner Disc Inspector pro collects diverse info about CDs, examines and tests CDs, only Data-CDs, runs somewhat unstable, shareware 30 days, registration 99.-US $, English, file 2.5MB
ID: Disc002315

CD-Brenner Discjuggler 3.00.732-FTU of Padus, CD burnsoftware, file 10MB copy protection:' laser-attention getting' and' Safedisc' Weitere URL:
ID: Discj02675

CD-Brenner DVD X Copy Platinum of 321 studios. functions as copying of DVD. additionally the module" DVD X Rescue" to examining and readings of defective DVD. has the uninjured area copied itself on the hard disk. program against German, documentation of English. Wi
ID: DVD0X05470

CD-Brenner DVD/CD masters 7 pro s of BHV. Brennprogramm. offers more possibilities than Nero 6, is not as stable as Nero, however, and Pentium III demands and 128MB RAM
ID: CD0Ma00935

CD-Brenner Easy CD Creator 5 Deluxe of Adaptec: Patches for Win-XP under / ~~~~~~~~~~ Easy CD Creator 4 Deluxe of Adaptec, ripened and succeeded, audio and Daten-CDs, incl. CD Labeler, sound editor and MP3-Decoder, UDF-Treiber=Direct-CD, Ger
ID: Easy001211

CD-Brenner Easy Media Creator 9® Suite Burn music CDs & DVDs, back up fast, and copy with ease. Take your media with you - easily transfer files to iPod, PSP or other device
ID: Roxio05580

CD-Brenner Flashman's detect firmware of check after the start the CD and DVD drives, and info about his/its firmware gives. file 52KB
ID: Flash05621

CD-Brenner Freelock 1.3 copy protection program, equips your burned CDs with a copy protection, universally employable, with unlike burnsoftware, the CD image, file 46KB, changes before burning
ID: Freel02700

CD-Brenner Instant CD/DVD 7 of Pinnacle system. copies, producing and securing of CDs and DVD
ID: Insta03740

CD-Brenner ISO Recorder 1.0 of Alex Feinmann: widens the Brennfunktionen of Win-XP about 3 functions: direct copies from CD on CD, as well as produces and burn of ISO-Images. respect: direct copying doesn't work of Musik-CDs for me
ID: ISO0R03444

CD-Brenner Menu Magic of Hecom-Software: produces auto start menus for CDs or DVDs without programming knowledge, good instruction in the program.
ID: Menu002910

CD-Brenner MP3 CD Burner of Acoustica: CD-Brennprogramm, offers useful functions, that don't show On CD the Audio-CD-Sektionen of the big CD-Brennprogramme like Win,
ID: MP30C02968

CD-Brenner Musicmatch Jukebox 8.0 Basic of Musicmatch, Audioplayer. file 10.700KB. now also for Win-XP, no more for Win95. ~~~~~~~~~~ Musicmatch Jukebox 7.0, MP3-Dateien wanders in WAV, and burns these on CD. now also for WinME and 2000. the demo version is strongly
ID: Music01059

CD-Brenner Nero 6 Reloaded offers two new applications:--media Home: prepares multimedia data in the LAN, that lets played with ShowTime --photo Snap: simple picture processing, that supports also JPEG2000.
ID: Nero005772

CD-Brenner Nero Burning READ ONL Y MEMORY 6.0 of Ahead software: short test for side 80. now also for Win-XP. also on MAGAZIN-CD 03/10, info side 80 also of MAGAZIN-CD 04/11, info side 86 further URL: ~~~~~~~~~~ Nero Burning READ ONLY MEMORY of A
ID: Nero002146

CD-Brenner Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.10 of analyze the CD/DVD-Brenner ~~~~~~~~~~ Nero CD Speed 1.0: CD drive Tester, info test speed and quality measurements, file 546KB on MAGAZIN-CD 03/01, side 78, further URL,
ID: Nero003293

CD-Brenner Nero info tool 1.0 of Erik Deppe: gives info about the installed CD -, DVD drives. runs without installation. file 147KB
ID: Nero003445

CD-Brenner Nero: Dynamic Write Speed: addition for Nero, the Brenntempo increases, since this is determined no more but is finished reading directly from a table of the firmware. file 251KB
ID: Nero005578

CD-Brenner Stings of NTI C D Maker in 5 and copies data, pictures and music. full version of MAGAZIN-CD. small Workshop in the PC-MAGAZIN from side 54. further URL:
ID: NTI0C03790

CD-Brenner Pro CD Brenner 2000 of Sybex, is based on new Brennmodul of the CD-Wizzard version 5.0, copy protection avoids, MP3 in audio format, Label-Editor, MP3-Teufel (search engine) price 60.-DM German, still lacks, for example list of the too burning file has al
ID: Profi01264

CD-Brenner Record Now Deluxe suite 7.2 of Sonic., old name: Record Now Max. the functions of the predecessor video cut, menu preparation comprises no more the new version. constructed Audio-CDs, MP3-Scheiben, changes Audio-CDs in MP3-Dateien, support not the WMA-For
ID: Recor05469

CD-Brenner VCD Gear 3.55 CD images, film and audio tracks of Video-CDs store on the hard disk as MPEG-Dateien. vice-versa you can convert MPEG-Dateien in or CUE-Image-Dateien, that one can then burn.
ID: VCD0G03725

CD-Brenner Virtual Dub 1.4c can file 664KB AVI-Dateien grits, so that these can be copied as backup copy on CD-ROM,
ID: Virtu02701

CD-Brenner Win on CD DVD of Roxio, CD burnsoftware ~~~~~~~~~~ Win of on CD 5 Power Edition of Roxio, CD burnsoftware, respect supports no more Win95 and NT, DVD-Premastering now offers. see PC-MAGAZIN 02/02 pages 84 ~~~~~~~~~~ Win of on CD 3.8 Power Edition (Update)
ID: Win0o01293

CD-Brenner Winlock for CDR-Win: copy protection program, equips your burned CDs with a copy protection. file 1.500KB
ID: Winlo02699