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DOS Allg. Dox-Box attitudes über _DEFAULT.PIF, first generates with a _DEFAULT.BAT, for example, with @ echo off,
ID: Allg000411

ID: AUTOE05707

set temp=c:\
set tmp=c:\
path=a :\
LH MSCDEX.EXE /D:mscd001 /L:X
doskey /insert
ID: AUTOE05713

DOS AUTOEXEC.BAT: storage wins: DISPLAY.SYS in CONFIG.SYS and MODECON CODE CODEPAGE in Autoexec.bat and config.sys removes. in Autoexec.bat following entry to it: C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\KEYB GR
ID: Speic00356

DOS AUTOEXEC.BAT: if this file is used only for it to load as the German keyboard driver for the DOS box, AUTOEXEC.BAT can become off. following line in the CONFIG.SYS adds adds, only 1 lines,: install=c:\windows\command\ gr,,c:\windows\command\keyboa
ID: AUTOE01688

DOS AUTOEXEC.BAT: Zum closes the Dos-Boxen with Alt+F4, following entry into the Autoexec.bat to it: echo < ESC>[0; 107"; exit";13P < ESC > with < Strg>-<P > + ESC inputs
ID: Zum0s00345

DOS Batchdateien accelerate: if you give up the Bilschirmausgabe, the Batchdateien are accelerated considerable, specifically if copies FOR EXAMPLE hundred of data files or is altered, FOR EXAMPLE Attrib. you switch the edition from as well' ctty nul', after
ID: Batch02548

DOS Boot menu with Win-9x activates in f ile MSDOS.SYS: first attributes removes, then under [option] following entries: BootGUI = 0 BootMenu = 1 BootMenu defaults = 6 see also side 104: menu in Config.sys
ID: Bootm00341

DOS Boot process with Win-9 x activates in file MSDOS.SYS: first attributes removes, then under [option] following entries: BootMenu = 0 BootDelay=0 Logo=0
ID: Bootv01687

DOS Caldera Open DOS, DR. DOS, on CD of PC-Welt,
ID: Calde00069

DOS CD-ROM drive under DOS installs: ATAPI broadly. It gives different designs of CD drives, today essentially ATAPI and SCSI. ATAPI (AT Attachment Packet interface) is a standard, that the connection of non-hard disks with one, E)IDE-Schnittstelle enables. t
ID: CD0RO05710

ID: CONFI05708

DOS CONFIG.SYS example 2
device=himem.sys /testmem:off
device=emm386.exe /noems
device=oakcdrom.sys /D:mscd001
ID: CONFI05712

DOS CONFIG.SYS: on the boot floppy disk should yield device A:\Himem.sys to her/it get along too little storage to the disposal otherwise.
ID: CONFI00343

DOS CONFIG.SYS: entry DOS = [HIGH, UMB] NOAUTO = > forces IFSHLP from drivers (HIMEN) manual input,... or DOS=NOAUTO,
ID: CONFI00410

DOS CONFIG.SYS-Menü; sect ion [MENU] with for example Menuitem=Win95, Menuitem=EMS..., section [EMS] with for example DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\emm386.exe 512 frame=D000, further info in the PC-MAGAZIN,
ID: CONFI00344

DOS Deltree for WinNT and 2000: unde r WinNT and 2000 is Deltree (with which whole tables can be deleted with content) the command no more existing. alternative:' rd / s' at the Promt inputs.
ID: Deltr02153

DOS DIR-Befehl for file names with blank characters: for example you" * * *. TXT"
ID: DIR0B00478

DOS DIR-Befehl standard with parameter: in the Autoexe c.bat following set command adds adds:' SET dircmd=/p' or' SET dircmd=/a/p/ogen' or another combination of parameter this with you /? can be shown.
ID: DIR0B01913

DOS CAN 6.22 and Win95 on the same computer: I O.SYS can be forced other start data files to use as AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS, according to this a clean separation at the boat is available
ID: DOS0600186

