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Auktion_andere Der world-wide most active market place for drawing parts. ridge index advanced to the world-wide leading B2B-Marktplatz for drawing-tied component parts and components since his/its foundation in the year 1992.
In the year 2000 alone, over 7.000 buyers listed more than 28.000 inquiries with a valued size of orders of 10 bil. U.S. dollar on findFAST on-line, the Web-pegged market place of ridge index.
Ridge Index covers the entire bandwidth of the industrial process, including: mechanical treatment, molding, smiths, thinly - and sheet metal treatment, Plastik/Kunststoff, electronics as well as a wide palette of further processes.
With findFAST, buyer Zugriff has at the biggest drawing selection of suppliers. simultaneously, you have all tools to the disposal, that you need in order to meet an election.
Register yourself absolutely GRATUITOUSLY fast and simply online in order to input inquiries and drawings, and you get offers of carefully selected suppliers. at every time, you can pursue the status of your inquiries online.
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Auktion_andere Hitflip - the DVD -, games, - Musik-CD - and hearing book exchange platform. on Hitflip, you simply can, certainly, inexpensively and legally your DVD, games, Musik-CDs, hearing books and books trades. * over 300.
000 different articles, hourly new * no Abo, no contract linkage editing, no hidden costs * per gotten articles only 0,99 Euro * media products, at the moment especially DVD's Hörbüc
, CDs, computer and bracket games as well as books * momentarily only Germany and Austria
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Auktion_andere world-wide attainable. and are German-language platforms. nevertheless people from all countries near can register and can deal.
With salespersons, you can inform yourself about his/its location if you call an offer of the user and the field" looks at place."
For länderübergreifende purchases and sales, the handling is recommended in principle to perform only per Treuhand services and to hold itself/themselves security tips particularly at the
Moreover, the delivery should be performed always insured abroad. further sub topics: * classic online auction * immediately purchase articles * Dutch auction (backwards auction)
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Auktion_andere Germany's largest consulting and brokerage platform for products and services that are not ordinary.
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Auktion_andere Sell books, DVDs, games and clothes without shipping costs. With the app:.Easily scan scan barcodes.
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Auktion_andere ONLY IN GERMANY. The big backwards auction for craft and services, sit to the goal to bring together clients and contractors. You have to forgive an order and would like to pay only the most favorable price? for example:
* Apartment papers,
* bump in the car repairs,
* house restores,
You would like orders by means of backwards auction at compartment operations and companies at best prices auctions? characteristics:
-1 - TOP QUALITY: can put in her/its/their orders gratuitously on clients and interested companies at the implementation has offered.
As a client, you have the advantage that your costs become rapid more inferior and this with constant standards.
-2 - SECUR: for the contractor is My-Hammer.
de an order book, in which was interested, businesses orders, in which they specialized, can seek. clients and contractors can the My-Hammer.
de Treuhand services choose and so certainly for both sides Zahlung and Geschäft handle.
-3 - COMPLETELY GRATUITOUSLY:, the backwards auction for craft and services, is completely free for the client.
The contractor however pays only one commission of two to four percent to an activity after taken place exchange. My-Hammer.
de serves with the declared goal to take over the market leadership as Germany-farther medium from small trade and service orders and this under utmost security for clients and contractors.
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