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Anwendung 3D Railroad Master AND 3D Railroad Concept & Design puts the player in the engineer's seat as they roll along on the predesigned layouts of varying difficulty. Players have total control of the trains, first selecting from the wide variety of rolling stock to build trains up to 100 cars long. For the die-hard railroad enthusiast who enjoys a real challenge, import your own custom layouts from 3D Railroad Concept & Design(tm), including all 3D objects, grades and elevations
ID: 3D0Ra01511

Anwendung 3D Apartment Designer This free and unlimited full version allows you to design your apartment with a few keystrokes at your PC. Download this free program. You can start the design process right after the installation is completed. 3D Apartment Designer helps you to easily create a scaled, fully realistic 3-D model of your (future) apartment. Simply "drag & drop" furniture and other accessories into your living area, and walk through your apartment in realtime.
The Download-URL exist no more.
ID: 3D0Wo06042

Anwendung Aceana 2001: database for Bonsais
ID: Acean01512

Anwendung Acrobat Reader 6.0 of Adobe: readings of PDF-Dateien, PDF-Viewer. file 17.800KB
ID: Acrob01993

Anwendung Acrobat standard 6.0 of Adobe: producing of PDF-Files.
ID: Acrob00589

Anwendung Actual Window Guard is the system enhancement application of Actual Tools Company. Like a real guard or a magic genie, it will protect your computer work by making any application absolutely obedient in your arms. You will be able to do with windows whatever you want! A lot of useful things become accessible now when you load any program!
Internet Explorer window as always was opened not in a full size? Or you spend time on looking for the dictionary window which is somewhere at the bottom on the left when you want it to be on top on the right? Are you tired from it? Then we will help you! Actual Window Guard offers you such functions as automatically maximizing/minimizing windows, changing program priority, window alignment, prevention of data's loss, changing of windows' titles, keeping the desired window on top of desktop, etc.!
You can apply any number of these tools to all applications or to only one of them and change your own settings as many times as you want!
If you always deal with the little quirks and limitations of windows, try Actual Window Guard to make a program or window act differently. Enhance performance by taking charge of your desktop, control what is happening at any moment of time, rule windows the way you want!
FREE 100% functional trial version available! Download it now!
link =
ID: Actua05856

Anwendung Adam the ancestor administration' data bank to the storage and administration of information to the ancestor administration. simple service through Office-kompatible surface. no limit of the amount of data. once grasped people as well as
Verwandschaftsverhältnisse can be shown without additional expenditure for finished person contained in the family tree. administration of pictures or documents as well as of a resume is possible. Excel, Word and GEDCOM-Schnittstelle existing.
HTML-Ausgabe existing.
ID: Adam007693

Anwendung Address Manager 17 Address database, see
ID: Adres00864

Anwendung Adobe premiere 5.1c Update for the video treatment program, version 5.x must be installed, file PR51CDEU.EXE 9.6MB
ID: ewtwt01793

Anwendung Ages! Family Tree Database Daub Ages! is yours of family family tree the comfortable software to the administration. the intuitive user interface lets you grasped in shortest time your family data. It contains features like:
administration of picture and Tondokumenten integrated at will many generations, notes and sources to each person, complete resumes. It is high-compatible through direct working with GEDCOM data files, also for biggest trees been suitable. shareware:
The program lets you grasped up to 50 people without registration., bigger trees can be loaded from existing data files,
ID: Ages!07694

Anwendung Ahnenblatt 2.04 is a free program to the genealogy for Windows. Beside the input, that takes place in a clear input dialogue and allows also a simple navigation per mouse click, it was laid particular value on the file exchange.
The research results can in miscellaneous lists (storage-cash as HTML, DOC, RTF u.v.m) and are printed panels. still, ancestor leaf offers the import of GEDCOM-Dateien and the export into the formats GEDCOM, HTML and TinyTafel.
In a round shape, the total becomes through a full text search, printed preview of all expenditures and continuing internet links.
ID: Ahnen07695

Anwendung AimAtFile Fast File Search is the fastest way to find documents by their contents. It provides content search (document search) functionality based on Microsoft Indexing Service included in Windows 2000/XP/2003. You can search for files of many types: Microsoft Office Documents, HTML, PDF, Plain Text, etc. AimAtFile provides a document preview. It lets you see the contents of found documents without opening them in their editor programs.
ID: Aimin03450

Anwendung Aktenplan 1.2, produces file plans in a tree-structured architecture, store the results as text file (Ascii), German, file Aktenplan.EXE, 396KB
ID: Akten01514

