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Tipps PC-Pannenhilfe: numerous tips for the PC: AGP - u. PCI, AMDK6-2 or K6-III, Autostart-CD, Bios-PW, CD-ROM, CPU, desktop, DMA, Fesplatte, Geräte-Manager, network, PC-Abstürtze, PCI-Soundkarte, RAM, Bios secure,..., PC-magazin articles on the PCWelt home pag
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Tipps PC WELT 01/2023 Content:
* Windows professional commands. Command line: special tricks for a better and safer system
* Windows 11: The Fall Update.
* Windows 11: How to fix it.
* The best hardware 2023. Buying guide for SSDs, notebooks, network storage, monitors, routers, printers, cell phones.
* New functions for the USB stick.
* More protection through Windows Firewall.
* Privacy in the browser. Chrome, Firefox, and Edge offer numerous options
* Digital library on PC. This is how you can easily manage your e-book collection with caliber
* Tempo tuning for the router.
* VLC Player: Top Tips. Tricks around the media player
* Immediate help audio. The most common audio problems and how to solve them
ID: PC0WE08928

Tipps PC WELT 02/2023 Content:
* Off for your Windows? Support for some versions will soon end - so your system will still be up to date
* Technology trends 2023. The innovations of the year in processors, SSDs, displays, interfaces, WLAN and much more.
* Hidden Windows features. How to unlock secret features for free
* Virus Alert: Every minute counts. With these six steps, you can react quickly and appropriately to an acute virus attack on your PC
* Immediate help drivers. Solve common driver problems quickly and easily
* Safely scan mail attachments. Email is the most common gateway for viruses
* Find any file in a flash. The Windows search: you only have to set the function correctly once
* Keypass tips and tricks. You will find numerous useful features in the password manager menus
* Save electricity with the Fritzbox. This significantly reduces the power consumption of the router
* Surf safely with VPN. Surf the Internet anonymously, use public WiFi without risk
* Fritzbox VPN even better. With Fritz-OS 7.50, the router supports the lean and fast Wireguard protocol
* Smart thermostats. This saves you heating costs. The models at a glance
* Enjoy Messenger content on PC
* Pictures per description. With these programs, images can only be created with the help of a descriptive text
ID: PC0WE08929

Tipps PC WELT 03/2023 Content:
* Windows without shackles. Away with increasingly strict Microsoft regulations: From now on, Windows is all yours!
* Feature update for Windows 10. Upgrade what Microsoft forgot in the fall update
* 5 myths about security tools. Why VPN, incognito mode & Co. protect less than you think
* Immediate help wifi repeater. Use repeaters optimally and solve problems in the network immediately
* Transfer files safely. Send confidential documents or messages securely over the Internet.
* Built-in security. Microsoft has equipped Windows with a variety of security functions, such as the new Smart App Control UPS for home. Protection against PC blackouts: A comparison of power strips and UPS
* This is new in Edge, Chrome and Firefox. The new browser versions not only close security gaps, but also always come up with all sorts of new functions
* File Commander 22 Basic. With the file commander on DVD, you not only have your files under control - the program also comes with additional functions and direct access
* Secure backup. Everything about backup strategies, where hidden dangers lurk and how to minimize them
* PC quieter & stronger. A new CPU cooler makes less noise and increases PC performance. Find the right model and install it
* Electricity: What PC & Co. cost. The practical test on electricity costs and important tips for saving energy
* Android and iOS. Both operating systems can be used together
These are the topics in the new PC-WELT XXL 3/2023 Emergency Handbook 2023
* Windows 11: Rescue and Repair
* Secure system and data
* Protect network & hardware
* Safe on the Internet
* Help workshops for Windows 11
ID: PC0WE08930

Tipps PC WELT 04/2023: Content
* Windows Insider Tools. Prevent crashes, close security gaps, fix hardware errors
* Find any serial number. How to get lost or hidden license keys
* Virus protection for 2023. 14 security programs on the test bench.
* No more spam calls. With Tellows do not disturb you can identify and block spam calls
* Fast WLAN help thanks to router information. Find the right information for troubleshooting in the WLAN.
* Free hardware check. If the PC is troubling, a thorough function check is recommended. With these tools, the cause can be found quickly
* What is written about you on the Internet? How hackers find your private data and photos
* Emergency NAS. Tips and troubleshooting for optimal setup and customization of your NAS system
* New Microsoft tool simplifies PC tuning. With the new PC manager from Microsoft you increase speed and performance, stability and security
* Send large files. When it comes to sending large packets of data, Mail is not an option. Specialized online services and some tools are suitable for this
* Firefox protects data and privacy. The advantages and strengths of the well-known surfing program from Mozilla compared to the competition from Chrome & Co.
* Decrypt USB-C. The Type-C interface explained
ID: PC0WE08931

Tipps PC WELT 05/2023''': Content
* Windows system tuning. Professional tricks & tools for a permanently fast and lean system
* Operate Windows easily. Tuning for Start Menu & Explorer: Hidden functions make working with Windows easier
* Fast PC in 8 steps. Tips and tricks that optimize every computer immediately
* The best special tools from Avira, Norton & Co. against attacks
* How to solve Uefi problems. Trouble with Secure Boot: This helps if the PC no longer starts
* Secure, easy & immediately online without a password. Instead of many passwords, a single PIN, finger scan or face recognition is sufficient for Fido 2
* IPv6 with Fritzbox & Co. The new IP protocol in the home network and for remote access and VPN
* Virtual desktops: More space and order.
* Sandbox for PC viruses. How to test software in a protected environment
* Chat GPT. Read what the chatbot can do and how best to use it
* No more MP3 chaos! More order in your MP3 collection
* Linux versus Windows.
* Smartphone remote assistance. With these tools, you can access cell phone remotely
ID: PC0WE08932

