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Zw.-Ablage CLIPBRD.EXE: on Win95-CD under Other/Clipbook: the clipboard of Clipbrd.exe stores contents of the clipboard as CLP-file
ID: CLIPB00818

Zw.-Ablage ClipPlus, clipboard expansion with several levels, Icon in the Systray. ClipPlus watches the clipboard and will add all new clips to a list that it maintains where it can be used again in the future. You can save your favorite or most commonly used clips for quick and easy use with any Windows program. This comes in handy for URLs on the internet, phrases you use in Chat rooms, signatures, programming and MORE.
Old Link: Page:downclipplus.htm
ID: Clipp01088

Zw.-Ablage Cliptray, clipboard expansion, on Win98-CD under... \ Tools\Reskit\Desktop\, Icon in the Systray, together with MSGBLAST.OCX in the system table runs Cliptray also under Win95
ID: Clipt01089