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Spiele Ancient Ivory 3.2 (Win3.1 u.95), die game, backgammon Pro1.03 (Win3.1x) Poolster 1.0 (Win95) Skat 2095 (Win3.1x) WinSchafkopf 3.07 (Win3.1x) card game
ID: Ancie00236

Spiele Clikomania 3.0, Tetris-variante,
ID: Cliko00799

Spiele CPU Lower brakes the PC speed again to boats without the computer, FOR EXAMPLE for older games, file CPU-LOWER.ZIP 165KB,
ID: CPU0L02512

Spiele DX-Ball 2.1.2, reprint of" Breakout", Direct-X necessary, freeware
ID: DX0Ba01036

Spiele Game Programming starters Kit 3.0 of Mediagold (Tel 089/7909735), Spiele-Programmierung, to the delivery capacity hears Active-X 6.1 Development Kit and C++ 6.0 from Microsoft, problems at installation, lacking DLLs, in this version not usable, price 79,9
ID: Game001725