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System 007 Stealth Activity Recorder & reporters Starr 2.21 recor ds all keystrokes, she/it remembers itself all visited Web direction and is started programs. this < result is held on in a protocol. this Logfile can be sent with Mail.
ID: 0070S02826

System Actual Window Menu allows better and quicker managing any program windows by orgamizing them neatly. Although our program is comparatively new, it has enjoyed our customers' recognition and got several awards.
Actual Window Menu is a unique standard Windows menu extension expands any window menu with such options as Stay on Top, Change Priority of Programs, Minimize to Tray, Set Window Transparency, etc. If you constantly switch between windows, if your task bar is cluttered by many application you work with, if windows appear where it's not appropriate, our program will become your best virtual helper.
You can create rules (i.e. new available menu items) for any application to make working process convenient for you. Configure the settings you want and they will automatically take effect when you launch the program! You can apply settings to all programs in one click.
Actual Window Menu is a handy and useful program for those users who intend to more effectively manage and access information. Try it for free and you will discover that you can not work without it any more!
ID: Actua05813

System Actual Window Manager, being your best computer friend, will astonish you by its simplicity and functionality! 40 handy tools will let you organize the working process so easily that you won't spend time on endless and tedious switching between windows and hunting for the right application on the cluttered task bar.
The program belongs to the family of the next generation system enhancement applications and it is available for virtually any window system including Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. All controls can be accessed via a row of Window-style title bar buttons placed next to the standard Minimize/Restore/Close. What is more, alongside activating functions with mouse clicks, the new 3.0 version supports hotkey combinations, the standard language of professionals, that allows significantly decreasing the time you spend on doing one action.
Actual Window Manager offers you to set the selected tunings for all applications or just for one of them. Want to prevent accidental close of windows? Or want to open some windows mini/maximized? Only you can decide what tools to apply and only you can change the windows parameters as often as you want. Can't believe in this miracle? Then try the program's demo version for free and convince yourself of the perfect truth of our words!
ID: Actua05816

System ALT code table The characters are made by pressing and holding one of the ALT keys, then typing the indicated numbers. You must use the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard. For example: ALT + 0200 = È. The letter appears after the Alt key is released.
ID: Alt0C03852

System ASTRA32 - Advanced System Information Tool: This program performs computer configuration analysis and provides detailed information (including undocumented information) on your computer hardware and its working modes. Features: detects 201 processor and co-processor types, CPU and bus frequency. Provides information on CPU features, cache, motherboard, hard disks, S.M.A.R.T., CD/DVD devices, SCSI devices, memory modules, chipset, BIOS, PCI/AGP, USB and ISA/PnP devices, DMI/SMBIOS, monitor, video card, sound card, network card, printer, installed programs, etc. This program also creates a file report, and is able to run in batch mode.
New: added reading of HDD S.M.A.R.T. information (including drives using external UDMA/SATA controllers), detection of IDE HDD temperature, detection of HDD health status (using an unique algorithm), detection of Intel Processor Number, added reading of SPD information on Intel ESB2 hub, detection of new processors, updated program database, some bugs fixed.
link =
ID: Diese05902

System Automate 4.05c, system service, start registration 60US from programs, shareware 30 days, $
ID: Auton00958

System Beacon 5.2 Windows-Tuning: Windows start, boot menu, internet access accelerates, shareware 25 starts 20.-DM German file BEACON_G.ZIP 538KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/05, info side 49,
ID: Beaco01810

System BE-OS 5.0.1 PE slim and fast operating system, small selection of software, installation only 15 minutes, can be installed under Windows, file 45.000KB,
ID: BE0OS03070

System Bochs of 1.2 .1 free virtual computers for pros, for computers with CPU from 800MHz, runs in the DOS box, Bios emulates, graphics card and up to 2 hard disks. access to CD-ROM and disk drive only under Win-NT,Win2000 and XP, file 1.780KB. detailed info and
ID: Bochs03073

System Boot star 6.10 of star tools: boot managers with good attitude possibilities, until 15 primary partitions, now also for WinME ~~~~~~~~~~ boot star 5.83: also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/10, info side 202,
ID: Boots02241

System Date/Time Shell Extension 1.41 by Laurent Berger,
dates of data files comfortably alters. the tool appears in the context menu of the file, under' qualities', in an additional register card. file 149KB
ID: Date/03131

System Dekart log-in secures a system access per USB-Stick. with loss of the key, the PC-Zugang is practically impossible.
ID: Dekar07613

