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Desktop Active Virtual Desktop is a virtual desktop manager which will create up to 9 virtual desktops allowing you to have different programs running on each of them
ID: Virtu03197

Desktop Actual Title Buttons offers such innovative controls as Stay on Top, Minimize to Tray, Make Transparent, Align Window and other handy functions. The program does exactly what it promises, i.e. increases the efficiency of your Operating System and organizes desktop space better for those users who usually multitask in several applications.
The new controls can be triggered via Windows-style buttons placed next to the standard Minimize/Restore/Close or by means of keystroke combinations that results in greater speed of work and its accuracy.
Such essential option as Stay on Top will help you observe the content of any window while working with another one. Transparency effect is one more tool which lets you see the back window through the front one, although you can use it for achieving aesthetically pleasing effect and making your wallpapers unusually beautiful.
If window clutter on the task bar becomes the problem, Minimize to the Tray will tackle it instantly. Enjoy well-organized space on the desktop! The Roll Up option reduces any window so that only its title bar remains visible.
Our program is an attempt to make your life easier, your work more flash-like. Additionally, you do not have to change your operating habits.
FREE 100% functional trial version available! Download it now! link =
ID: Actua05888

Desktop Actual Transparent Window offers you the window transparency option which you will inevitably like! By using different levels of transparency which can be accessed via contextual menu, hotkey or the title button (placed on the title bar next to the standard Minimize/Restore/Close buttons), you can come up with some fantastic looking desktops.
Use this tool to draw superb portraits with world-famous masterpieces. Open any picture, create a new image in Adobe Photoshop, make its window semi-transparent and draw a portrait or a landscape, preserving the subtle overtones of the original!
Our program has a nice added bonus which can become the feature you won't be able to work without! Always switch between windows? Spend valuable time on saving and restoring windows? Do away with this problem once and for all! Now you can observe the contents of one "passive" window behind the "active" one. Apply individual transparency rate to applications you want (e.g., Yahoo Messenger, WinAmp) and change it as many times as you like.
Choose in the list of available options tools, particularly useful for you. Decide if you want to set transparency only when the window becomes inactive (active window becomes non-transparent again, which is especially good for messengers) or apply ghost-mode when all mouse clicks and moves are made through the transparent window to underlying windows.
FREE 100% functional trial version available! Download it now!
link =
ID: Actua05846

Desktop Actual Window Minimizer belongs to the family of the next generation system enhancement applications. The program sports such unconventional functions as window minimization to the system tray and to the desktop edge, automatic minimization of an inactive window plus minimization of an application to the tray at its launch.
The program seamlessly integrates into Windows and functions totally transparently throughout the Operating System. Therefore, new minimization options are available in virtually any system window. Minimize-to-Tray control is visually represented as another Windows-style title bar button placed next to the Minimize/Restore/Close buttons. Besides, the program allows redefining the action of the standard Minimize button so that it will fold up an application into an icon and place it either in the tray or on the desktop edge. Minimization can be triggered via title bar buttons, contextual menu or hotkeys.
Actual Window Minimizer is a must-have for all users who regularly multitask in several applications at a time. With the standard Windows method, trying to work in a dozen or more programs was far too daunting a job. Today, however, it is fast and simple. Our customers will no longer see window clutter on the taskbar. They won't waste time on hunting for a particular program in that mess. There will be fewer risks of closing right applications by mistake, fewer distracting clicks, less strain and stress. Want to have a better control of your windows? Then, Actual Window Minimizer is the way to go!
link =
ID: Actua05852

Desktop Actual Window Rollup is the new and completely innovative way to resolve the problem of minimizing windows! Usually, we minimize windows to the task bar which is not very convenient; just imagine that you work with 7-8 applications simultaneously. What's the result? The task bar is so cluttered that it is almost impossible to find the desired window quickly. Minimize windows to the system tray so that you see only programs' icons? There is much more space now, but still - how to find exactly this or that icon among plenty of others? We offer you a smart solution. If you do not need some windows at the moment, roll them up so that only their title bars remain visible! Want to get them back? Just click the Roll Up button and windows are ready again! Title bars are easier to find than programs minimized to icons, so don't hunt for windows any more!
Actual Window Rollup seamlessly integrates into Windows and functions totally transparently throughout the Operating System. Roll Up control is visually represented as another Windows-style title bar button placed next to the Minimize/Restore/Close buttons. It can also be triggered via contextual menu or hotkeys.
The Roll Up method can be specified individually for each application in the Configuration Module which contains the expandable list of programs, each with its own window behavior settings. The Module features predefined specifications for the most popular programs that's why you can identify window behavior for any other application which is not on the Module list or you can apply Roll Up pattern to all windows in one simple click.
Rollup is available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP. It is a REAL must-have for all users, who regularly multitask in several applications.
ID: Actua05837

Desktop All Snap 1.25 Desktop-Utlity, window menus clean at the screen edge or at other window menus locks. file 387KB
ID: All0S03330

Desktop Always On Top Maker 1.0 brings programs durably into the foreground, file 6KB,
ID: Alway03282