Anwendung AlfaClock: Ancient Egyptians used the shadow clock (gnomon) to determine correct time. The Greeks used the water clock, or clepsydra. The first mechanical clock appeared in the fourteenth century. Then, in 1929 first electronic timepieces appeared.
As time changes, so do the time-keeping devices. Now, in the beginning of the third millennium, the most precise time can be displayed only by the atomic clock. And thanks to the Internet and AlfaClock from, you can have the atomic clock right on your desktop. At first glance, AlfaClock is a regular taskbar clock (sometimes called "tray clock"). But that is just your first impression. This tray clock combines multitude of cool features with stylish design. First, you can set AlfaClock to display time, date and day of the week simultaneously. Second, you can customize AlfaClock to announce this information periodically. And you can set an alarm - a very handy feature, if you frequently keep losing track of time, while using your computer. Atomic Clock Synchronization feature allows you to periodically connect to atomic clock time servers to make sure that your computer displays correct time and adjust it automatically, if necessary. Correct time!
may be critical to some computer users - for example, to professional eBay bidders, who make their final bids thirty seconds before the auction closes.
AlfaClock has quite a few of extra features that other taskbar clocks don’t have. Like copy time/date to clipborad feature. Or a fully customizable pop-up calendar. Created to ISO8601 specifications, it allows you to change the first day of the week, highlight weekends and holidays.
AlfaClock takes very little system resources and is fully compatible with all Windows versions - Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP.
Now, here comes the best part. AlfaClock is a shareware. Which means that you get to download and "test-run" the program free of charge. So download your copy right now, or visit
ID: AlfaC05805

Anwendung AllClear 4.0, make business processes clearly, processes, Flowchart program import possible. SPSSzMünchen, Tel 089/4890740
Donwload here:
ID: Allcl00885

Anwendung Aloha Bob's PC-Relocator 2.0 of Eisenworld, synchronize the programs, documents or bookmarks against a goal PC: copying of the programs as well as updates the Registry. The program must be started on both PC.
ID: Aloha01209

Anwendung Amicron-Faktura 11: administration software for small enterprises.
ID: Win0G01747

Anwendung Archivista 4.14 of Archivista (Switzerland), record data bank for correspondence and scanned documents, 3 modules: Scann-Progr.(Fine Reader, data bank (Access) full text lookups (search33) very well, training time necessary, test version of MAGAZIN-CD, 98
ID: Archi01207

Anwendung Arcon: cadvilla Architecture software cadvilla is a completely newly developed architectural design and visualization software based on the latest development tools.
ID: Arcon01417

Anwendung As-Easy-as of Trius: complex spreadsheet with various chart features. The program existed for DOS and Windows.
ID: As0Ea01748

Anwendung Astound 8.0 of Astound, presentation program many effects good and extensive Web functions, presentation slides or encouraged multimedia presentations
ID: Astou02967

Anwendung Audio Jack: Audio Jack can listen to Internet radio stations and save your content on the hard drive. The channel list can be updated over the Internet. Timed recordings possible.
ID: Audio05468

Anwendung Auralia & Mu sition 4 'Interactive Ear Training for musicians trained ear and voice exercises chords, scales, intervals, ...
ID: Aural01517

Anwendung AuthoringPro, simple software produces Win9x NT and 2000 for Win 3x, after the registration, the constructed programs can be distributed gratuitously, as application example, the user leadership of the PCWelt-CD with this program is produc
ID: Crack02337

Anwendung Autobahn 1.5, takes the times at races with model author tracks, according to named Slotcars, shareware 30.-DM, file AUTOBAHN.ZIP, 2.2MB
ID: Autob01518

Anwendung Autorun Maestro 3.0.1 from pollensoft. The software creates autorun files for CD. When you insert the file then a menu will appear where, for example, an installation can be started.
ID: Autor05506

Anwendung Bach-Blütentherapie 1.2a, provides a comprehensive introduction to the natural healing method of Bach Flower Therapy in HTML format., All browsers, Freeware, File FREEBACH.EXE, 864KB
ID: Bach001519

Anwendung Barcode Magic Generate barcodes for home, hobby and retail with our easy to use barcode software. Simply select a bar code style and font, enter desired text and numbers, and a barcode is automatically created. Copy your new graphic into a Windows application, save it to file, or print it out for instant labeling. Barcode Magic supports numeric formats like UPC, alphanumeric like Code 128, and even specialized Postnet formats.
UPC extensions (2 & 5 digit)
EAN 13
Interleaved 2 of 5
Code 39
Code 39 extended
Code 93
Code 128
EAN 128
Postnet 5,9,11
ID: Barco01520

Anwendung Baukosten Wohnhaus: Construction costs residence
ID: Bauko02891

Anwendung Bewerbungs master: with the job candidate master, you can easily create your applications. (German!)
ID: Bewer01522