System DELX.BAT data files aimed deletes: the PC-Welt-Makro is an expansion of the DOS-Befehl DEL, checks and deletes also data files into subdirectories. syntax: delx c :\ *. tmp d :\ *. bak this command deletes all tmp-Dateien on C: and all bak-Datein on D: co
ID: DELX002207

System Diskeeper 6.0 workstations of Executive software: Defragmentierer, reasoned program, offers inclusive possibilities. remark: this already in Win2000 of integrated Defragmentierer is only one lost weight reading of this full version, that also a scheduler
ID: Diske02793

System Down of jflux, the system goes there on a double-click down, with timing control, Freeware, file 12KB
ID: Down005734

System Easy boot manager s of Magnussoft, boot managers, several operating systems on a hard disk drives, besides Windows also Linux and OS/2 and different DOS versions German starts 40.-DM pointers: Easy boot managers should be installed operating systems before
ID: Easy002288

System Easyboot 5.01 of EZB Sytems. produces boot-capable CDs or DVD, including boot managers.
ID: Easyb05604

System EXTRACT.VBS: CAB-Dateien, survey produces: the VB-L isting EXTRACT.VBS of the PC-Welt spends a survey in Wordpad. configuration see PC-MAGAZIN or PC-Welt-Homepage. the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF.
ID: CAB0D02206

System Fundelete: from Sysinternal. a substitute for the Windows waste paper basket. intercepts also data files, that are deleted from the command line or from program.
ID: Funde05820

System HD-Copy 2.04 of HD-Tronic, an image file of a hard disk produces shareware 100.-DM for later return backup, Restore-Geschwindigkeit 200MB/Minute, for the Classic-Version and 400.-DM for the pro version, file 160 KB tip: burns you on a CD the image file. i
ID: HD0Co02350

System Install Watch Pro 2.5c by Epsilon Squared, Inc., oversee the software installations on the PC and lists all alterations. however, the program cannot cancel an installation. file installwatchpro.EXE 3710 KB, info also in PC-MAGAZIN 01/08 side 43
ID: Insta02921

System If Process kills 2.0.0 .52 fast finished and without inquiry all the current process, drawing selection window menus (similarly Task-Liste), Freeware, English, file KILLPROCESS.EXE, 24KB, for NT4.0 must be copied wide data files into the installation table
ID: Kill001961

System Lockoff 2000 drives the PC after stated time down. password protected, for the first use, the password' is lockoff', time with seconds declares FOR EXAMPLE 23:00:00 and the option on' from' puts, file Lockoff2000.ZIP 164KB
ID: Locko02858

System M.E.C.K. Menu Extension Construction Kit produces context menu for data files (Explorer). the program then produces a corresponding INF-file, that you only must install, after it is a new context menu operational.
ID: M0E0C03201

System MST boot of Olaf Barth, boot manager helps with the installation of up to 12 systems on a PC, price 25.-DM, also for OS/2 and Solaris, file 550KB,
ID: MST0B01781

System Ntfsdos 3, reads and copies data files pro version with writing access 249 U.S. dollars on NTFS-Partition, Freeware, ~~~~~~~~~~ Ntfsdos 2.2, NTFS-Partition with Win 95 + 98 reads, in Autoexec.bat loads, further Utilities: Fat32 with NT reads, FAT32 with L
ID: Ntfsd00891

System Page-Defrag of Sysinternal. Defragmentiert the hard disk. additionally the tool can the Registry and the evacuation file defragmentieren. the tool can furthermore individual as well as certain data files defragmentieren, the small tool 'config' is responsible to it that must be down-loaded separated: 26KB. Config is executed from the command line.
ID: Page005819

System PC Pitstop System-Tuning online, executes several tests, and tips offer, like the performance can be increased. respect: test results as well as computer name is sent to the indication at the internet server.
ID: PC0Pi02810

System PC spy of G-Data, oversee the activities of a computer: keyboard, screen contents, internet access, with time limit... only with DFÜ-Netzwerk. respect: the usage is however legally dubious.
ID: PC0Sp02792

System QNX 6.1 RTOS real time operating system
ID: QNX0603045

System Startup managers 1.0 , auto start administers all system starts from Registry, INIs,... file 310KB ~~~~~~~~~~ old version of MAGAZIN-CD 98/08, info side 188, only Win95,
ID: Start00572

