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Zip 7-Zip: gratuitous packers in new version. the free packer 7-Zip appeared in a new beta version. 7-Zip cope with all current pack formats.
Moreover the tool produces also myself-extracting records and with his/its own Komprimierformat 7z offers the program a very high compression installment. Download also over
ID: 70Zip06354

Zip Records Peek seek s CAB, GRP, HYP, LZH, of PAK, RARE, in ARC, ARJ, of SQZ, TAR, of WAD 2.2, search tool for data files in compressed data files, ZIP, ZOO Freeware English, file ARCPK95.ZIP, 514KB ~~~~~~~~~~ records Peek 2.11 on CD 99/12, info side 137,
ID: Archi01031

Zip ARJ2.60, private = free, otherwise 100 DM, ARJ2,6 only English (2,5 Germans)
ID: ARJ2000381

Zip Bitzipper 2.0 of Bitberry software: pack programs, pile and unpack against formats ZIP, TAR, LHA, JAR, GZ, CAB and BRA, additionally 8 further formats only unpack Batchfunktionen self-extracting records produces,...
ID: Bitzi02832

Zip BKZIP97: only zip format, none same text yard. data files, Freeware,
ID: BKZIP00382

Zip Dropzip 5.0 of Aladdin, compression tool, formats ZIP and SIT, SIT-Archive are until to 20 percent smaller than ZIP, Dropzip costs 20 U.S. dollars, the chest-expander is free and can become downloaded for singles, English
ID: Dropz01260

Zip Dzip of 2. 84 efficient Komprimierer, faster and more compact than Winzip, constructed myself-extracting records, works with an individual format. file 98KB
ID: Dzip003320

Zip Easyzip 2000 4.0.1, pack program, Winzip-Clone, Freeware, English, ACE, ARC, ARJ, CAB, GZ, LHA, RARE, TAR, ZIP, ZOO XXE UUE, PC-MAGAZIN 99/12 side 168 Easyzip 2000 4.5 not only packers but also small backup functions binds itself into the Explorer-Kontext
ID: Easyz01045

Zip Enzip 3.0 of Chris Marsh, simply to serve compression tool for the zip format, also FTP-Funktion
ID: Flash01507

Zip Extract Now 2.97 extract several records simultaneously, supports the formats ZIP, RARE, JAR, ACE. file 996KB. wide language data files are on the MAGAZIN-CD. ~~~~~~~~~~
Extract Now 2.58, file Extractnow.EXE 708KB on MAGAZIN-CD 02/02, info side 51,
ID: Extra03055

Zip Iceows 4.10 Pack-Utility, integrates itself in the Windows-Explorer and treats records like tables. file 638KB
ID: Iceow03284

Zip IOmega Zip 250 newcomers zip drives with 250MB, price 450.-DM,
ID: IOmeg00983

Zip Iron Key 1.3 encodes data files, changes data files in myself-extracting records in the EXE format. Zum decode no software is necessary but only the right password. the encoding is started in the MS-Windows-Explorer over the context menu. file 998KB, also
ID: Iron003121

Zip Jar 1.02, Archivierungsprogramm, 16 bits for DOS and 32 bits for Win95/NT, records with several can produce backup sentences, JAR-Archive can as far as to 50.000 data files, with password protection, doesn't get respect compatible with ARJ-Archive
ID: Jar0101118

Zip PKZIP 2.5: DOS version, supports long file names, number of the data files per record of 5.000 on 16.000 widens, shareware 47.-US $, file PK250DOS.EXE, 202 KB
ID: PKZIP00881

Zip PKZIP 2.60 for WIN, price 100 DM, only zip format,
ID: PKZIP00385

Zip PLZIP 2.04G, (inventors of the ZIP-Fomats), price 89 DM functions PKZIP PKUNZIP, ZIPEXE,
ID: PLZIP00384

Zip Powerarchiver 2006 9.6: Finale Version Winzip-Clone however Freeware, unpack v. zip records, seblstextr. EXES, Viewer for text and pictures, Drag and Drop to the Win-Explorer, is converted from and to ZIP, CAB, TAR, TGZ, LHA and BRA, RAR, ARJ, ARC, .... more details siehe german translation.
ID: Power01420

Zip Powerzip 4.63, pack program, Multidisk-Archivage, CAB, GZ, RAR, ZIP, TAR
ID: Power01037

Zip Powerzip generation 2 entpackt and packs data files per Maustaste or Drag & Drop, uses with MS-Office-Dateien a peculiar algorithm, profit in 95 percent), myself-extracting records, Entpackt also ZIP, ARJ, ARC, LZH/LZA and CAB
ID: Power02814

Zip PTS-Zipmanager, formats zip, ARJ, LZH, RARE, TAR, TGZ, price 30 DM.
ID: PTS0Z00386

Zip Quickzip 1.61, free alternative to Winzip, packs and entpackt ZIP, entpackt also ARJ, RAR,CAB, LHA, LZH, GZ, TAR, TGZ and Z, constructed myself-extracting records, drag&drop from the Explorer, file splinters, Freeware, English, file QUICKZIP.EXE, 1.78MB,
ID: Quick01481

Zip RARE 2.02 , price 75 DM, only rare format,
ID: RAR0200387

Zip SE Maker 1.0 changes zip records English in myself-extracting records, Freeware, file SEMKRALL.EXE 867KB
ID: SE0Ma02341