Anwendung Bicycle Gear Calculator 98, shareware 20.-US calculates bicycle gearshifts, English, $, file GEARCA32.ZIP, 2.2MB
ID: Bicyc01523

Anwendung Blutdruck 1.4 (Blood pressure 1.4), whoever must measure the blood pressure daily, can grasp the values with the program and can print out, monthly diagram, German, shareware 39.-DM, file BLUTDRP.EXE, 233KB
ID: Blutd01525

Anwendung Brain Wave generator 3.1, the brain stimulates through acoustic signals so that you concentrate better and can learn better. Last update 2005
ID: Brain01527

Anwendung BusinessCard Software by Sigel: printing of calling cards, with picture processing function.
ID: Fix0I00861

Anwendung Buzof 1.46 dialog tool automatically clicks off dialog boxes,
ID: Buzof01066

Anwendung CA train 1.51, model railroads draft, Software for Model Railroad Simulation & Control
ID: CA0Tr01528

Anwendung Calendarscope 7.5 administers your dates, discussions,..., day, weeks, or month surveys:
* Multiple calendar views
* Task scheduling
* Recurring events and tasks
* Mobile devices
* Quick filtering
* Web calendars
* 128 bit encryption
* Customizable event templates
* Comprehensive reminder features
* Drag & Drop
* Import & Export
* Archiving & Backups
* Customizable print styles
* Undo & Redo support
* Windows® 8.1 support
ID: Calen03385

Anwendung Cam Collect 2.3, shows the pictures of several Webcams simultaneously.
ID: Cam0C01530

Anwendung CB-Logger 3.1, whoever leads as CB-Funker book across his/its connections, can also take care of this with CB-Logger at the PC.
ID: CB0Lo01532

Anwendung Chameleon Clock 5.1 updates atom-exactly the system clock on your PC.
ID: Chame02883

Anwendung Combit Address managers 18'' by Combit, with Phone-Manager for usage in the telemarketing
ID: ACDSE00800

Anwendung Convert is a free and easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions!
ID: a)Con00092

Anwendung Copernic desktop Search 4.3 search engine for your PC. Copernic Desktop Search helps you find your files, emails & documents faster and become more productive. It has become the world's #1 desktop search tool for Windows environments. For the past 10 years, users, professionals and companies have switched to Copernic because of it's easy-to-use, instant and reliable search engine. - See more at:
Full or free version
ID: Coper06920

Anwendung Csdiff 4.0 file administration, shows differences in text, HTML, RTF and DOC-files. The difference list can be printed out.
ID: Csdif03318

Anwendung CubeMultiClock is a business solution that provides you with extended time-information functionality. It gives you the possibility to setup any number of graphical clocks on your desktop; display the time for any number of countries or states you wish in agreeable and easy way. It is useful when you need to know not only your local time but another time-zone's time (i.e. another country or state's time). CubeMultiClock uses complex time-calculation system that allows our solution to exactly determine time in every time-zone, including Daylight Saving Time periods almost for every existing country or state. With CubeMultiClock time-management is easy and comfortable. Now time doesn't controls you, you controls time.
CubeMultiClock main goal is to provide you with the possibility to be well informed about exact time in more that one country or time-zone. It can be useful when you are working with someone living in another time-zone or simply need to always know another time-zone or country current time. Note, that to find out another time-zone's or country's exact time it is not enough to know only time-zone's time-offset. The majority of countries also uses Daylight Saving Time periods that are always different from one country to another. And here CubeMultiClock comes to help you. It will automatically calculate exact time including Daylight Saving Time period dates, all you need to do is to add on your desktop a clock with needed time-zone selected. All the rest will be done by CubeMultiClock.
link =
ID: CubeM06400

Anwendung Cuecards 2005 4.30 note paper administration with tree-structured architecture and full text search, export RTF OLE-capable.
ID: Cueca00973

Anwendung CW Get 2,26 A program to decode morse code (CW) via sound card to text. It can work as narrow-band sound DSP-filter also. No additional hardware required, you need only receiver and computer with a sound card. Can integrate with AALog logger. It is a software morse decoder that really work!
Platform: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Special version for Windows Mobile exists.
ID: CW0Ge01537

Anwendung CW Type 0.15, The terminal program for CW-operators. You can transmit both from the keyboard and from a paddle connected to game or LPT ports. You can also operate in paddle iambic mode. Control of the transceiver (PTT and CW keying) is made through one of the COM or LPT ports. CwType can integrate with AALog software.
ID: CW0Ty01538

Anwendung Da metronome 1.0, the virtual metronome, 40 to 240 Beats per minute, Freeware, English, file DAMETR11.ZIP, 22KB
ID: Da0Me01539

Anwendung Dance 5.52, with Dance, you learn in no time dance step.
ID: Dance01540