System Steganos Tuning 7: Windows-Tuning, Registry-Cleaner, passport word protection, Disk-Cleaner, Pop-up-Blocker, Internet-Cleaner, etc..... the tool also offers information and references about the attitudes amply. very good for beginners.
ID: Stega05830

System Sumo (Software Update Monitor). Thanks to SUMo you'll be able to keep your PC up-to-date by using the most recent version of your favorite software ! Unlike build-in auto update features, SUMo tells you if updates are available before you need to use your software.
* Automatic detection of installed software
* Detects required updates / patchs for your software
* Filter / authorize Beta versions (user setting)
* Ignore list : only tracks software YOU want to track
* More compatibility and less false positive than others Update Monitors (according to users feedback ;-)
* Internationalization support
ID: Sumo008756

System System Analyser 5.2h: elaborate info about your PC, info about AGP, Bios, deliver cache, CD-ROM, to CMOS, CPU, DMA, DVD, of interrupt, ISDN, of LPT, mouse, hard disks, graphics cards, modem, monitor, network, PCI, PCMCIA, sound, storage, keyboard and Wind
ID: Syste02728

System System Guard 2000 of Vctsoft Software, narrowly or closes the access on data files and tables, access rights for decides users, timewise restricted utilization of a PC, also access to Systensteuerung can, network closes, tables hide, steers or closes software in
ID: Syste01814

System System Protect of G-Data, security software for Win9x and M, extensive attitudes to the protection before system alterations and unauthorized references. so whole areas (individual programs, components of the system control, entries into the start menu) c
ID: Syste02835

System Tweak Now Regcleaner Windows Tuning. Search invalid Registry datas.
ID: Tweak07608

System Tweaker 2001 6.0: hidden Win-Einstellungen, also IE and outlook options, manipulates..., file TWEAK60.ZIP, 826KB, also for WinME and XP ~~~~~~~~~~ Tweaker 2000 5.0, file TWEAK50.ZIP 817KB, on MAGAZIN-CD 00/12, info side 46,
ID: Tweak02343

System TweakNow power pack of Sybex. adjusts and optimizing. cleaning and security. not suitable for beginners. also a task manager, auto start editor, Disk-Cleaner and Registry-Cleaner contain.
ID: Tweak05831

System Virtual PC 2004 gratuitously. alternative to VMware
ID: Virtu06919

System Vmware express 2.0.3 for Linux of Su se: with Vmware leaves itself execute several operating systems on a PC, FOR EXAMPLE under Linux Win 95, 98, M to start and to use both simultaneously. Vmware simulates a complete PC to it in similar provision like the
ID: Vmwar02786

System VM-Ware servers of 1.01 producing of virtual PCs. has used itself also under Windows XP Home and pro, not only under Windows 2000 servers 2003 servers, also under Linux. file 150 MB. constructed Windows PC of 3.
1 until Vista beta, as well as numerous Linux-Varianten.
ID: VW0Wa07595

System VM-Ware workstation 4.0 of VM-Ware, also Windows now supports servers 2003 and Netware 5 and 6. pace was improved. also the support of sound cards became improved. ~~~~~~~~~~ VM-Ware workstation 3.0, now also for Win-XP, and long missing persons functions
ID: Vmwar02534

System Win 4 Lin 2.0 of Netraverse, PC-Simulator, emulate Windows applications on a Linux-Rechner. no complete PC is emulated It but it is emulated only the Windows functions, that necessarily are for the application. therefore Win 4 Lin also is faster than FOR
ID: Win0402787

System Win Speedup 2.61 of Scriptsoft, optimizes and accelerates the operating system, processes hidden system attitudes. now also for Win2000 and XP. see also ~~~~~~~~~~ Win Speedup 2.4, file 2471KB info in PC-MAGAZIN COM! 00/09 pages 141 and PC-Welt
ID: Winsp01785

System XOSL Extended Operating system loader 1.1.5 of Geurt Vos, boot managers, user-friendly, many functions, up to 24 operation frameworks on a computer, as it is fitting Win95, 98, NT4, 2000, of Linux (Be-OS), partitions hide, call word protection ~~~~~~~~~~
ID: XOSL001434

System Zip disk Catalog 7.6 of P.D.MacBride: file administration, printout-pure tables, the Script produces a survey in the HTML-Format for drives, zip, CD-ROM hard disks, English. Download also on the PC-Welt-Homepage under
ID: Zip0D02205