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Cad Actify Product Family Actify's family of products allows you to view, measure, mark-up, and share complex 2D and 3D design data throughout your enterprise and supply chain, in a secure and user-friendly .3D format.
-- SpinFire Professional - provides powerful 2D and 3D CAD visualization capabilities, without requiring a CAD system, in an easy-to-use .3D format. With this single software solution, you can view, measure, mark-up and share 2D and 3D data formats. Support for various CAD file formats can be added individually, with the Professional Importer Pack for industry standard formats or the Professional Plus Importer Pack for many native CAD file formats.
-- SpinFire for Microsoft Office - SpinFire™ for Microsoft Office is an integrated application inside Microsoft® Office that allows users to leverage .3D file format data – allowing for the widest, easiest distribution of 2D and 3D CAD design data across the enterprise.
-- Actify Publisher, centralizes and automates batch publishing of native 2D and 3D CAD files to Actify’s user-friendly, compact .3D file format. Actify Publisher gives you the ability to define and manage every aspect of file publishing including; what files (or types of files) are published to .3D format, destination where files are published, when the files are published, and much more.
-- Actify Server - allows you to centralize the intensive process of converting CAD files and the IT intensive process of keeping up-to-date with the latest CAD importer updates from Actify (we release over 50 a year!), ensuring everyone can always open the latest CAD files types.
The Actify Server also acts as a secure repository for sharing, tracking, and storing designs and documentation - inside or outside the firewall.
-- SpinFire Reader - gives occasional users the ability to view .3D files (Actify's compressed, secure CAD viewing format). SpinFire Reader is perfect for sharing designs with people who 'just need a look'.
-- Actify SDK - Enables seamless integration of our CAD viewing technology into PDM, ERP, Supply Chain Management and Web applications.
ID: Actif05704

Cad Autocad 2000 i, new 3D-Funktionen opposite Autocad 14, price 9075.-DM. for students, there are special prices (FOR EXAMPLE a 2-Jahreslizens for 295.-DM)
ID: Autoc00843

Cad Autosketch Release 7.0 of Autodesk, technical drawings produce, compatible with Autocad and Autocad LT, price 306.-DM, Update for 158.-DM
ID: Autos01504

Cad AutoVue is the leading CATIA viewer and viewing solution for more than 450 other 3D CAD, 2D CAD, EDA and office formats. AutoVue provides access to both the CATIA 3D parts & assemblies and the 2D drawings. Users from thousands of companies around the world have selected Cimmetry's AutoVue products to allow them to view CATIA models and drafts, markup CATIA files in both 3D and 2D, and collaborate on CATIA documents either asynshronously or in real-time over the Internet/Intranet. As the market's premier CATIA viewer, AutoVue views all formats natively, with no conversion necessary. Below is a list of the CATIA versions, formats and extensions supported in AutoVue.
-- AutoVue SolidModel Pro Desktop Edition: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
-- AutoVue SolidModel Pro Client-Server Edition: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 & Solaris 8, 9
ID: AutoV05698

Cad Autovue Sof tware suite: CAD-Viewer table with Viewer and supported formats
ID: CATIA05699

Cad Becker-CAD 2 CAD software for pro, and hobby designers, contains 200 example drawings, 35 house plans, 4444 CADS, and 1300 3D-Symbole,
ID: CAD0200990

Cad CAD forum. topics: 2D/3D CAD systems, german Forum.
ID: CAD0d05703

Cad CATIA is Dassault Systems'' PLM solution for digital product definition and simulation. It is totally integrated with DELMIA, the Company’s solution for defining and simulating lean digital manufacturing processes, ENOVIA, its solution for managing product lifecycle information, including digital mockup configuration, processes knowledge and resources information, and SMARTEAM, its rapidly implemented, cost-effective solution for managing product lifecycle collaboration at companies of all sizes
ID: CATIA05701

Cad CATIA: unofficial CATIA-Hilfeseite. an information platform, that should help solve problems with the help of CATIA-Anwendern, contacts mediate and are used for the query as first acceleration place. for CATIA V4 and V5
ID: CATIA05700

Cad COBAS CAD by Detlef Amende. Cobas is a simple CAD program for vector graphics and technical drawings. sign tools like line become order ellipsebowrectanglepolygontextFarbfüllung.<BR>Objects can become arranged on individual foils. further tools for measuring of distancespostponing of objectsmirrorsroutes / compresses as well as a zoom function are contained. <BR>Minimal system prerequisites for Version 1.0: <BR>* processor: 486er <BR>* RAM: 16 MB <BR>* hard disk: 2 MB<BR>Files 579 KB<i><br>System: Win95 Win98 WinME Win2000 WinXP WinNT </i>
ID: COBAS06021

Cad Graphic Works 5.0 of Data Becker: simple construction tool, for beginners,
ID: Graph03691

Cad INNEO Solutions, company division Pro/ENGINEER: Since 1989, we concentrate with this company division on solutions for the system integration in the Pro/ENGINEER surroundings. Our main attention is implementation, system integration and process support since then.
The palette is enough from the entire Pro/ENGINEER-Produktportfolio over specific industry solutions until to additional applications and integrated service offer. As authorized PTC-Partner for trainings, we guarantee maintenance including own Pro/E-Hotline and development partners for you an optimal care.
ID: INNEO06274

Cad INNEO Solutions, company division CoCreate,: Since 1991, this company division represents the product spectrum in the CoCreate-zone.
INNEO offers not only the complete product portfolio to the company CoCreate on that occasion but made a name also with own developments and software packages as well as the process-referential service offer.
The new version of OneSpace designer now is available.
ID: INNEO06275

Cad QCad is a free open-source 2D CAD system for Linux, various Unices and Windows. The developers main goals are to build a stable, fast and easy to use CAD for everyone & one doesn't need any knowledge of a CAD program to start working with QCad.
N.B.version 1.5.1 is the LAST open source version of this program, it is still available from SourceForge but there is only a download page & no other information. QCad is now owned by RibbonSoft & is being developed as a commercial program.
ID: QCad006022

Cad SpinFire PER 2004 v2 / 3DView is Viewer the leading CAD for three-dimensional CAD/CAM-Modelle under Windows® 98, NT, 2000 and Windows® XP. through economic viability and functionality, 2004 v2 of growing popularity enjoy SpinFire PER in the surroundings o
ID: SpinF05702

Cad Turbocad designers 2D/3D , for also beginners (handbook, practice), 1000 editierbare house plans, 100 design ways, 2000 Cad-Symbole.
ID: Turbo00850