Anwendung DecoTech Designer and DecoTech Professional: Two professional 3D interior space design software packages for
Microsoft® Windows.
Powerful and sophisticated, yet easy to use, these two indoor layout software packages are ideal for the kitchen specialist, decorator, designer, architect, contractor or anyone else planning interior home renovation projects in metric or imperial measurements.
ID: Decot01545

Anwendung DesignAKnit 8, rope design for hand and machine ropes, German, demo, full version
ID: Desig01547

Anwendung Devrace FIBPlus is a fast, flexible and high-performance component library for Borland Delphi 5-7, BDS 2005-2006 (Turbo Delphi/C++), C++ Builder 5-6, Kylix 3, gnat-3.15p, gnat2006 GPL, Borland InterBase 4.x-2007 and Firebird 1.x-2.x. intended for work with Borland InterBase and Firebird using direct InterBase API. FIBPlus combines simplicity of architecture with development convenience that enables to create powerful and effective applications. FIBPlus allows use of all Interbase features and benefits: array-fields, blob-fields, generators and full control of transactions, support of all standard and third-party visual data-aware components, special features for optimization of InterBase network traffic and a set of special design-time experts.
ID: Devra07742

Anwendung DFCGEN 1.0, DFCGEN, the Digital Filter Coefficients Generator, is a freeware tool/program, which may assist you in the design of digital filters. It supports the engineer in analysis and synthesis of linear time-invariant time-discrete (LTI) systems from the theoretical point of view. It performs generation of system transfer function coefficients in the Z-domain based on the type and the specific parameters of a chosen system.
ID: DFCGE01549

Anwendung web site: on-line dictionary as well over 254.000 entries in 2005
ID: Dict002900

Anwendung Digitall Atmosphere 2.3.2, digital loads current weather data of Atmosphere from the internet and shows these on a map, shareware, file ATMOS.EXE, 6.74MB
ID: Digit01550

Anwendung Dive masters 2.0 , administers diving cycles for hobby divers, no pressure in demo
ID: Dive001552

Anwendung DJ aquarium 5.40, administers the fish trimming of your aquariums, no printout possible in the freeware, file DJAQUA.EXE, 132KB
ID: DJ0Aq01553

Anwendung Eartest 1.1, you attain the absolute hearing through training, output over Soundcard
ID: Earte01557

Anwendung Easy-Formular 4.1 helps with filling document: document one-scans, fields over it-put, fill and print out. the data are stored in a data bank.
ID: Easy003386

Anwendung EasyPep: With this software, employees can apply over the Internet or smartphone for layers in your company. This saves a lot of phone work for Planung.Es can manage multiple locations, and can provide information and files to employees made available werden.30 days free trial.
ID: EasyP08789

Anwendung Energie-Sparer 3.3 analyses your electricity, water and gas consumption, calculation
ID: Energ01559

Anwendung Engvert 1.2, converts international units of measurement, English, shareware 15US $, file ENGVERT.ZIP, 4MB
ID: Engve01560

Anwendung E-Read 1.1.49, this software promises to increase your reading speed
ID: E0Rea01561

Anwendung Euler 2015 mathematics program, that with real and complex numbers, matrixes and intervals reckons - and much more, also for Unix, OS/2
ID: Euler01562

Anwendung Euro Haushaltsbuch 3:10 100 freely definable revenue expenditure accounts with 100 freely selectable standard products. Calculated brotto and net prices, VAT. 2 currencies (eg DM and €) Mixed input possible automatic conversion. Specification of currency accounts possible limits, comparison of current balances, freely configurable user environment. Very fast
ID: Euro003258

Anwendung Euroident: solutions for labeling and Barcode: software + hardware, CeBit'99,
ID: Netzt00878

Anwendung Invoice 97/2000 for Access of Sm artTools Publishing: professional order processing for small and medium-sized companies, network-capable, order processing, reminder natures, camp administration, cost calculation, administration of supplier bills,
ID: Faktu02444

Anwendung FB Simba 1.0.0, file SIMBA.ZIP, sends the content of an any text file over the serial interface, tool for hardware and software developers, in a konfigurierbaren time interval in 303KB
ID: FB0Si01564

Anwendung Findbuch 3.0, file continuances catalog and administer, German,
ID: Findb01565

Anwendung Finesse finance bookkeeping of Fenger + Grätzer software, import and export possibilities to Datev, with data backup, booking acquisition, reminder procedures client administration up to 99.999 clients
ID: Fines02657

Anwendung FlexTracer is a powerful tool for tracing various application calls — from Windows API functions to Oracle Call Interface. FlexTracer creates history log containing names of all invoked functions, their parameters, results and execution time.
FlexTracer supports:
* Oracle Call Interface (OCI)
* Microsoft SQL Server DB-Library
* InterBase/Firebird
* File input/output operations
* Registry read/write operations
* User-defined functions
ID: FlexT05978

