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System Absturzsicherer PC tips for a sound PC:--background: why a PC crashes.--stable BIOS attitudes chooses--7 basic rules for the PC service--temperature and tension supervision--car start entries cleans--Registry clean holds: Regclean--cause storages--8 tools
ID: Abstu05513

System General protection injuries under Windows bases and tips
ID: Allge06347

System AT.EXE = timer function, in the delivery capacity v.NT 4.0. for Win95: see of plus-pack.
ID: AT0EX00347

System Evacuation file Win386.swp Op timieren: - fastest hard disk chooses, this defragmentieren, under virtual stores, mini and Maxi, with for example 50MB boasts
ID: Ausla00954

System Evacuation file: F ragmentierung tests with" DEFRAG / f WIN386.SWP", better: deactivation, Win again start, new aims on defragmentierter and fastest plate, with same mini and Maxi, for example 50MB, with it never is fragmented for her/it/them.
ID: Daten00540

System Auto log-i n: automatic declaring activates in the Registry (keys see PC-MAGAZIN). also possibly with TWEAKUI (former Powertoys of Microsoft). Tweak UI works also with Windows 98 incidentally. sub Win 9x and M: < HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windo
ID: Autol00626

System , To use, from *. inf-Datei en as Scriptsprache to steering of computer runs
ID: Benut00328

System Bluetooth: - all great pointer and tricks: * wireless stumbles. * arming with eye. * classes and standards - faster and further. * contacts ties
ID: Bluet06357

System Boot disk produces a boot floppy disk under can
ID: Bootd00871

System Boot diskette tips of PC-Welt:Ti pps to putting together of boot floppy disks:--prepares floppy disk and clears up--CD-ROM drivers--expansion storage--RAM disk uses--plate accelerates--necessary DOS programs--packers: zip records under DIS unpack--mouse st
ID: Bootd02248

System CHK-Dateien of Scandisk: after a Scandisk-Lauft with repair leaves Scandisk data files of type *. CHK (for example FILE0001.CHK) FILE0002.CHK,...)., to do again usable around such data files, Vorausetzung: all of cluster is existing, the type of the file
ID: CHK0D01843

System File comparison : survey of altered data files with batch files, Listing in the notebook.
ID: Datei00329

System Data transfer from PC to PC under Win 9x. what Windows offers?
ID: Daten06342

System DDC with Windows starts relaxes, DDC=Kommunikation with monitor, can 10 Sec. last!, value v." Hkey_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Class\Display\0000\Default"," DDC", on 0 places
ID: DDC0b00539

System DirectX in Windows: installs miscellaneous version, removes, removes manually, list of the data files of the PC-MAGAZIN,
ID: Direc00833

System Double authorities avoid the multiple start of an application like you stops. co help the PC-Welt program library PCWHIDE.DLL and the Scripts PSP.VBS can double you authorities aimed for selected applications prevents. further info in the PC-MAGAZIN
ID: Doppe02780

System Dr. Watson 4.03 , diagnosis tool, Protokollierung of mistakes with crash, info about the system, function like as Win3,1X, however more functions, also" SnapShot" produces them/her/it one with crashes with the SnapShot with normal function can compare. als
ID: Dr0Wa00842

System Entry" Logo=O" in MSDOS.SYS re moves the greeting picture (clouds), entry" Autoscan=O" in MSDOS.SYS prevents SCANDISK after crash
ID: Eintr00359

System PC shutdown without crash: i f the PC needs for the Shutdown eternally. topics:--something happens with the PC shutdown in her/its/their PC?, all writing processes on the volume are completed., the plate cache is drained., the function as closing all activ
ID: Herun02467

System IE: undocumented call parameters in command lines:--, counters, e, FOR EXAMPLE' < Pfad>\iexplorer.exe - e c :\' provides, that the IE shows stewards' an additional column' left.--, counters, k, FOR EXAMPLE' < Pfad>\iexplorer.exe - k' starts
ID: IE00u02596

System IOS.INI: drivers under [safe cunni ng] writes down that is loaded in the Autoexec or Config and the MS-DOS compatibility mode veursachen.
ID: IOS0I00412

System Completely PCs purge so, you clean up your Fertig-PC. practice example: Medion-PC. * removes superfluous programs or deactivates * start menu and task strip clears up * Browser-Add-Ons deactivates
ID: Kompl06926

