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Zw.-Ablage Autoclip 1.0 stores at will many texts, that you copied into the clipboard, file 414KB. also on MAGAZIN-CD 02/02, info side 51
ID: Autoc03053

Zw.-Ablage Clip Trakker clipboard tool, also permanent storage after Systemstart possibly, indication of the contents (texts) tables (graphics)
ID: Clip003195

Zw.-Ablage Clipboard Plus can automatically grab and save text and images as they are copied to the Windows Clipboard - making them available for saving, reuse, and printing. A tray icon gives quick access to the program and an indicator of whether you are in capture or pause modes; you can open the main display where your clipped items are stored. You can create and save groups of items, and save individual text, text and graphics can be printed. Options include automatic saves, two interface layout styles, icon animation, and sound effects.
ID: Clipb00792

Zw.-Ablage ClipMate 4.26, History-Function for the clipboard into different levels apportions. News! ClipMate is now PORTABLE, supporting U3 "Smart" and generic USB drives.
ID: ClipM00201

Zw.-Ablage Copy and paste 1.1 clipboard tool, the clipboard around 2 subjects (text and graphics) widens, that with < Strg > and the letter of the 1 as well as 2 series more highly on the keyboard puts.
ID: Copy003138

Zw.-Ablage Ideal Clipboard chest-expanders 1.0.15 (ICE) of PIM-Software, up to 225 registers, text and picture
ID: Ideal01413,102,192.htm

Zw.-Ablage Multiple clipboards 2.0, the Windows inter storage space widens, 10 entries, also pictures, Hotkeys Icon in the Systray
ID: Multi01052

Zw.-Ablage Yankee Clipper Plus 1.5, is the flagship application of InteleXual Software LLC. It is a super powerful clipboard extender that has a functionality our competitors haven't even dreamed of yet. It saves time by collecting everything that was copied to Windows® Clipboard and allows reuse later. YCX has powerful but intuitive settings and customization options. It comes in two views; simple and advanced.
ID: Yanke00791