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REG-Edit Advanced Registry Tracer 1.20 (TYPE), Registry-Protokoll, comparison 2 stands (Snapshots), can make also alterations declining, English, shareware, file ART.ZIP, 709KB, registration 40.-US $~~~~~~~~~~ Advanced Registry Tracer 1.20 on MAGAZIN-CD 00/04, inf
ID: Advan01505

REG-Edit DLL killer: Registry-Tool. discovers and removes superfluous DLLs. the tool searches the Registry, and looks more reference about DLLs for them/her/it used none program, and the possibility to delete these and to secure offers afterwards. file 1.900KB
ID: DLL0K05671

REG-Edit Easy Cleaner 2.0, by Toni Helenius, Registry and Harddisk-Utility, finds useless entries in the Registry, also finds doubled and temp. data files, file ECLEA1_7.EXE, 1410KB see also PC-MAGAZIN 00/01 side 47.
ID: Easy001164

REG-Edit ERUNT Emergency Recovery Utility for NT: Tool for Backups of the Registry under Windows.
ID: ERUNT06003

REG-Edit jv16 PowerTools (old Regcleaner 4.3), Registry purge, drawing selection window menus for programs this distant should become or automatic cleaning, previously backup of the Registry executes, also further functions like' Startup cunning' file REGCLEANER.EXE 540KB
ID: Regcl01482

REG-Edit NTREGOPT Optimizing-Tool for the Registry
ID: NTREG06004

REG-Edit PCWREG, Registry-Tool of PCWelt, with configuration file PCWREG.INI, even expandable. this tool helps, where the Microsoft editor at borders of push. older version of MAGAZIN-CD 99/01, info side 104, for Win9x
ID: PCWRE00538

REG-Edit Move Vac 1.01 from super Win software: extensive tool set around the Registry-Dantenbank, shareware 30 days,
ID: Reg0V02935

REG-Edit RegClean 4.1: This utility cleans your Registry of unnecessary entries that were created when you installed or uninstalled programs on your computer. This release of the utility fixes a few problems and creates an "undo.reg" file so that you can undo changes you inadvertently make to the Registry.
Note: Although this program still works, it is no longer supported by Microsoft.
To undo changes made by the RegClean utility, locate the Undo.reg file, and then double-click the Undo.reg file. This restores the registry entries that were removed.
Works also under Win2000 and XP
ID: RegCl00072

REG-Edit Regcool 3.6 Registry-Editor, comfortably the Registry administer, alternative to Regedit, import and export function, comparison of several Registry
ID: Regco03133

REG-Edit Registry Explorer 1.44 Registry directly in the Explorer processes, connections can be produced to Registry-entries. Entries can postpone you per Drag&Drop. file 1.380KB
ID: Regis03216

REG-Edit Registry Healer 2.3.2 Windows-Registry purge, the tool looks for connections from cleared data files, this lists in a list, and the possibility to delete these or to repair offers. with the not registered version, the automatic repair works out 10 entries
ID: Regis02904

REG-Edit Registry Optimizer 4.5: Registry Optimizer is a tool to the reducing of the Registrierdatenbank under Windows. the start process and accesses clearly are accelerated by it. in the Registrierdatenbank of Windows, important system information as well as inf
ID: Regis01816

REG-Edit 2.0 prevent Regist ry-Änderungen of Registry Prot as well as warns at alterations. with first start, the program scans the Registry. you do a backup copy of the Registry before the first use, file RPSETUP.EXE 95KB ~~~~~~~~~~ Registry Prot 1.1 on MAGAZIN-CD
ID: Regis02727

REG-Edit Registry Washer 1.04: Whatever you did or installed on your Computer and whatever you did to remove it: the Windows Registry may still remember it! Registry Washer looks what can be removed from the Registry and cleans it up, so it also helps you to protect your privacy by deleting all this old data. Clean up your Registry one time per month and be sure to have a fast and secure system. Including backup feature, easy-to-use interface and many useful options!
For Windows® 2000/XP, Download size: 89 KB
ID: Regis06492

REG-Edit Registry-OCX of JComSoft, simple access to the Registry, versions: Office 97 and 2000 since Windows 95 is yielded no more program attitudes in INI-Dateien but in the Registry belonging to the system. here a mass of interesting and helpful information, tha
ID: 000Do01706

REG-Edit Regmon 4.32, Profi-Utility to the oversees all writing u. reading accesses to the Registry (in real time), filters place v., Protokollierung in ASCII data files stores, respect: before every manipulation: User.dat u. System.Dat, now also for WinME and Win
ID: Regma00787

REG-Edit Regshot 1.61 Want to know what sharewares or spicious program done in your machine? Regshot is a small and fast registry analysis tool, it compares your registry with only two snap- shots! Versions after 1.5 has more detailed output, including files snap and compare on your machine, faster compare speed, log file can be saved as text or html documents as your choice. Version after 1.52 has dynamic Monitor window under windows9x.
ID: Regsh03217

REG-Edit Regsnap 2.8, Registry-Tool for Vergleichs-Operationen, shareware 20 U.S. dollars, 111KB, English, in the PC-MAGAZIN: instruction about the automatic replacing Registry-Teile for example on several computer, in order to perform attitudes for example standa
ID: Regsn01276

REG-Edit Security Config Wizard4 NT 1.5, Registry modification for NT-PC's
ID: Secui00846

REG-Edit System Safety Monitor 1.9.1 oversees the Registry, in fact the places, through which programs slip in automatically RAM into this at the boat of Windows. a software wants to leave a mark there, beats the Utility alarm. file 381KB ~~~~~~~~~~ system Safety
ID: Syste03218

REG-Edit Tuneup 97 5.2b, shareware, 29.-DM, accelerate the PC almost alone, speed + 5 percent, demo only easily eingeschrängt
ID: Tuneu00270

REG-Edit Winhacker 95 2.0, WinHacker is a utility that you can use to configure the hidden Windows 95, 98, 2000, and Windows NT 4.0 settings. WinHacker is THE Windows Shell Management Tool. Many of the settings that change the way Windows works and feels are hidden in the overwhelming registry, or in configuration files. WinHacker give you a easy way to configure those settings through the GUI (graphical user interface)! WinHacker gives you the control you deserve.
ID: Winha00269

REG-Edit WinTop kerneltoys, from Microsoft, executing of programs this in the background (unnecessarily) runs, + other Kerneltoys
ID: WinTo00319

REG-Edit XP-Clean cleaning tools for hard disk and Registry
ID: XP0Cl08032