Anwendung Flow Fact 2007 of FlowFact AG, CMR software
ID: Flow001404

Anwendung Flow pro 2.0, calculates water currents in canals, file FLOWPRO2.ZIP, 2.2MB
ID: Flow001567

Anwendung Footings 5.0, foundations calculate shareware 40.-US in different forms, English, $, file FOOTDEMO.EXE, 431KB
ID: Footi01568

Anwendung Formula Baska of JSG Soft: formula editor to producing of roots, lines and clamps, shareware 35EUR, German, file 2930KB
ID: Forme01751

Anwendung Free Virtual Galaxy Lite 1.0, the screen becomes been founded data on NASA and ESA-Data, to the window menu of a spaceship, that you steer through the galaxy, files FVG.ZIP 1.3MB and HIP.ZIP 1MB
ID: Free001569

Anwendung Geography trainers 3.0, with this trainer, you improve your geographical knowledge
ID: Geogr01571

Anwendung Geometrix XXL 10 calculates all possible geometrical figures
ID: Geome01572

Anwendung GoalEnforcer (business-productivity tools-project) is a visual and intuitive goal setting and checklist organizer software tool with a point-and-click user interface. You can get started in minutes with just a few quick steps. Set goals and organize tasks and checklists by dragging and dropping virtual spheres. Color coded and pleasant to use. Break bigger goals/tasks into smaller subgoals/subtasks and achieve more with less effort. Great for the visual thinker. It keeps a neat an clean goal plan at all times, and stimulates creative problem solving. It surely helps you getting things done (GTD) and accomplishing more. It can be used as a goal setting and tracking tool, as well as a project management tool or task list manager (to-do list, checklist planner). Good for home projects, personal projects, students and businesses. It facilitates your communication by generating nice HTML status reports and progress charts that can be emailed or posted to websites by the push of a button.
ID: GoalE06441

Anwendung GolfHandicap 2.0 GolfHandicap is a tool you can use to compute your USGA Handicap. It is friendly for both 18 hole rounds and 9 hole rounds.
You can reach the author at:
ID: GolfH07793

Anwendung Hecom KFZ-Tool 2000.1, contains a gas computer, a logbook and a mark data bank, among other things German, Freeware, file IKFZTOOL.EXE, 506KB
ID: Hecom01577

Anwendung HS Nettoeinkommen Pro: (Net incomes pro), salary calculation, control dictionary, for Germany
ID: Netto00223

Anwendung Info-Man of Frank Altenberger: small personnel information managers, in Access (AC97-2003) programs: administered dates tasks addresses, notes, co-workers, documents. gratuitously for private utilization.
ID: Info005221

Anwendung Inforapid 3.0C, search engine for local drives, text search, result of list with hyper links, with Datei-Viewer, is search text marked color-like, Freeware for private users, German, file 758KB
ID: Infor01040

Anwendung JX Ovulation Calendar is an easy and user-friendly ovulation calculator for women. The program calculates your fertile days and considers your menstrual cycle's possible fluctuations to help you avoid unwanted pregnancy or find out the most prospective days for conceiving a boy or girl. The program will notify you of important changes in your menstrual cycle and thus help you catch the opportunity the fortune sends your way or protect yourself from unwanted nuances.
link =
ID: JX0Ov05862

Anwendung Kalkulator/32, efficient pocket calculator, file KALK32.ZIP, 775KB. Kalkulator is a powerful yet simple to use calculator and numerical Swiss army knife for Windows (95..XP), with features making it especially suitable for scientific and engineering users, including students of these disciplines.
ID: Kalku01582

Anwendung Kyplot 2.0 b5 spreadsheet calculation and diagrams, open also Excel 5.0/95/97-Files
The development and sale of KyPlot by the end of December, 2011. Please read the followings (on the homepage) for the circumstances that finished development and the future support.
ID: Kyplo01074

Anwendung LA manager, adminster people runs and sport-meetings, file LAMNGS.ZIP 1.3MB
ID: LA0Ma01589

Anwendung Lcars AudioPlayer, a design awards the Windows media playback (element of IE5 and Win98) in the style of star Trek. Freeware file LCARS11.EXE, 2.1MB
ID: Lcars01590

Anwendung Lexware faktura facturation et autres modules
ID: Factu02652

Anwendung Lion 1.3: translators: shows the translation of first marked words on keystroke in a small form in your application. the data bank of Leo uses
ID: Lion003891

Anwendung List & Label 20 of Combit: report generator, export produces professional reports, also Internet-Reporting, also as PDF, support HTML and XML.
ID: List003005

