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Dateiendung !File Endings as PDF-File: Dowmload this list as PDF
ID: !Date06915

Dateiendung CAD-LIB.DE/ENDUNGEN.HTM: oldest German list
ID: cad0l05187

Dateiendung CKONLY.DE/ENDUNG.HTM: extensive list of file extention
ID: ckonl05188

Dateiendung ENDUNGEN.DE: search of file extention
ID: endun05186

Dateiendung FILEXT.COM: The file Extension Source (English)
ID: filex05190

Dateiendung Moritz Schubel: overview over the most known extensions (private home page)
ID: Morit06047

Dateiendung WHATIS.TECHTARGET.COM: file extention
ID: whati05192,289933,sid9,00.html