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DOS Batch-Kurs for beginners in 20 lessons of H.Schaeffer: this Batch-Kurs should arrange the basic knowledge about the Batch-Programmierung under MS-DOS. the course is FIDO Echo BATCH.GER for the first time appeared, and was revised several times, finally under consideration of WIN95 (MS-DOS 7.x). synopsis:
0. overture
1 .bat procedures, general information
2. ECHO, @
3. echo diversion from a file
5. REM - remarks
6. command parameter %1, %2...
7. GOTO Label
8. conditions, IF EXIST
9. IF Wort1==Wort2
11. CALL or not CALL
12. FOR (loops)
13. environment variable, SET
14. diversion: edition
15. Diversion: input, Pipe
16. Errorlevel in variable take over
17. ANSI sequences (screen)
18. ANSI sequences (keyboard)
19. CHOICE - drawing selection
20. SETWORD: system information
ID: Batch06018

DOS DOS commands, survey shortens: , to be able to apply about the MS-DOS commands, one puts in one Windows 98 boot floppy disk or one produces a system floppy disk, from which one can boats.
So, one can steer the computer without having be an user interface available.
Of course one can apply the MS-DOS commands also in the current operation of Windows, because there is still the opportunity to it with the MS-DOS Prompt. listing of the commands on the home page.
ID: DOS0B06019

DOS DOS bug fix for drivers IFSMGR.VDX for Win95+98, rare problem with reserved DOS-Geräte-Namen (COM1, Xmsxxxx0) remedies the Abstürtze in path statements causes, can occur if path statements were not transported v. DOS-PC one on a Win95/98-PC, MS00-017.ASP,
ID: DOS0B01395

DOS DOS-Util DOS-Downloads and Tipps
ID: DOS0U07777

DOS Doug's MS-DOS Shell Extension 1.0.3 If you right click on a Drive or a Directory, in My Computer or Windows
Explorer, a new entry will be present, on the Context Menu, aptly named 'Drop to MS-DOS'. Choosing this option will allow the user to quickly bring up a 'MS-DOS Box' which will reflect the path of the Drive or Directory, which was initially right clicked. It is slightly quicker than the offering that Microsoft gave us some years ago. It is useful to the user who wishes to run a 16-bit application from the Command Line. It also has other uses and reduces the time consuming task of physically enternig the characters in themselves.
File has replaced
ID: Doug005734[id]13222[sekid]0[SiteID]

DOS Freedos beta 8 DOS frameworks on 2 floppy disks, knows all commands of MS-DOS. tip: can be used in order to execute under XP FOR EXAMPLE a Bios-Update if is of this BIOS only as DOS version available. ~~~~~~~~~~ Freedos beta 7, runs partially unstable, ho
ID: Freed03069

DOS ISO.CPI, typeface for DOS: altern ative writing font for MS-DOS furnishes. the file ISO.CPI is on the Windows95-CD, or under DOS 5.0.
ID: ISO0C02151

DOS LCOPY.EXE and further' long Dateiname'-Tools t his under DOS is used can. LCOPY.EXE copies whole Verzechnisse and supports long file names with it under DOS (FAT16 and 32), for example:' lcopy d:\win-sik \ *. * c:\windows \ / a / s' gets a Windows backup u
ID: LCOPY01842

DOS Take Command: , also, an almost substitute for DOS-Box, DOS commands input, programs, back scrollen, start marks. also to the 4DOS-Paket belongs from CSL, price 279 DM, shareware.
ID: Take000361