Anwendung Lotus Note R5 Private Edition from Lotus Germany: email, calendars, and date planning software with quite writing examination, shareware 20.-DM, file 61.101KB
ID: Lotus01750

Anwendung Mac Drive 2000 read Mac-Disc in PC drives, open Mac-files under Windows
ID: ACDSe00225

Anwendung Mahlzeit 1.6 (Meal 1.6), with meal, you administer your recipes, incl. 100 recipes, file WMZ16.EXE, 4.41MB
ID: Mahlz01596

Anwendung Match ware Mediator 6 pro and MindView of Matchware: efficient presentation program for multimedia and Web sides.
ID: Match02865

Anwendung Math Type 5 Formel-Editor. complexes formulas can be incorporated in Web sides and quark express documents.
ID: Math003040

Anwendung Mathcad 15 by PCT Math., tasks: vectors matrixes formulas, Free Version avaible (PTC Mathcad Express)
ID: Mathc00363

Anwendung Mathe-Blitz 2.50, practices the basic arithmetical modes, German, sprcial for children
ID: Mathe01597

Anwendung My handwriting 2.0 produces a True-Type-Font from the in person font. six letters should be enough to generate about a complete font.
ID: Meine02850

Anwendung Metric Converter 1.4, units of measurement convert, for example kilometer in miles, English, Freeware, file MCONVERT.ZIP, 13KB.
This program is an easy-to-use conversion utility for converting from various metric units to their customary US equivalents. It has the ability to be always displayed on top of other running programs and remembers where it was placed the last time it was run. It can also copy the last calculation answer to the clipboard for pasting into other programs.
ID: Metri01598

Anwendung Mik-Solution consists in modules, for management and Controlling, of several comprises industrial management functions.
ID: Mik0S00876

Anwendung Mineralienverwaltung, The program "Mineralmanagement" helps you with defining of found minerals through an expandable definiton data base (DDB); administration of your collection(s) with search ability; printing of labels for your items and manage of a change-list. The software requires the Common Controls 4.70 (CD code 0004-158), file MV4.EXE, 1.37MB.
ID: Miner01599

Anwendung Multilex 5.0 The best English-Russian and Russian-English electronic dictionary with the voice.
With this dictionary you will get:
- quick translate of unknown words by one click of your mouse! (new)
- comfortable and clear user interface (new)
- rich word base
- useful instrument for the learning of foreign languages
Other products: AlphaLex 5.0 English, AlphaLex 5.0 German, AlphaLex 5.0 French, AlphaLex 5.0 Spanish, AlphaLex 5.0 Italian, AlphaLex 5.0 Portuguese
Link =
ID: Multi06015

Anwendung Mytray, Systray-Utility, puts symbols in the Systray, shareware 2.-DM,
ID: Mytra01065

Anwendung Orga-Nicer 2.3 organize you your dates, notes and passwords. Orga-Nicer is the inclusive, simply to serve solution to the date planning.
With acoustic and visual signals, the software reminds of important dates, administers your notes, optional directly on your desktop, stores your ideas and provides with a virtual Kalen
this for the full overview over your day, weeks, month and yearly computer run.
Access data, Orga-Nicer administers passwords, tasks, addresses and contacts just as clearly as in detail and becomes to the indisputable Allroundgenie for each PC user consequently.
Freeware for private utilization is completely gratuitously Orga-Nicer for the private utilization. comment: alternative to the outlook calendar, for all this another email system as Outook uses.
ID: Orga008662

Anwendung Overlay 1.6, print out keyboard pattern for the function keys, file OVERLY.EXE in 114KB
ID: Overl01608

Anwendung Paper air Force LE 1.0, Author: KittyHawk Software. Learn to fold paper airplanes from a selection of plane designs based on airplanes used since World War I through the Persian Gulf. File PAFLE.EXE 4.2MB
ID: Paper01610

Anwendung Teachers 3. 1, with teacher, words can be trained in any languages, export possibly however no import. OpenSource, Java
ID: Pauke01611

Anwendung PC-Adresszz 4.31 address administration, fast and simply,
ID: PC0Ad01067

Anwendung PCB Elegance 3.5, boards as well until 200 pins drafts, libraries with component part, network models, file Pcb_eleg_limited.EXE, 3.3MB
ID: PCB0E01613

Anwendung Pcw1-1.bat Turbo-copies of big records. synchronizes tables, also network drives supported
ID: Pcw1005490

Anwendung PDF Converter 2 of Scansoft. PDF-Dateien changes into the Word format. tables and graphics are stored as picture in the JPEG or BMP-Format.
Producer: Nuance Communications GmbH
More information:
ID: PDF0C05605