System Context menu < opening with > is missing: with Win2000 and M was removed the options' of opening from the context menu with many filetyps as well'. following key in the Registry adds adds:' HKey_Classes_Root\*\Shell\Alternative Anwendung\Command': as valu
ID: Konte02779

System Noise protection for your PC: PC-G eräuschdämmung:--measures against loud hard disks--at the casing saved: measures--CD and DVD--trick: CPU turns off--with this manufacturer gets you noiseless component parts and Lärmdämmung, see entries into' hardware',
ID: L0rms03100

System LOGO.SYS with color animati on: see PC-MAGAZIN
ID: LOGO000574

System Main board : description v. setup, CPU, RAM, cache, erweit. - cards, Bios, CMOS, chip sentence, Jumper, LEDs, ZIF-Sockel (for example Socket 8), SIMM, DIMM, EDO, SRAM, pipeline Burst cache,
ID: Mainb00116

System Marlett: this typeface is responsible for representation of the buttons in Win95 (symbol)
ID: Marle00242

System Microsoft resource Kit tool: cursor animation, Utility-Batch-Programm, Win-Config,...
ID: Micro00100

System MSDOS.SYS: entry Bootkeys=0 su ppresses the possibility the system with the, to stop F8 with F4, F5, starts
ID: MSDOS00413

System Multi boot , mehrer systems on a PC, boot concepts, use dual boot, NT boot managers boot sector...
ID: Multi00819

System Multi boot , several Windows versions 3.11, 95A, 95B/C, 98 on a Fat16-Partition aims
ID: Multi00895

System NT boot manager s, several operating systems on a plate use, furthermore Seite150: boats of CD, as well as Bootfähige CD burn
ID: NT0Bo00892

System NTFS130.EXE enables reading access from DOS or Win to partitions with NTFS-Dateisystem
ID: NTSF100346

System NUMLOCK: activates or turns off through writes down in config.sys: NUMLOCK=ON or OFF,
ID: NUMLO00874

System Stewards and data files through special characters pr otect, for example md c:\<Alt>-<2>,<2>,<3 >, or reindeer notizen.doc < Alt>-<2>,<2 >. < 3 > notizen.doc, further ideas and batch solutions. these Dateien/Ordner cannot be copied, deletes, opens,... the
ID: Ordne00869

System Partition kidney s v. hard disks, 4 programs: boot managers 2.5 of PTS/Neuss, 39.-DM, partition It 1.01 of Quarterdeck/Dublin, 99.-DM, partition Magic 3.01 of Powerquest/München, 129.-DM, PTS-Partition managers 1.2 of PTS/Neuss, 39.-DM,
ID: Parti00250

System PCI: 20 pro tips fo r Bios-Einstellungen + sides P67: Plug and Play with PCI
ID: PCI0000474

System PC-Upgrade easily made PC- Welt-Artikel: the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF:--PC-Upgrade: so goes it... from side 120--Multimedia-PC... from side 128--Foto-PC... from side 130--Spiele-PC... from side
ID: PC0Up02672

System PC-Welt-Artikel < error message: first aid for the PC > : the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF. topics: RAM, graphics card, Bios, burners, hard disk, CD-ROM, USB, Windows, printers, mouse,
ID: Fehle02844

System PC-Welt-Artikel < gratis: your second PC > the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF. topics:--at will many PCs on a computer: the virtual PC--software: Virtual PC--software: VM-Ware--software: Bochs
ID: PC0We03072

System PC-Welt-Artikel < Poledit: all over Poledit  2;: info about Poledit (Policy editor) for Win 95, 98 and M. the entire article can on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF are down-loaded
ID: Poled02813

System PC-Welt-Artikel < Windows alarm: security gap in Windows & Co >: the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF. topics:--double-click danger: document departures can contain Trojans, reserved Class-ID can camou
ID: Windo02861

System POLEDIT.EXE: under" network log-in" the entry" network activity", in order to prevent, this the dialogue box with < Esc > handles becomes
ID: POLED00418

System Get things moving management for Win95: with Win95 must be installed manually this power management (AMP-Treiber):--' system control, hardware'--' hardware recognition' starts--asks of Windows after the Windows-CD and gets itself the drivers--after the ne
ID: Power02489

