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Dateimanager Advanced File Organizer is a powerful yet easy-to-use cataloging utility that helps you find any file stored on a removable media or on your hard drive in a matter of seconds. Advanced File Organizer supports all kinds of media recognized by Windows as drives: CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, Memory Stick cards, ZIP disks, floppies, hard drives, network drives etc. This utility organizes files and folders into a hierarchical tree and lets you handle archive files as ordinary folders. You can add searchable comments to files and folders and retrieve descriptions of Audio CDs from the extensive Internet database. Advanced File Organizer allows sorting files in two ways - by their location or by categories - whichever you find more convenient. Advanced File Organizer features powerful search capabilities (you don't need even to have a particular disk in the drive to be able to search it) and includes a built-in reporting tool that allows you to create and print reports that su!
mmarize information about the indexed media. You can also export search results to the CSV format and analyze them with MS Excel or other tool that supports this format.
ID: Advan05737

Dateimanager Captain Nemo 3.10 of Runtime software, also access to Linux, NT and Novell-Partitionen file observers search function shareware 90.-US $(version 3.0), English, see also MAGAZIN-CD 00/05, PC-MAGAZIN side 98,
ID: Capta01254

Dateimanager File Commander 8.0: file managers with full text search, shredders, simple FTP-Client, 2 window menu formations, shareware 60 days
ID: Datei03873

Dateimanager DIMFIL Dateimanager, Columns on panel - 2+2, 1+1, 2+1, 1+2, Sort by name, ext, date and size, Lists for folders, Two streams of copying and moving. Size of files, Windows clipboard, View HEX, View - text, images, Edit, Copy, Move, New file, New folder, Rename, Find, Find in files, Delete.
link =
ID: DIMFI07783

Dateimanager Directory Lister 0.6 file managing boards, lists data files into selected tables. the list can be stored and can be printed. many filter possibilities. file 573KB
ID: Direc03317

Dateimanager Directory Opus, file managers, habituation-needy however efficiently, opus reminds of directory (= Norton Commander of the Amigas, 2 floppy disks 50.-DM no Download
ID: PC0Op01121

Dateimanager Double Explorer 1.4 arranges 2 Explorer-Windows on desktop, side by side or one on the other, as attitude, which drive/folder can become pre-defined left and right as well as above and below, should be shown, Icon in the Systray.
ID: Doubl01957

Dateimanager EF Commander 3.10 of EF software. characteristics:--32 bits of Multi-Threading: Zeitintensive processes is evacuated into own Threads, so that you, during which EF Commander is still employed in the background, can already work on, for example, with the c
ID: EF0Co00987

Dateimanager Explorer Menu Extension 3.17 Adds many new functions to the right mouse click context menu of Windows Explorer. These are: Create 'Hot Paths' for simple and fast change to commonly used Directories - even in Dialog Boxes, Arrange multiple Explorer Windows side by side, Rename and change the date of multiple files atonce, Select or deselect files by masks/wildcards, Expand and collapse partial tree branches and many more, file DMEX319.ZIP, 722KB
ID: Explo01267

Dateimanager File Wizard 1.26: file managers, Norton-Clone, doesn't support long file names, Freeware, file FW126.EXE, 220KB. Only for DOS.
New version for Windows = shareware
ID: File002250

Dateimanager Fmedit 98 2.4, file managers with Text-Editor, compressing, Viewer for graphics, HTML, and zip records, no own search tool (from Explorer). Newer Version also for XP.
ID: Fmedi00998

Dateimanager Folder Organizer 1.03, comfortably preset steward opens and drains automatically certain tables, with Icon in the System-Tray, preset start menu, document menu Temp table ignoring, SendTo, cache,..., Freemem standard 3
ID: Folde00999

Dateimanager Folderbox 1.2 data files faster copies, a second window menu inserts in the Explorer, and the possibility offers data files and tables per Drag&Drop to kopieren/verschieben. file 817KB
Folderbox 1.0 on MAGAZIN-CD 01/09, info side 45, file Folde
ID: Folde02902

Dateimanager Idoswin pro 3.6 of Ingo Eckel, smart file manager with 2 file window menus for Drag&Drop, DOS command line, still problems with stability.
Freeware up to version 5.66
Idoswin Free 2.1g, gratuitous, German, file SETUP.EXE, about 1MB, Freeware on MAGAZIN-CD 00/02, info side
ID: Idosw01179

Dateimanager Jac 2.0 (precisely another Comman der), more options than Explorer, more window menus, Norton-Commander-Clone, shareware, 30.-DM, now also for Win98 and NT ~~~~~~~~~~ Jac 1.1, PC-MAGAZIN 98/10 side 246,
ID: Jac0100492

Dateimanager Joe 3.1a data files, more functions than the MS-Explorer, automatic numbering, expansion with date, renames ETC..... file 2.060KB
ID: Joe0303311

Dateimanager Krusader 1.0 of Shie Erlich and Rafi Yanai. successful file manager for Linux
ID: Krusa03250

Dateimanager Magellan Explorer 2.02 of Enriva, file managers, puts also web page shareware into the internet, pictures observers, 30 days, price 30.-US $
ID: Magel01805

Dateimanager Powerdesk, good file manager, more functions than Win-Explorer, packs and entpackt zip data files, 2 window menus, Download over Ontrack, file PD4FREE.EXE, 1.1MB also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/06, info side 49 info, also in the PC-Pannenhelfer T78
ID: Power01421

Dateimanager Power reindeer 2000 1.2 data files comfortably renames, also several data files simultaneously, file PR2KV12.ZIP can number also data files, with Undo-Funktion, in 1.440KB
ID: Power02714

Dateimanager Print Directory 3.1 Print directory or exports the results of CSV or TXT-Datei, file PTDRV3_1.ZIP 1.04MB,
ID: Print02518

Dateimanager Servant salamanders 1.52 , efficient file manager, similarly like Norton Commander, fast. file Salge153. observers for Ascii of u. do magic, no compressions as well as only on NTS-Laufwerke, Freeware, German also on MAGAZIN-CD 99/03, info side 136 ++++++++
ID: Serva00788

Dateimanager Speed Commander 11.50 of Speed Project: file managers with many functions, with observer (text, picture) and packers, in the Norton-Stil, input line for DOS commands, with FTP-Program.
ID: Speed00207

Dateimanager Turbo browsers 2001 8.0 of Filestream, file managers and Web tool, very good integration of file manager and internet functions
ID: Turbo02929

Dateimanager Turbo Commander 3.2, file managers, packers, and picture observers in one.
turbo Commander 2.2, on MAGAZIN-CD 99/07, info side 60,
ID: Turbo00856

Dateimanager Windows Commander 5.0 of Chistian Ghisler, further URL, now also for Win-XP. ~~~~~~~~~~ Windows Commander 4.54, Download 1.3MB. on MAGAZIN-CD 02/01, info side 108, on MAGAZIN-CD 01/09, info side 7, on CD 01/11 info side 123 ~~~~~~~~~~ Windo
ID: Windo00120