Tipps PC WORLD 10/2022 Content:
* More data protection for Windows users. Shield your own files: Your Windows will no longer reveal anything to Microsoft
* The big security check. Fend off hacker attacks: make your PC and network unassailable
* 50 powerful PC tools for your protection.
* Pro tricks for the context menu.
* This makes your wifi fast. How to get the most out of 5 GHz
* Everything about the popular file manager Total Commander
* Connect all devices in the network. Whether Windows PC, Linux notebook or smartphone:
* Tips for Photomizer 3 Premium from Engelmann
* Buy sustainable notebooks. These models are particularly easy to repair
* Emergency antivirus software.
* Two-factor authentication tips * Android 13: This brings the new OS.
* Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. The innovations of the Linux system
ID: PC0WE08925

Tipps PC WELT 11/2022 Content:
* exclusive PC-WELT-Tool Windows-Tuner change hidden settings on issue-DVD
* Solve annoying Windows problems. This is how you eliminate the most annoying problems in no time
* The best tools for Windows 11. Free and shareware for Windows 11
* Never lose files again. Greatly minimize dramatic data loss
* Fend off attacks on the home network. Identify gaps in the home network step by step and take sensible countermeasures
* Customized Power PC. So you can now cheaply assemble a high-end PC
* Retro: Windows, games and web from yesteryear.
* 7-Zip: The best packing tool.
* Mesh. In this way, routers and repeaters work better together
* Partition tricks for SSD & HDD.
* Nextcloud in the home network.
* Test security apps. The current cell phone apps under the magnifying glass
* Immediate help smartphone. Solutions to the most common smartphone annoyances
* In the plus part of the new PC-WELT 1/2022 - Raspberry Pi - Get started with the mini PC now
ID: PC0WE08926

Tipps PC WELT 12/2022 Content:
* Windows decrypted. secret error codes
* Tuning for the taskbar. Windows easier to use. Tools and registry tricks
* The Microsoft power toys. Clever free tools
* Shares in the network. Access to shared files
* Macro protection for Office programs. Macro viruses are very dangerous.
* Gimp: Better photos with open source.
* Beware, hackers! The 2-factor login.
* Instant Help PDF. Troubleshooting for handling PDF files
* Energy saving made easy. Energy-saving measures for notebooks, PCs, printers, etc.
* Danger of online manipulation. How Website Design Tricks Make You Take Actions You Didn't Really Want
* Map for your WiFi. With these tools, you always have an overview of all connections in your home network
* The Raspi competition. The new Odroid M1
ID: PC0WE08927

Tipps PC-WELT 4/2022 many tips to Windows 11
ID: PC0WE08914

Tipps PC-WELT 5/2022 Informationen about Windows 11 and other topics (see german text)
ID: PC0WE08915

Tipps PC-WELT 6/2022 see german Version
ID: PC0WE08918

Tipps PC WELT 7/2022 Content:
* The PC WORLD rescue system. If Windows no longer wants to start, you can save your data with this live system Do-it-yourself emergency windows. So you get a free second system for the stick
* The best classic tools - also for Windows 11. Proven, practical, good - these properties characterize our software selection for the DVD issue
* Top tools for WiFi and home network. Speed ??& Security: Solve tricky home network problems
* The most dangerous malware. Trojan, worms, viruses: How you can protect yourself from newly recognized malware variants New TAN procedure for online banking. This is how the new tan procedures work - and so you avoid theft of accounts
* The big CPU guide. What distinguishes CPUs and which model is the best for your purpose
* Immediate aid SSDS. Quick fixes for the most common SSD problems
* Clean PC with Adwcleaner. With the AdwCleaner on the booklet DVD you can remove adware and other undesirable ones
* Fast help on the PC via remote maintenance. So you can get help with PC problems quickly via online connection * Continue to use old routers. Discarded routers can often be reused for other purposes
* Android now and in the future. The new operating systems from Google bring many advantages
* Everything about podcasts. So you can easily find the interesting audio programs
ID: PC0WE08920

Tipps PC WELT 8/2022 Content:
* Your best Windows ever.
* Windows 11 Fall Update
* The Windows Super Explorer.
* Protection against blackmailers and data thieves.
* One PC - multiple users.
* Backups in a snap.
* WLAN check via command line.
* Never forget a password again.
* Immediate help Bluetooth.
* The best internal NVMe SSDs.
* Avira Free Security.
* Program NFC tags yourself.
* Better photos thanks to AI.
* NAS in the home network.
ID: PC0WE08921

Tipps PC WELT 9/2022: Content:
* Windows mega stick with 50 tools to optimize, protect, rescue...
* New system for old PCs. With Chrome OS Flex, old hardware boots quickly and is suitable for surfing, for the office and other things
* 5 tips for safe surfing. With these settings, you can reduce the risks
* Internet rip-off. Nasty tricks of the online scammers on Whatsapp, Ebay & Co.
* Immediate help WiFi. Eliminate stress quickly with routers and repeaters
* WiFi standards. The better WiFi devices with different standards work together, the higher the speed
* Continue working on any device via the cloud. PC, iPhone or Android: You have access to all data and files from anywhere
* The best memory. With these media, you can archive your files securely over the long term
* Hardware check for the PC. Free tool for professional system information, analysis and diagnosis - on DVD * Fake pictures and videos. Manipulated data can be quickly identified as such
* Free streaming with Clementine. This is how free streaming works
* WiFi in the garden. This allows you to easily expand your existing WLAN
* Fritzbox via command line. With these tools, the Fritzbox control works correctly
* 10 years of Raspberry Pi. Since 2012, the mini PC has established a formerly niche device class in the mass market 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS. This is how the transition works
ID: PC0WE08924