Anwendung PDF Transformer 1.0 of Abbyy. PDF wanders in the Word alternatively -, Excel or HTML-Format about. also as plug-in for Word, Excel, Explorer existing.
ID: PDF0T05606

Anwendung PDF zu HTML Wandler 1.0 transforme PDF files in formats HTML, RTF or TXT
ID: PDF0z03389

Anwendung Pdftohtml / Pdf2html Gui changes PDF-files into HTML-files, command line tool, with what Pdftohtml is the tool in itself, and Pdf2html Gui this front-final (surface). file 294 / 360KB. this front-final is available under
ID: Pdfto03286

Anwendung Personnel translator 2000 Office plus of Linguatec: off-line translation program, 360.000 words and 35.000 figures of speech, expandable dictionary with import and export of as well as in foreign dictionaries, Word matching unit, web site translation, etc...
ID: Perso01866

Anwendung Plan abou t Bee of Guy-Software, project management program, Einzelpaltz-Version in 40US $, no Download, only order
ID: Plan001503

Anwendung Plant Studio 1.60, generate three-dimensional pictures of plants, file KFPS160.EXE, 1.17MB
ID: Plant01615

Anwendung Power Translator Pro 7.0 of Lernout & Hauspie: Offline-translator, over 6 million words in 40 languages, expandable dictionary, web site translation, complete integration into the Microsoft-Office-Products
ID: Power01867

Anwendung Quick Notice of Henning Beyer: notepad for the desktop, use the clipboard of Windows, shareware 15.-DM, supports file 958KB
ID: Quick01752

Anwendung QuickTime for Windows by Apple, Mediaplayer
ID: Quick02570

Anwendung Ras Mol 2.6 Beta 2a, molecules let as well race Mol viewed three-dimensional. in this record, you find also four molecules file RW32B2A.EXE, 342KB.
There is nothing to install (except maybe java) and everything works on Windows, Mac OS X, and linux.
ID: Ras0M01623

Anwendung Ready To Print Organizer 3.55, small practical and hurls calendar printing work, day, - weeks -, month and yearly calendars, also photo calendars, English, shareware 15US $, file RTPO355.EXE, 1.1MB
ID: Ready01624

Anwendung A photovoltaic calculator calculates the cost of a photovoltaic system. In addition, you get the possible yield. It calculates the photovoltaic calculator returns a Photovoltaikanlage. After a calculation you have the certainty that is worth a photovoltaic system or not.
ID: Rechn08787

Anwendung Rechnung Easy+ of Sunware, bills and offers produces, for small enterprises
ID: Sunwa01412

Anwendung Room Arranger You sometimes reconstruct rooms or rearrange things placed in them. You move heavy furniture just to everything would fit with no problem, be handy, and have a good impact. This program enables you to simulate everything with no need to draw on a square paper, or to push things there and back repeatedly.
Main Program Features
* Design your room, or entire appartment consisting of more rooms
* Wide standard object library, insert exact objects' dimensions
* Create your library of objects you use more often (e.g. your typical window, chair)
* Walk through the project in 3D
* Print the project in certain scale even over more pages
* Measure the distances in the project
Tip: If you want to help with the translation into some non-translated language, you already saw any program in that language, contact us using e-mail above. It is easy! You will have to translate only one text file. Just keep the same sense. The rest is fully up to you. As a small reward, you will receive one license for the program.
ID: Room006043

Anwendung SAP Crystal Reports A robust production reporting tool, SAP Crystal Reports turns almost any data source into interactive, actionable information that can be accessed offline or online, from applications, portals and mobile devices.
Crystal report's 9.0 Developer Edition of Crystal Decisions: produces Berichte/Reports from different data sources: relation cubit data banks, FOR EXAMPLE Access (paradox), OLAP-Würfel, XML-Daten. export possibilities of XML, PDF, RTF or Excel. no more fo
ID: Crist02934

Anwendung Scatter Plot 1.0, generates from dry data tables impressive three-dimensional models as well as diagrams, who can model, with the mouse is moved, or itself through the 3D-Modelle (virtual landscape) moves, Freeware German file Scatteplot.EXE 5.7MB
ID: Scatt01629

Anwendung Schichtplaner 5.5 produces service plans, from up to 20 co-workers, German, shareware 79.-DM, file SPWIN.EXE, 539KB
ID: Schic01630

Anwendung Schlüssel-Master 7, key administers, been suitable
ID: Schl001631

Anwendung Schreibmaschinenkurs 3.7, with this software, you learn the ten finger system,
ID: Schre01632

Anwendung Scribble Papers 1.8.1: from Jens Hötger. virtual paper box for the PC. classifies different entries in stewards and sides. many types of information can become between-saved for a later time so: notes, URLs, extensive Word and Excel-Dateien, pictures,...
ID: Scrib05676

