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Text Final Writer 1.02, word processing also for big data files, format TXT and Final-Writer, also as enamel editor been suitable, side record for access to wished side, Freeware, contains
ID: Breez00586

Text Hiew 5.60: editor with disassembler, Hexeditor,
ID: Hiew000113

Text Siemens Pocket Reader, Offline-Text-Reader, reading pen for texts, storage: until 20 sides, 20 hours of operating time with a sentence batteries, connection with the PC over serial interface (COM), software (1 floppy disk) for Win95 and NT from 4.0. test
ID: Sieme00785

Text Standard attitudes to Word 95/97 restore: 1, Norma L. D ot (2) deletes" HKey_Users \. Default\Software\Microsoft\Word\7.0\Data": Settingwert (3) deletes Word again starts
ID: Stand00622

Text Word97: menu with solid work document adds adds: Ansicht/Symbol leiste/Anpassen, command" work" for Menü-Leiste pulls.
ID: Word900609