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Disketten 35sec. 1.44,, fast working with floppy disks, load the content in Ram, access A: over RAM, trick-y installation!, shareware 10 $
ID: 35sec00303

Disketten File splinters 97 2.0b, fax 02232/69653 Micrologic software Cologne price 20 DM, Splittet data files about copying on floppy disk or sends per e-mail. respect: no Fehlermedung if wrong Zielpfad!
ID: Datei00379

Disketten Fill 9.11: Disketten-Utility, copies data files in him/it the data files on floppy disks so is distributed, that they take advantage optimally all at once of at most 500 data files the diskette capacity, only meaningfully if several data files are to be c
ID: Fill002256