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Anwendung CALC.EXE pocket calculators":". before" -" rule only in the science.view menu.
ID: CALC000059

Anwendung CALC.EXE calculator: Inserting rows of numbers and calculate: separate with "/", adding with SUM in the scientific view
ID: CALC000060

Anwendung Dancer DNA 1.2, combines genetics, evolutionary theory, 3D computer graphics and music to a stunningly beautiful virtual ballet. Dancer DNA produces 3D animation when you play your audio CDs in the PC. The program surprises with its colors.
ID: Dance01542

Anwendung ELO, elektr. - Leitz-Ordner , Tel 01805/352310, demo maximum 100 documents
ID: ELO0000334

Anwendung Replace in Word, Excel, Access: paragraph marks: "^a" or "^p", tab: "^t"
ID: Erset00061

Anwendung EXELCAB: Selbstinstallierende EXES as Cabinet alters, header label entlernen, so that the EXES can be tested before the unpack (as Cab). CABView: show the content u. CAB-Dateien 18kB (Freeware)
ID: EXELC00355

Anwendung Google Desktop: The development of Google Desktop as well as the support and the API were stopped 14 September 2011
ID: Googl06057

Anwendung Google Earth 4.0 crashes and freezes on startup: Problem with MS DirectX corruption. Here the solution:
1. Unninstalled "Microsoft DirectX. Don't just reinstall or update direct x. Completely uninstall it.
2. run "Free Windows Registry Repair" (Or other reg cleaner)
3. Restarted.
4. Installed direct X 9.0c.
5. Restared.
6. Installed GE 4 over GE 3.
More Informations:
ID: Googl07696

Anwendung Hausrat && Inventar-Master 1.62, house advice and administers your house advice inventory masters and calculates the insurance.
ID: Hausr01576

Anwendung Lotus Freelance Graphics 97, with Upgrade-Funktion, full version of CD, Präsentations-Tool
ID: Lotus01078

Anwendung Lupa 2, screen magnifying glass, that increases the area infinite about the mouse pointer up to 16-fold, also as reading help employable, Freeware, English, file LUPA2.ZIP, 133KB,
ID: Lupa001594

Anwendung Multi-Verter 1.3, conversion of measurement units
ID: Multi00594

Anwendung PC-Terminkalender, 15 programs shortly presents: Act 3.0, Sticky Notes 1.5, Central 8, outlook, Organizer97, Post-it 95, Sidekick 95, SMPlaner 6.0, task timers 3.0, Time&Chaos32, Topware Office, Win Provex plus 3.8, adapter units and software
ID: PC0Te00239

Anwendung PC-Welt-Article; the big Converter paket: the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF.
Topic:--music changes--films on DVD/CD--pictures evaporates--on-line data--texts translates--PDF and alternatives spec
ID: PC0We05581

Anwendung PFE-0701I.EXE, Makrorecorder+Text\Editor (Freeware),
ID: PFE0000353

Anwendung Project plannin g: 6 programs shortly presents: CA super Project 4.0, J5, MS-Project 4.1, Project schedulers 7 Project Workbench Termgraph 5.0
ID: Proje00240

Anwendung Win-Ter 3.4.008,, date planners
ID: Win0T00447

Anwendung Zap file 2,0, sure deletion and protection against" undelete" of data files. FAT32
ID: Zap0F00454