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ZetaOS discussions about the topic Zeta: ... I knew, however, foully this something it there somehow is. Zeta actually is BeOS5 V3 Maxedition. there one can also discontinue German so half on near.
The credits only this version stolen the BeOS team per judicial decision prohibited farther zuarbeiten at it. the 99,95. I can save genuinely for myself because my BeOS is just as well as the Zeta. only the version number is different.
But Mp3 data is converted and the BeOS also can audio ribs as well as video treatment.
ID: Nickl05791

ZetaOS Another BeOS? sources there recently much insecurity over them/her/it in the BeOS scene of found versions, groups and names exists, do I try a little light this time to bring into the jungle.
1. BeOS personnel and derivatives with Bezip and Beosonline finds altogether four versions, that one can hold quite simply together, for itself:
1a, BeOS Personaledition is she/it original from be Inc.
published, a Freewareedition.
1b come little in the years, BeOS Max is a Distribution, that was based on the Personaledition and was updated with drivers, Patches and software.
The initiator put an emphasis on multimedia on that occasion, however the programming with roofs.
This version is my recommendation of the ones ones, that would not like to still buy any Zeta or have one somewhat older laptop, that is not compatible with Zeta.
1c, then, there is another live version" some rare drivers by the name of XBeOsBoX, that simply runs from a CD, offers and consequently on the other hand some laptop owners happy does.
1d, BeOS Developer Edition is the third" gepatchte" Personaledition with attention to programming, however less currently as the two others.
All together, one should try BeOS compatibility questions all simply once and if one found the personally best variation, installs the best from each Distribution merrily, goes very well. example:
On my old (Toshiba Tecra8000) Laptop, one runs with BeosMax Patches and widened programs, on the hard disk of installed Xbeosbox Distribution with a driver from the Developeredition and a little software of the Zeta CD.
One is quite" free there.
2. Zeta Zu these four versions gives it, that already mentioned, from the code of the Be bequest, on the public of unknown basis, Zeta developed.
This is the currently most progressive variation - for modern computers optimizes. goal of the company Yellowtab was being made available an up-to-date version. the business works together narrowly with Haiku, with what we would be with the topic.
3. Haiku (formerly OpenBeos) as representatives of the third family tries Haiku (formerly OpenBeos) to develop an OpenSource variation of BeOS.
Goal is being created a final, open BeOS successors through gradual exchange of Zeta/BeosMax-Modulen through Opensourcecode.
Yellowtab then plans to offer Zeta as a Distribution of this Endversion further, with the experience of the business absolutely interestingly.
Group 1 for old computers and free alternative, Zeta for modern and compatible appliances and Haiku for the future.
ID: Noch005792

ZetaOS YellowTAB: The maker of ZETA
YellowTAB GmbH
Sandhofer Str. 200
D- 68305 Mannheim
Tel: +49 (0) 621 - 42304 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 621 - 42304 - 15
ID: Yello05790

ZetaOS ZETA 1.0 Deluxe Edition enthält 600 PROGRAMME und TOOLS
-- Zeta darf auf 4 Computer gleichzeitig installiert werden
-- Bei afterbuy: Extra lange 30 Tage Rückgaberecht
-- 90 Tage kostenlosen Support per Telefon vom deutschen Hersteller
-- FRACHTFREIE Lieferung in Deutschland bei Vorkasse
ID: ZETA005789

ZetaOS Zeta Neo: Test report from 2004
ID: Zeta005788

ZetaOS Zeta: info, streams, from' Matthias'....
Also the product of this company is according to initial licence squabbling with the company Gobe lying in the dying, that as well of Office on that occasion compatible suite, Officekompatiblitaet is about one of the most important
Elements of success or non-success of an operating system. I can every imaginable task of universe in all besides Windowsmediafiles, not badly, but ersetzlich, with Zeta executes:
From accesskompatibler data bank over Exceltabellen or Word-compatible documents up to DVD, VCD, CD DivX reads, writes, ribs, burns, cuts etc. this all with some Eingewöhnungsarbeit and a fractional part at Systemrecourcen.
If one has out the bow once, format borders and file systems seem, Zeta reads and writes almost all file systems world-wide, to become blurred. that current software becomes partially again on Zeta portiert, for example
Firefox, Mozilla, VideolanClient/VLC, a good sign is and consolidates the points into the future. Zeta remains my favorite if I am asked unit mash about alternatives to the Redmonder.
He/it admittedly is not at all so bad, but who always eats that resembles, or?
ID: Zeta005793