DOS DOS: new Windows 2000-commands in this table becomes 2000-system-order Windows expounded, this in MS-DOS out of stock is.
* at: If the implementation of commands and programs plans on a computer to a certain date and a certain time.
* cacls: show the access control lists ACL - Access Control cunning, for data files at or alters her/it/them.
* convert: Convert file systems of FAT or FAT32 to NTFS.
* dosonly: put certainly, that applications can be started only MS-DOS-were based at the prompt by * echoconfig: show news at, if the file Config.
nt the MS-DOS subsystem is read.
* endlocal: finish the location of environment variables.
* findstr: search data files after text under application of regular expressions.
* ntcmdprompt: lead the Windows 2000 orders interpreters Cmd.exes instead of from, after a resident program (TSR) was executed or the prompt was started within a MS-DOS application.
* popd: shift to the table, that was finally fixed by pushd.
pushd store the working directory for the command popd and then shifts into the stated table.
* setlocal: begin the location of environment variables.
* starts: If a certain program leads or a certain command in a new window menu and in a separated memory area from. * title: put the title of the prompt window menu solidly.
* &&: The command is executed, that follows on this sign, only when the preceding command was successfully.
* ||: the command, that follows on this sign, only then is executed, if the preceding command goes wrong.
* &: If separates several commands in the command line.
* (): grasp commands together.
* ^: escape signs. the input of command symbols enables as text.
Additionally finds you the DOS commands, that are no more available under Win-2000, on the home page
ID: DOS0006020

DOS DOSKEY in WIN95-DosBox: quality of the DosBox opens, in card" program" the command" Doskey" inputs.
ID: DOSKE00402

DOS Prompt: more comfort, colors, prompt, Doskey automatically,...
ID: Einga00896

DOS Blocked file deletes or renames: if data file s, because these of an application are blocked, cannot be deleted, there is following alternative: in the file WININIT.INI produces you a section [rename]. sub it a list of data files: < Neue_Datei><zu-überchre
ID: Gespe02752

DOS LFNFOR ON: this Dos-Befehl enables in the Dos-Box of the executing of non FOR-Schleifen for long file names. this command can get along the long file names at the beginning of each batch file in FOR-Schleifen respect processes: doesn't work under pure can
ID: LFNFO00873

DOS MS-DOS compatibility mode = 16 bits instead of 32 bits of access: causes! wrong entry into AutoExec or config.sys, or boot sector viruses
ID: MS0DO00405

DOS MS-DOS fashion Wiza rd, Microsoft Kernel-Toy, system surroundings for DOS-Box eases, for example Einbindung for CD-ROM, mouse, VESA-Treiber,...)
ID: MS0DO00593

DOS Set and Winset, environment variabl es: in DOS, Win9x can with' set currently, for example, = D:\Daten\Bilder\2000' in the DOS window menu a variable for this set directory is placed. co for example' executes dialogue'% currently% starts you the Explorer i
ID: Set0u02154

DOS SETVER.EXE: about older DOS programs (for example TREE.COM) under Win9x as well as DOS 7.0, to use, these must be tried on:--file CONFIG.SYS: entry' device=c:\windows\setver.exe' adds adds.--PC again boats--at the DOS-Promt' setver < DOS version
ID: SETVE01995

DOS Keyboard drivers German or American: with < Strg><Alt><F1 > activates the American driver, < Strg><Alt><F2 > again the German one(s). valid for Win9x in the DOS box or under pure DOS.
ID: Tasta02264

DOS Timethis, Waitfor, Where: 3 new DOS commands, furthermore Win98-Resource-Kit, runs in the DOS box of Win95-98-NT: - Timethis = Stopuhr, for example Timethis" you / s / c :\ > grooves" > c:\thimethis.txt - Waitfor = timers, to start about a program (see al
ID: Timet00960

DOS From Windows to the prom pt: with it with the finishes from Win of the Dos-Prompt is shown
ID: Von0W00979

DOS Clipboard in the DOS box uses: Icon o f the title bar with left mouse button clicks, command of marking selects, text with mouse marks and [BOARDS] presses, the markier-Modus then is finished. the text now is in the clipboard and can be inserted in Windows
ID: Zwisc02155