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Desktop Art Tray 1.0 Desktop-Utility, brings all programs in the Systray. file 29KB
ID: Art0T03328

Desktop Pure goalke eper tool bars (toolbars) store and restore. tool of the PC-Welt, file Bar-Keeper.BAT,
ID: Bar0K03256

Desktop Screensavers: FAKEDOS.EXE: imit ates DOS running
ID: Bilds00421

Desktop Desktop attitudes transfer on other co mputers. the Registry-Schlüssel must to it \ Control Panel\Appearance is transferred. command to the produces the reg file: regedit / e schema.reg" HKey_Current_User\Control Panel\Appearance" Die constructed REG file
ID: Deskt03009

Desktop Desktop formation ( colors) writing,...) on several computers takes on: 1, color system storage indication, representation 2, reg file produces regedit for me / e a:\farben.reg" HKey_Current_User\ControlPanel\Appearance" 3, file on computers copies and per
ID: Deskt01459

Desktop Multi-Icons: tips, to assign to an Icon about several functions,: 1.) double-click 2.) traction at application 3.) Drag & Drop on Icon 4.) legal click
ID: Multi00847

Desktop Optimal desktop, w ith few Desktop-Icons more functionality manages, step by step instruction in the PC-MAGAZIN
ID: Optim01275

Desktop PC-Welt-Artikel [25 great Widgets]: the entire article can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF for PC-Welt-Premium-Mitglieder. * bases: Javascript-Anwendung and XML-Daten. * Any of currency Converter 3.
8 * Colourmod 2.0.2 (do magic color values) * DVD Bidrate Calculator 1.0 * Ebay Feedback Watcher 1.0.2 (eBay) * Free Space 1.2.
0 (hard disk) * German Call By Call (telephone) * Germannews news * iPod Player (long-distance service for iPod) * MDJ tool bar (control with Icons) * Micro Player, audio Player, * mini Calc Tasch
enrechner, * mini Netstat (data traffic) * My site monitor (web site monitor) * Nettica DNS managers, IP address finish reading, * Network monitor (server supervision) * Notdienst (pharmacies) * Say It (
Audio response unit, * Sleep timers (Shutdown tool) * Smarter Stickies (note paper) * Symantec internet Thread meter, security Infomationen, * Sys monitor (system data) * universal Converter (Maßei)
nheiten, * delay (train information) * Wifi Watcher, signal supervisors DSL * Widget Watch (clock)
ID: PC0We07607

Desktop Symbol" Desktop shows" restores: if this symbol was d eleted, it cannot be restored in simple way. procedure: - in the editor following lines writes: [Shell] Command=2 IconFile=explorer.exe,3 [task bar] Command=ToggleDesktop - file stores under, filetyp =
ID: Symbo03933