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Spiele All over games: nowh ere finds you faster than in the Web current information about your favorite games. there are rumors and news from the industry like Cheats and trainers here as well. additionally you find Previews, Reviews and demos, an extensive forum
ID: Alles01451

Spiele web site, offers about 550 Free and shareware games in older versions. 10.-DM cost universe 550 games, the supplier hands over 130 games gratuitously. contact:
ID: Altes02703

Spiele Bleem Sony-Playstation-Emulator, suppliers Engelmann, demo version of MAGAZIN-CD, use is legal, price 80.-DM, further info and lists of the games under remark: even burned backup copies of the Playstation-Spiele function-kidneys with Bleem
ID: Bleem01823

Spiele Block CAD 2.11, BlockCAD is a freeware program for building virtual models with Lego-like bricks.
ID: Block01524

Spiele Boy Bl Puzzle97, Baller-Tetris, Win95 only with DirectX from 3,0
ID: Bubbl00798

Spiele CCS 64 2.0b, C64-Emulator (Commodore 64), games of the internet under, English, shareware 30.-US $, file CCS64DOS.ZIP, 323KB
Alternativ Download:
ID: CCS0601533

Spiele CCS64, C64-Emulator, shareware, 30US $
ID: CCS6400859

Spiele Cheats for games, over 60.000 tips, Tastatur-Cheats, Savegames, trainers, Patches, complete solutions
ID: Cheat02708

Spiele CKESCAPE 1.2, Sakoban varriante with editor, shareware, 25.-DM,
ID: CKESC00813

Spiele internet side with Cheats and info, complete solutions for brackets and PC-Spiele
ID: dlh0n02854

Spiele Emulators for game brackets and older computers: info about computers, for example Amiga 500, Apple II, Atari 800 Commodore 64, tailors or Amstrad CPC etc.....) and emulation software. many info also in the PCWelt page 98
ID: Emula02235

Spiele Emulators for game brackets: info about computers and emulation software. many info also in the PCWelt page 98
ID: Emula02236

Spiele Emulators for game brackets: info about computers and emulation software. many info also in the PCWelt page 98
ID: Emula02237

Spiele web site: emulators and games for C64, Atari,
ID: Fix0I00149

Spiele internet service, big drawing selection of gratuitous games, German
ID: Freeg02261

Spiele games gratuitously down-load, however, log-in is duty
ID: Freel02654

Spiele Fritz for Fun 2 chess program
ID: Fritz02889

Spiele Kniffel, electronic variation of the known die game, Freeware, file KNIFFEL.ZIP, 101KB
ID: Kniff01586

Spiele Luckyman 4.1, by Rüdiger Droste, appraises lottery systems and normal lottery game series, file LUCKYMAN.EXE, 703KB
ID: Lucky01593

Spiele Enables it game of Mglide they for the 3Dfx-Schnittstelle was programmed, for example Wing Commander 5 of Origin, also with others graphics-fixes to play. the English Freeware changes 3Dfx-Befehle into Direct-3D-Befehle
ID: Mglid01824

Spiele web site: Spiele-Enzyklopädie, overview over virtually all computer games of the last years. to each game, you find out the appearance year, the platform, the genre, a short description and a picture of the Covers.
ID: Mobyg02978

Spiele Grouse in Africa of Evi: grouse hunt in Kwazulu, supplement to the original game of Phenomedia, Freeware, file 2.4MB,
ID: Moorh01753

Spiele current News, background info and further links to grouse tools and - Cheats.
ID: Plane01894

Spiele Pulsoid, rapid Ballerspiel, freeware, English
ID: Pulso01070

Spiele Rainbow Drops Buster Deluxe: An incredibly addictive puzzle collapse game of simple logic. Challenge your skills in five different game modes with bonuses, tricks, etc. Test your skills in timed modes or challenge yourself in tactical or strategic modes. Enjoy superb music and graphics. A great game for all ages and any time!
Your goal is to remove as many drops as possible by clicking on the group of drops. Drops rise up according to the game mode, and you must not let drops reach the top. Only a group of more than three (3+) identical drops can be removed. If you remove a group of 20+ drops at once, you earn twice the score.
It may sound easy, but the challenge is to bust the drops and score more points. Avoiding isolation of a drop is yet another challenge. There are also bonuses to help you blow up the drops. The game becomes more difficult when you move on to higher levels. The starting level of the drops is higher and the speed is faster from level to level.
* 5 game modes to test your different skills
* 7 color drops make various combinations of drops making the game more interesting
* 5 bonus drops to help you with Rainbow Drop bursts
* Ability to start game at any level from 1 to 10
* Two different skill levels
There are five game modes available:
Classic - The original mode where drops rise up only until it fills the next drops field. Drops are inserted from the bottom of drops on the field.
Spring tactics - This game mode is similar to classic, but here drops rise up after each drop is burst.
Cloud-burst - In this mode, weather adds an interesting touch.
Rain strategy - This game mode is a combination of the Cloud-burst and Spring tactics game modes. In this mode, drops fall from the top after each drop bursts.
Flood nonstop - After the rain, we have a flood. And it doesn't want to stop! In this game mode, drops rise up without any pauses.
link =
ID: Ein0u06037

Spiele Scorch an Island - an addictive multiplayer tank game, based on the idea of Scorched Earth.?The gameplay is simple - choose weapon, set angle, power and fire! The more distant the shoot is, the more points you score.?The goal is to destroy all the competing tanks and get as much points as possible.??The game features high detailed three-dimensional fully deformable environment and a lot of special effects. But for all that there is a really simple gameplay, typical for two-dimensional games.??The game supports hot-seat and LAN multiplayer modes with up to 8 players at once.?Internet games support is under development now - keep up with our news!
Download =
ID: Scorc05728

Spiele Slowdown, CPU brake for older games, speed over slide valve automatic controllers" Speed" alters, for normal speed PC again starts, Freeware, file SLOWDOWN.EXE, 140KB
ID: Slowd01101

Spiele Visual Sokoban 1.32, Sokoban-Clone, strategy game, 580 levels, with Level-Editor
ID: Visua01048

Spiele Winkey killers 1.7 with games in the DOS mode or with Direct-X of decided buttons closes: Windows buttons, touch-tone combinations like < Strg><Esc > or < Strg><Alt><Entf >, file Wkey-kill16.ZIP 9KB
ID: Winke02516

Spiele, web site, info and further to C64, Schneider CPC, Atari, description of the appliances, flea market, uvm,
ID: Zock001713