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Text Agent Ransack: efficient full text search for the hard disk, to aim instruction incl. around same filter, Freeware, English, file AGENTRAN.ZIP, 979KB Download also on the PC-Welt-Homepage under also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/09, info side 45.
Agent Ransack is the Freeware 'lite' version from FileLocator Pro.
ID: Agent02174

Text Char View 3.2 Main features:
- system-wide utility window (floating above documents windows)
- menu icon (small icon shown in menubar, CharView main window hidden before the user moves the mouse pointer into this icon)
- view font symbols in ASCII (256 chars) or Unicode (entire font)
- auto-zoomed (magnified) symbol in table without a click
- copy symbol to the clipboard and insert it into the frontmost application with one click
- insert symbol, it's HTML entity, decimal or hexadecimal code into the frontmost application with one click from contextual menu
- fully resizable window
- up to 20 of the last used fonts remembered
- fonts grouped by families for fast searching of fonts
- editable font name field for fast switching fonts
- works with all native OS X, OS X Classic applications
link =
ID: Char005849

Text Editpad Lite, text editor with register for several opened data files
ID: Editp00616

Text ERSETZEN.VBS text parts of VB-Script replaces: the PC-Welt-Makro can replace texts only faster into several data files (similar function like' replacing' in word processing), and several data files one after the other, configuration see PC-magazin article
ID: ERSET02208

Text, web site: Windows writing to the gratis-Downloaden, with Schrift-Vorschau
ID: Fanta02123

Text FileReplace 1.0 searches and replaces: co FileReplace can decide you concept in several text-been based data files and in file names seeks and replaces. the search can be steered with different options. the search can be restricted on certain filetyps, pr
ID: FileR03413

Text, web site, gratuitous writing to the down-loads, big drawing selection.
ID: Fontz01709

Text Let Me Type 1.79: tip help, something observes you taps, and tries to guess after 3 or 4 signs, which word you my. these words are shown and can be taken over. respect: there the words is stored, third parties can close on the contents of your documen
ID: Let0M03451

Text Mars Notebook 1.2: Very useful tree-styled notebook. Full featured text editor with tables, formatting, hyperlinks, pictures... Any amount of sections can be created at any tree level, supports data encryption. Import/export from/to MS Word, HTML, text, unicode text, Works, WordPerfect, Windows Write, RTF files. Each section has own document, name and icon, 209 icons are available. You can insert, delete, move sections. 26 program toolbar skins included. One data file for all sections.
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ID: Mars005927

Text Multi Replace is a batch search and replace tool that is capable of performing these functions in multiple files simultaneously. Essentially, the tool searches and replaces symbols, names, words, sentences or paragraphs in all files where these manipulations need to be done, rather than making you do it file by file. Obviously, the tool is incredibly convenient for writers, secretaries, programmers, web developers and other professionals who work with text strings. A typical task for Multi Replace would be to change company name in all documents after re-branding or to replace old URL links with new ones in all HTML documents that belong to certain web project. Multi Replace offers a number of nifty search and replace features. For example, all replacements can be limited only to files stored in a specified folder/subfolder or only to files of certain type(s). It is also possible to exclude files from being processed. There is even an automatic backup op!
tion that makes it possible to revert back to old files in case anything goes wrong. More importantly, there are several choices for replacement actions - replace with, replace between, insert before, insert after or delete. File type masks, case sensitivity, customized replacement rules and batch or one-by-one processing options are available as well. The program builds itself into Explorer's context menu and is always readily available. For added convenience, all processed files can be exported to a specified output folder. The replacement settings can be saved for future processing. Multi Replace is 100% FREE to download and try. Get it now and you won't go back to your older, slower, one-file-at-a-time solution.
link =
ID: Multi05853

Text New orthography
ID: Neue001096

Text Notepad++: substitute for MS-Editor Notepad, can show data files until 20MB
ID: Notep00110

Text Notespad editor, more functions than Notepad (MS-Editor): orthography Seitlayout-Anpassungen entering of text, text modules. an instruction is in the help how one can replace Notepad with Notespad
ID: Notes03199

Text Notetab Light 4.52, substitute for Notepad, additionally HTLM-Seiten, ANSI and ASCII files in every size, produces demo Registr. 10 U.S. dollars 1 month, then only standard functions,
ID: Note000529

Text Notetab pro 4.8, text editor u. HTML-Editor with many functions, shareware 30 days, 20US $Notetab Light 4.6a, freeware, English, processing v. ascii and ansi-Dateien, on CD 99/12, PC-MAGAZIN side 156,
ID: Notet00853

Text Papyrus 6.0, word processing, covers only 4 MB on HD and 1,2 MB in RAM, HTLM, RTF, supports 2 floppy disks price 198.-DM, no Download,
ID: Papyr01120

Text Sapir text Processor, word processing for Hebrew, that works also without the Hebrew Windows, English, shareware 50.-US $, file SAPIRTEX.ZIP, 1.2MB
ID: Sapir01628

Text Super Notetab Light, is the ultimate free Notepad replacement and a capable HTML editor. A slimmer version of the award-winning NoteTab Pro, this slick application makes text editing a breeze. Move quickly around a stack of large files with a simple tabbed interface. Format your text to your heart's content. Write with the font of your choice, fixed-width or proportional.
ID: Super00442

Text Ted 2.9 of mark of de dozes, word processor for X-Windows under Unix systems like Linux, similarly like WordPad under Windows, language modules for German properly writing examination available, as well as for 11 further languages, masters tables, inclusi
ID: Ted0202838

Text Textmaker 2000 of Softmaker: text treatment software, as personnel version for 149.-DM and professional version for 298.-DM, the pro version contains a dictionary Englisch/Deutsch/Spanisch/Italienisch for translations
ID: Textm02053

Text TextPad 3.0, shareware 27.-US $, as of Notepad of M, however more functions and orthography. TextPad 4.0 aud CDS 99/12, side 162,
ID: Text000224

Text Tox 1.0: converts data files konfortabel between the Texformaten of DOS, Unix and Mac-OS. the program enlarges the context menu of the Explorer Convert by the entry" > to DOS, to Unix, to Mac", file TOX.ZIP, 572KB
ID: Tox0101954

Text Ultra Edit 32 9.00a of Ian D.Mead, opens good text editor more scope than the editor formatting tables several file simultaneously and processes,...)
ID: Ultra03431

Text Writely free on-line word processing of Google, that can be served completely from the browser.
ID: Write07162