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ComputerCPC Amstrad CPC Wikipedia This site hopes to evolve into an encyclopaedia on all things Amstrad CPC related. Feel free to contribute! Start June 2006
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ComputerCPC CPC: Sean's Amstrad CPC homepage During the 1990s the Autor contributed type-ins and the odd article to Amstrad Action and Amstrad Computer User. In 1993, he wrote the advanced Amstrad Basic programming book 'The Basic Idea'. Now you can download the programs from this website and read the book in full online.
* Amstrad emulator and web fun: Download the free Amstrad CPC games and utilities. You can download a disc image which contains nearly all the games and utilities for Amstrad Action and Amstrad Computer User. It also includes all the demonstration files from my book 'The Basic Idea', which you can read online below. Here's a preview of the disc:
* How to use a CPC emulator on your PC
Play popular Amstrad games using a free Amstrad emulator on your PC. Read the instructions for using Winape here.
* Free retrogames and Amstrad CPC links: More places to indulge your passion for classic machines and computer games of the 80s, including links to sources of free games.
* CPC Software and hardware auctions: If you're looking for tapes or other accessories for your machine, or just want to pick up an old Amstrad computer to start over again, read this digest of the latest online auctions in Amstrad goodies. There are often bargains available for keen retro gamers.
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ComputerCPC CPC connection of a 3,5"-floppy with the CPC 6128. the connection actually is quite simple. It can be used a flat band cable, which is connected with the CPC-Stecker and the floppy plug as portrayed. further to the home page.
ID: CPC0A06446

ComputerCPC CPC connection of a 3,5"-Disc with the CPC The easy way to build one, without cutting cable, without pay-wrestles nothing iron, without electronics knowing about and if we have an old PC we wants free it do totally.
This tutorial is necessary going to explain the operation of a disk drive, neither the disc controllers of of the CPC, etc, for that exists many tutorials on the net.
ID: INSTA06461

ComputerCPC CPC : Depot of CPC software - especially games. Over 2000 discs with software!
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ComputerCPC CPC Zone, website dedicated to the 1980s computer by Sir Alan Sugar, the Amstrad CPC (colour personal computer).
As with other retro-gaming websites, we aim to cover as much information as possible on all of the software released for the Amstrad (old and new), allow you to rate your favourite games, check out cover artwork, read and submit reviews,find an emulator for your machine and much more!
ID: CPC0Z06450

ComputerCPC CPCDiskXP Write and Read Amstrad CPC disks from a PC / Features:
* Write and Read Amstrad CPC disks from a PC
* Support for many protected games
* Support for some speedlock protected games
* Support for Standart DSK and Extended DSK formats
* Autodetection of format and structure of DSK
* Support for DSKs with two heads, 80 tracks, ... (Parados)
* Support for zipped DSKs
* Support for Read/Write B side
* Format floppy disc for CPC usage (AMSDOS & PARADOS)
* Program module to show DSK information, with structure summary and sector viewers
* Fully work in Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 2003
* Easy of use
ID: CPCDi06460

ComputerCPC CPCemu 1.6 beta released 17.06.2002 emulator for tailors as well as Amstrad CPC. also German documentation existing. 1.0 program with Locomotive Basic. also versions for Linux, FreeBSD and WindowsCE existing.
ID: CPCem06069

ComputerCPC CPC-Emulator cpc4x for Linux modern time computer systems is in the situation to emulate older systems in real time.
An emulation is if a program reproduces the technical qualities of an any microprocessor as well as miscellaneous hardware components software-technically.
Here, you find a CPC-Emulator, that reproduces the processor and almost the entire hardware of a CPC's on a Linux/Unix-PC. this enables to drive old CPC-Software under the graphic surface X11 on a Linux-Rechner further.
Therefore, this cpc4x (CPC of for X) was named.
ID: CPC0E06445

ComputerCPC FutureOS (short called OS) is an alternative Operating System for the Amstrad computers CPC6128 and CPC464/6128plus. It's a 100% novel development, coded in Z80 Assembler. The OS is compatible to the old disc-formats (Data, System, IBM, Vortex and Dobbertin HD20) and file types (binary, ascii, ...). But it's not compatible with old Amsdos- or CPM- programs. Old programs can be adapted, and they may run faster under FutureOS.
The OS contains a variety of disc- and file-tools (like multidirectional filecopy). It has many features (like the Porting-System), which doesn't exist on other computers.
The advantages of Amsdos (like file-headers) are kept, but greatly enhanced. (All 128 bytes of the file-header are used).
The OS needs 64 KB memory in an RRB (ROM-RAM-BOX, (c) Inicron), RAMcard or in a Standard Eprom-Card. Different ROM-selections are possible, and only the first ROM needs a number below 16. The OS is compatible with all other (EP)ROM expansions, itself is running in the ROMs. Therefore the OS needs only 2 (-8) KB of RAM.
ID: Futur06454

ComputerCPC Locomotive Basic (Schneider/Amstrad CPC), part 1 Locomotive Basic 1.0: command table with example
ID: Locom06459