Desktop Animated Gallery Saver of R.Murau: screensavers from pictures, texts and sounds even, shareware 15EUR, produce file 2290KB
ID: Anima01755

Desktop Cool Desk 99 2.86 of Shelltoys, virtual desktops, as far as to 9 desktops possibly, similarly like program groups from Win3.x, per click or Hotkey of a desktop to the others shifts, place creates 13.-US on the desktop, shareware, $
ID: Cool001918

Desktop Cool Ruler 1.5, a ruler shows on the screen that at first start-up, attitudes must be performed, after-measures, English, Freeware, file CRULER.EXE, 886KB
ID: Cool001536

Desktop Desk Nite 1.0, file DESKNITE.ZIP, 1.3MB, changes your desktop into a nightly firmament, Freeware,
ID: Desk001548

Desktop Desksweeper 2.0 off or inserts all Desktop-Icons over a click on the Icon in the Systray. furthermore Desksweeper Windows can again boats or finishes that Explorer start and removes the wallpaper file DSWEEP20.ZIP 139KB
ID: Desks02506

Desktop Desktool 2.4 of Metaproducts: install an additionally user-defined Systray, similarly like from MS-Office known,
ID: Deskt02933

Desktop DesktopAlive is an advanced wallpaper managing utility, working with both - images and html files (even online documents!). It allows you to easily manage your wallpapers, create dynamic wallpapers (slideshow), or read online news directly from your desktop. Please remark that this news-page can be automatically refreshed once each selected period of time. Or just be mixed with other standard image wallpapers in what is called "slideshow". Now you must not choose whether your desktop should be beautiful or useful, while with DesktopAlive it can be both.
Besides its extended functionality, DesktopAlive application is very easy and comfortable in use. It automatically adapts images or HTML files to fit your screen and allows you to flexibly tune all wallpaper's parameters. World has never seen such a flexible and easy utility before.
link =
ID: Deskt06372

Desktop Dolphin Aqua Life 3D Screensaver: Would you like to escape to the ocean depths? Dolphin Aqua Life 3D Screensaver takes you to the bottom of the aquatic world. The soothing movement of the dolphin and the calming sound of the waves help you to relax after a busy day. Enjoy the serenity of Aqua Life, the graceful dolphin swimming through the blue depths and the amazing play of light on its skin.
This screensaver is the prefect product for everyone who wishes to view peaceful aquarium scenes and is looking for something special. It turns you desktop into a porthole for viewing charming underwater scenes with rocks, plants and tropical fish. You can also become a virtual dolphin swimming through the water and observing underwater life from an underwater perspective.
link =
ID: Dolph05863

Desktop Evolution: Desktop-Utility, desktops produce for different users or projects, colors and backgrounds is freely selectable, also CD-Ripper, shareware, contain demo gratuitously 30 days, price 30.-US $
ID: Evolu02041

Desktop Ezdesk 1.8, Win95-Desktop (Icons) restore, with full version several profiles stores. also on CD 99/12
ID: Ezdes00202

Desktop Fantastic Flame Screensaver: This nifty screensaver sets your desktop ablaze. When you fire up Fantastic Flame Screensaver (no pun intended), each item on your desktop - including icons and all open windows - will appear to catch on fire, glowing and emitting a smoke effect. Also, plenty of backgrounds (zodiac signs, some movies and games posters, etc.) come included. Of course, you can set ablaze any other image you choose.
The crackling and popping sounds and nice chimes that accompany the screensaver are right on the money. Also, you can set your favorite music for playing in background.
Fantastic Flame Screensaver has a lot of very different self-explanatory colorful flame presets, such as: Wood, Petroleum, Thermovisor, Propane, Hypericin, Metallic Ice, Copper Oxide, Orchid and many others (more than 50 in total!).
Finally, Fantastic Flame has the Random Preset - you never get tired of watching!
The feature-packed, well-organized Preferences window lets you alter the flame palette, speed, spire length, and flame intensity, change the wind direction, and choose how quickly the flames fade out on exit.
A nice feature: using the [ENTER] key, you even can capture a picture of your burning desktop without exiting the screensaver!
Though it may sound particularly exciting, we think this screensaver is worth downloading for the novelty value alone and should be worth buying due to its cool, one-of-a-kind approach. Your friends will say: Oh, your desktop is BURNING!
link =
ID: Fanta06061

Desktop, web site with screensaver, Desktop-Themes
ID: Giggl02539

Desktop Handy Thing 2.05, Desktop-Utility, positionniert window menus into pre-defined desktop areas, 9 areas can be defined and can be called per keyboard abbreviations, for example < Alt><Strg><2 >, Freeware English file Setuphandything205.EXE 66KB
ID: Handy01948

Desktop Kachel-Man of the Fenster-Anordner. 50 masks with in each case at most 10 window menus can be defined It.
Alternativ Download:
ID: Kache03196

Desktop Multidesk 2.1b: until maximum 7 independent virtual Windows desktops, over Systray umschaltbar, furnishes file Multidesk21b.EXE in 284KB
ID: Multi02767

Desktop PC-Lupe Desktop Tool
ID: Baste01521

Desktop Private Desk 1.3, switches the screen in a flash, as well touch-tone combinations, shareware 20US $
ID: Priva00840