Anwendung Seeds 2.3, seed data bank for gardeners and farmers, English, shareware, file SEEDW16.EXE, 957KB
ID: Seeds01635

Anwendung Starcalc 5.5, the free software simulates a planetarium on your computer, file SC55EN.ZIP, in 729KB, Freeware tip: SAO star Catalog (interface), in Plugin for Starcalc, in order to open SAO-Sternenkataloge, file SAOCOMP.EXE, 4.8MB
ID: Starc01643

Anwendung StelsXML is a JDBC type 4 driver that allows to perform SQL queries and other JDBC operations on XML files. With StelsXML JDBC driver, you can easily extract and process data contained in your XML documents by using the standard SQL syntax and XPath expressions. The driver is completely platform-independent.
Features: supports most keywords of ANSI SQL'92, supports XPath expressions for defining tables and columns, supports inner and outer table joins, supports aggregate, numeric, string, conversion and user-defined SQL functions, platform independent.
Downloadlink =
ID: Stels07537

Anwendung Stopen search tool 1. 4 search tools for open office
ID: Stope05492

Anwendung SWR3 Boxwech 2.1: automation tool for Windows, answers automatically certain dialogue boxes, reminds at dates, text modules send at applications, processes action lists, sends keyboard impacts and mouse clicks at applications, file BW2SETUP.EXE 1030KB
ID: SWR3002769

Anwendung Synchronizer 8.1 compares and synchronizes folders and data files between 2 computers, also timeshared.
ID: Synch03388

Anwendung TMX-Vokabeltrainer 3.0, English, French and German., gratuitously, none audio response unit in the free version
ID: TMX0V01402

Anwendung Top-Faktura 11.0, merchandise economic program, network, for small u. middle enterprises.
ID: Top0F01171

Anwendung Traumhaus-Designer 4.0: houses plans and until furnishes into the detail
ID: Traum02655

Anwendung TV 2.0: TV is an award winning (2005-2006) software application for Windows®. Now you can watch 300+ LIVE worldwide TV channels on your PC.
TV is an extremely easy to use application and anyone can find their stations on TV. Music, News, Educational, Sports & Shopping channels are sorted in a very easy to find way, together with TV in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese & Arabic sections.
You may also browse world TV by regions or by country name. The intuitive & user friendly interface will give you a pure Plug n' Play! Experience. All you have to do is easily find your desired station, click on the station's name, then sit back & relax. TV emulates the regular Television set on your PC, by using the broadband Internet connection.
ID: TV02006491

Anwendung TV genial 3.11 television periodical newspapers gratis from the internet, television programs of all big stations load down, until 4 weeks. as soon as the data are on the hard disk, you use the software offline. co memory function. file 1.900KB, adve
ID: TV0ge02771

Anwendung Verleihnix 99 1.3, in the program, you grasp all things, that you lend to others, German, shareware 16.-DM file VERLEIH.ZIP in 371KB
ID: Verle01650

Anwendung Calling cards Vol.3 of cook media, setup like business calling cards of Ari Data, only 300 presentations and only one card size, import for WMF and BMP-Bilder, price 20.-DM, German
ID: Visit02166

Anwendung Visitenkarten-Designer 3.5 Calling card designers with almost 20.000 presentations
ID: Visit03390

Anwendung Vokabulator II (Release 9), that crams Vokabulator, with you English words, in shareware version only English words, in full version also Franz., Italy., Spanish and Latin., shareware 50.-DM, German, contains file VOKDEMO.EXE, 3.2MB, the file WB.EXE the d
ID: Vokab01658

Anwendung Wilbur 2.2, full text search for the whole hard disk, search also in zip data files, fast, good search options. now for all Windows versions
ID: Wilbu00977

Anwendung Win Globe 1.2, globe for the Windows desktop, show 3000 cities
ID: Win0G01661

Anwendung Winfoil 2.2.10, plan model aircraft at the PC, file WFL2210U.ZIP, 3MB
ID: Winfo01664

Anwendung Winrail 4.1.6, with Winrail, you produce track plans of model railroads or author tracks, shareware 69.-DM, file WR416SW.ZIP, 1.21MB,
ID: Winra01665

Anwendung WinRail X3, simulation for rails
ID: Stell01644

Anwendung Winters 3.4.008 , date administration program, notes, absence, day, of month, and yearly surveys, function with MS-Exchange.
ID: Winte00097

Anwendung Z-Wetter 2.1: weather frog for the PC, weather data of approximately 90 German cities: temperature dew point atmospheric pressure, humidity, clouding, wind force, wind direction. the software gets the info from the internet. automatic Updates
ID: Z0Wet03325