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ADSL InternetNews, info about problem solutions around ADSL, German. further info: PCWelt 98/10 side 320/4: ADSL instead of ISDN, info about the new technology, ASDL=Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line.
ID: ISDN000500

ADSL cFosSpeed 10.08, faster Internet access with Traffic Shaping. Perfect for online gamers!
ID: Cfos006497

ADSL DSL routers : fli4l is a Linux-based ISDN, DSL and Ethernet-Router with only 1 floppy disks to the working requires. a 486er with 16MB RAM is completely sufficient
ID: DSL0R03259

ADSL DSL-Questions: coststarif ...only for Germany
ID: DSL0T03352

ADSL iMacros Internet Tools
1) Web Automation: Automate to have to learn transactions in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome without a scripting language.
2) Web Testing: Automate functional testing, performance testing or regression testing on the part of all web technologies, such as Java, Flash, Flex, Silverlight or AJAX
3) data extraction: a comprehensive tool to extract data from web pages into your database or spreadsheet
ID: Flatr03381

ADSL RASPPPOE: This is a PPP over Ethernet (short: PPPoE) implementation for Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, .NET. PPPoE as a method for establishing PPP connections through Ethernet adapters is described in RFC 2516 and is used by many broadband service providers to allow authentication and maintain the familiar "dial-up experience" when connecting to the Internet through a broadband modem.
64 bit: Development of RASPPPoE in 64 bit version is on its way, should be available end of Q3/2005 - thank you for so many requests ....
ID: Mit0D05560

ADSL T-DSL Speedmanager 5.21 of the German Telekom.
ID: T0DSL03382