Zip Squeez 5.5 from Speed Project, pro pack program, fast, easy service, now also for Win-Vista.
ID: SQUEE00388

Zip Stuffit 5.5 of Aladdin of system, distribution of Softline: pack program, admittedly compresses slowly, but more strongly than other programs, can exchange data with Mac and Linux-Rechner.
ID: Stuff02971

Zip Write in a ZIP 1.0 seeks text consequences into several zip data files. tip: activates you under option' of Use Internal Viewer', then, the tool shows the found data files in the zip file. file 2.130KB Auch on MAGAZIN-CD 02/04, info side 46,
ID: Text003219

Zip Turbo SFX 3.1 of Pacific gold Coast (USA), pack program against producing from ZIP and CAB-Dateien, also multi volumes, myself-extracting records, passport word protection, demo of CD 00/05, price 100.-US $. turbo SFX 3.0, records for Win3x, Win9x WinNT,
ID: Turbo00863

Zip Ultimate Zip 2.6 packers, compresses in formats ZIP, CAB, LHA, JAR, GZIP, TAR and TAR-GZIP. unpack can it ACE, ARC, of ARJ, PAK, furthermore RARE and ZOO. constructed myself-extracting records, records share into several data files. file 2.210KB
ID: Ultim03295

Zip UPX 1.01 (Ultimate packers of for Executabl es), compresses EXE files, so that these are run-capable in the packed status: these EXES becomes entpackt in run time in the storage. place manages on the hard disk: for example: has 8MB the Word-EXE of Win2000
ID: UPX0101958

Zip Winace Archiver 2.11 of Ace Compression software: compression tool, also own ACE-Format as well as TAR, ZIP, ARJ, LHA, RARE, ARC, GZIP, TAR-GZIP, Java-Soft, CAB. goods compression installment, good user function with extensive information. now also for Wi
ID: Winac02666

Zip Winrar 3.30, Komprimierer as well as pack program. see also ~~~~~~~~~~ Winrar 2.90, file Wrar280zd.EXE 614KB further URL:,, also on MAGAZIN-CD 02/05, info side 97 now also for Win-XP ~~~~~~~~~~ Winrar 2.
ID: WINRA00389

Zip Winzip 10.0 by Nico Mak Computing.
Winzip 9.0 of , Komprimierer, Update with new functions: file splinters with adjustable record size. services
Winzip 8.1 now also for Win-XP.
ID: Winzi01242

Zip Winzip 6.2, Komprimierer with matching units to ARC, ARJ, LHA, still for Win 3.11,
ID: WinZi00198

Zip Winzip: Selfextractor 2.2: supports the producing of myself-extracting tables over several floppy disks
ID: Winzi02645

Zip Zip Central 2.06, pack program only for zip format, comfortably, even extr. records, Drag&Drop with Explorer, setup like Winzip, Freeware, file ZCDESETUP.EXE, 1100KB
zip Central 2.02 on MAGAZIN-CD 00/01, info side 48 file ZCSETUP.EXE 98
ID: Zip0C01168

Zip Zip It Fast 2.0 pack program, CAB, GZ, supports Drag & Drop of and to the Windows-Explorer, entpackt ARJ, JAR, LHA, RARE, TAR, UUE, ZIP, constructed myself-extracting records, as well as records as CAB, BRA, Gzip, JAR, LHA, TAR, ZIP. password protection,
ID: Zip0I03021

Zip Zip Magic 2000 3.55 from Ontrack Data Recovery, zip records like normal tables in the Explorer process, produces also even extracting EXE files, ARJ, ZOO, transforms LZH in zip data files, PlugIns contains for different Mail-Programme and browsers.
ID: Zip0M00199 Magic 2000

Zip Zip Repair Pro: Zip Repair is a utility that will repair corrupt Zip files. Usually a corrupt Zip file gives the error message:
"Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive"
Zip Repair creates an error free backup of your original file for instant access. No special skills required. A simple user interface with full install / uninstall support.
* NEW: Zip Repair will fix CRC errors in .zip files so that data can still be uncompressed
* NEW: Zip Repair supports spanned zip volumes. You can now repair and extract from a spanned zip set even if part of the set is missing.
* NEW: Full support for the Zip64 format
* NEW: Support for huge file sizes 2GB+ (as long as you have the disk space)
The trial version of Zip Repair Pro will recover files of 5mb or less for free
ID: Zip0R03290

Zip Zip-It 4.0: data files about the internet unpack, Komprimierer with internet functions,... saves on-line dues and memory, price 69.-DM,
ID: Zip0I00121

Zip ZipOffice 10 Classic 3.0, packers, extracts records format even, ZIP, CAB, RAR, LHA, ARC, ART, ZOO, BH, UUE
ID: Zip0O00857

Zip Zipscan 1.3: ZipScan searches archive files. It can search Zip, CAB, RAR, ACE, InstallShield CAB, JAR, TAR, GZIP, Z, ZOO, LZH, ARJ, CHM and OpenOffice files, including password-protected, nested and self-extracting archives. The program supports text searching and can open and extract files.
Latest news: Version 2.2c was released on 21st October 2005
Old version 1.3 = Freeware
ID: Zipsc02381

Zip ZipStar 5.5 packers for ZIP, CAB and SQZ, for private utilization gratuitously
ID: DO0IT00383