System Power management under Win9x and 2000. universe attitudes, and something these causes. bases
ID: Power06348

System Profiles for Win95 prod uce, for different users of a PC (restrictions). POLEDIT.EXE is also the Win95-CG under Admin\Apptools\Poledit., whole table on floppy disk or hard disk copies.
ID: Profi00083

System Score points instead of comma in t he numeric character block: file KBDGR.KBD at Adsresse's 1CA:023C little Pat: 2C - D2E Patchprogramm on the CD.Patch-KBD.DAT in the Dos-Fenster u. Excel ineffective!
ID: Punkt00501

System Rundll32-Aufrufe: rundll < bez >, some examples: < user,exitwindows > Windows finishes < user,wnetconnectdialog > dialogue" networks connects" < user,wnetdirconnect > dialogue" networks separates" < shell,shellexecute > Explorerfenster opens < shell32,Ope
ID: rundl00831

System Sage.exe (in the plus package of Win 95), system service, start from programs as well as batch files
ID: Sage000957

System Scanreg: bug with secures as well as restorieren this * Cab-Dateien if more than 5 backups are used.
ID: Scanr00824

System SCSI - this is again bases under Win9x
ID: SCSI006345

System SendTo individually (profiles) furnish: see PC-MAGAZIN
ID: SendT00420

System Sendto steward s: printers or goal table as connection into the steward C:\Windows\Sendto casts off: eases the printing or copies from data files, on symbol pulls,
ID: Sendt00338

System SFC.EXE of Win98 in Win95 start to re cording of alterations during an installation, file checker, the version of the data files (DLL) records OCX,...) and enables the restoration of the Installations-CD.
ID: SFC0E00870

System ShellIconCache: this hidden file contains info about the Icons on the desktop: with problem with the indication of the Icons, file deletes.
ID: Shell00625

System Shutdown automate, as well as car-reboot w ith the command:' Rundll32.exe shell32.dll, SHExitWindowsEx 2' wider issues: Windows dialogue (system queries), that must be answered manually. also here a solution with the Windows Scripting Host: ~~~~~~~~~~ set
ID: Shutd02782

System Storage: cache size in System.i ni restricts [VCACHE], MinfileCache = 2048, MAxfileCache = 4096 with 32MB Ram, with 16MB Ram half values uses. with it not immediately the evacuation file is used.
ID: Speic00955

System Start v. logo Win95, BMP with 25 6 colors alter dissolution 320*240 pixels, stores under C:\Logo. sys as well as C :\ Windows\Logo.sys (PC shutdown) or C:\Windows\Logo.sys (turn off)
ID: Start00423

System System date alters and p uts back automatically, batch solution of the PC-MAGAZIN, for example to the year 2000 test,...
ID: Syste00868

System System control: entries fades out: all nece ssary entry corresponds one. CPL-Datei.--sub Win 98/ME is steered these in the file CONTROL.INI. debits an entry are not shown that this becomes in the INI-Datei under the section [don't load] like follows declar
ID: Syste05615

System Write" start" in the start button repl aces in file Explorer.exe at address offset. 185.482 (do magic 2D480), with Disk-Editor,
ID: Text000371

System Tuning-Tools - what they can and what not: elaborate description in the PC-MAGAZIN.
ID: Tunin05823

System USB bases of USB
ID: USB0006343

System Virtual PCs: so simulates you several PCs in your Windows. bases and tips. step for Schritt-Anleitung to the virtual PC with VMware, Virtual PC 2004 or Parallels workstation 2.1.
ID: Virtu06360

System VM-Ware against Virtual PC 2004 2 tools to the produces from virtual PCs. increase security when surfing. both tools on the PC-Welt-DVD
ID: VM0Wa07594

System Win TuningKit 2005 Premium: Windows-Tuning. also for server version 2003 been suitable. Also as Freeware-Version available (less functions)
ID: Win0T05832

System Windows storage tips Vcache Truetype-Schriften, hardware profiles, Registry-Komprimierung, evacuation file, waste paper basket, Ramdisk see also PCWelt 00/04 side 154,
ID: Windo00814

System xcopy: tables comfortably updates. co foll owing parameters xcopy / f / i / d / s / c / h / y < Pfad1 > < Pfad2 > further info in the PC-MAGAZIN
ID: xcopy02394