Desktop Qres 1.09: QRes is a small freeware application that provides automation for the Microsoft QuickRes screen mode change in Windows 95 and 98. QuickRes allows you to change color depth and screen resolution without restarting the machine. QuickRes is built in in Windows 98, ME and newer versions of Windows 95 and can be downloaded as an add-on for the original version of Windows 95
ID: Qres001953

Desktop QTBar the additional start strip (similarly like the MS-Office-Leiste)
ID: QTBar03200

Desktop, web site, screensavers to the free down shop.
ID: Schon01714

Desktop Screencorder 3 of Matchware, video record produces over actions of the PC screen. also the user can talk commentaries about it about the microphone to it. file format: AVI, WMF, encouraged GIF GIF without sound and only 256 colors,
ID: Scree03244

Desktop Sea Yacht Cruise 3D Screensaver: Immerse yourself while soaring over the ocean expanse! The Sea Yacht Cruise 3D Screensaver will provide you with a bird's-eye view of amazing ocean scenes. During this soothing flight you will follow the progress of a sleek schooner as it slips through the calm waters of a tropical sea approaching an unexplored coast. You can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the distant tropics while listening to soothing sounds of ocean waves. Let the calming ocean sounds carry you away to a land of uncompromising tranquility!
Launched instantly. No need to wait while it is being loaded. Includes dual monitor support. If there are two monitors installed on your computer, the screensaver will show a continuous panoramic image with yacht swimming from one screen to another!
ID: Sea0Y06306

Desktop Shark Water World 3D Screensaver is not like common aquarium screensavers with their soothing presence. This screensaver takes you on a little underwater adventure when your PC is resting. A sunken pirate ship and fearsome sharks guarding ancient treasures create the unique atmosphere of this screensaver. It turns you desktop into a secret deepwater place where you can swim with aquatic inhabitants and explore the bottom of the underwater kingdom in search of its riches. But be very careful! White sharks are on the alert for you! Would you like to throw down a challenge to the most dangerous creatures in the ocean? Then this screensaver for you!
link =
ID: Shark05910

Desktop Shortcutter Desktop-Utility
ID: Short02375

Desktop Sysprotect 1.22 protects the desktop from foreign gazes, password protection, sits in the Systray, over the menu point' attention getting desktop' is faded out the current screen and all system buttons remain without effect, file Sysprotect12.ZIP 3.41MB i
ID: Syspr02515

Desktop TBAR32.EXE: Programm-Icon on start strip pulls
ID: TBAR300416

Desktop Tragmenü 1.3.3, prog rams of the task strip start, and fast access to tables and data files, popup menus like Start-Menü, file, 79KB,
ID: Tragm00789

Desktop Transparent 4.2: Icon-text in desktop color or does lucidly. useful if a wallpaper exists, and the labeling transparently should be represented. the program should be loaded in the autostart, file 55KB,
ID: Trans02783

Desktop Wallpaper Changer 1.88 alters in pre-defined intervals, once per day, with each start, ETC....) the wallpaper. the necessary bitmap collection must be put together previously, file Wpcsetup_v1.88.EXE 819KB, for private utilization gratuitously, otherwise
ID: Wallp02520

Desktop Migrant Icons at changing monitor dissolution: Microso ft offers a solution, in order to store the order of the Icons, and, to order these again with problem. file LAYOUT.DLL and LAYOUT.REG, together 14KB. instruction in the PC-MAGAZIN.
ID: Wande02784

Desktop Win Control 1.51 of Mike Berthold: individual start menu, order manages on the desktop, binds itself as Icon in the Systray, 15 buttons allow access to parts the system control and Windows program (WordPad) of Explorer, pocket calculators,...), own progra
ID: Win0C02367

Desktop Window Topper 3.0 brings each wished program window menu durably into the foreground, several programs selectable, file 130KB, now also for Win-ME ~~~~~~~~~~ Window Topper 2.0 on MAGAZIN-CD 00/07, info side 116 file TOPPER.ZIP 118K further URL: www.v-worl
ID: Windo01949

Desktop Windows Power pro 3.3 Desktop-Tool, between desktops back and forth switches, also a task planner, file 1.700KB, contains
ID: Windo03297

Desktop Winsize 1.6 remembers itself window sizes. with latest type of the Programme/Fenster, these start again in the saved position and size. file 29KB
ID: Winsi03321

Desktop Wintool 1.1 orders window menus, file WTOOL011.ZIP minimizes all window menus, updating of the window menu list only all 60 seconds, in 22KB.
WinTool is a tool for selectively managing the layout of application windows on the desktop. Includes options such as tiling (vertical and horizontal), cascading, minimizing and maximizing. User can choose which of the windows should be moved, leaving the rest untouched. Very useful for comparing files side by side, or as a tool to aid editing of
text files, source code etc.
ID: Winto02511

Desktop Zoomit 1.5: The Freeware-Tool 'ZoomIt' follows at all users, who would like to present other users something at the PC frequently. Per user-definable Hotkey, the tool switches into a zoom mode, so that can become zoom in into a window menu, for example.
ID: Zoomi07515