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RAM Apkmem 8.0, shareware 10.-US $, RAM-Defragment., so that big programs become faster geladet, demo version" only" of 96MB,,
ID: Apkme00278

RAM Fast Defrag 2.3 RAM tool. FAST Defrag Pro 2.3.1 Update: 31 May 2006. This update fixes Fast Defrag to work properly with up to 2Gbytes of system memory.
ID: Fast007616

RAM Free RAM 4.0 cleans up the storage, file 600KB
ID: Free002646

RAM Free RAM PXP pro 1.52: optimizes the storage. file 605 KB
ID: Free006487

RAM Freemem professional 4.3 of Meikel weaver, unnecessarily busy storages release again, the off time uses v. Windows to remove on the hard disk from storage about not required DLLs, shareware, 20 U.S. dollars, now 30-meets also for Win2000. ~~~~~~~~~~ Freem
ID: Freem00544

RAM FreeMeX 1.6, RAM Utility, on CD 00/07. see also article "RAM optimally" in the PC-MAGAZIN 00/06 on side 170, see also PC-MAGAZIN PC-Pannenhelfer articles S53 (01/10)
ID: hjgfj01000

RAM GeFree storage optimizers, for private users gratuitously, also automatic RAM release
ID: GeFre03097

RAM Maxmem 1.1: RAM-Utility, AnalogX MaxMem is a realtime physical memory management program that automatically ensures that you always have as much physical memory available as possible.
ID: Maxme02059

RAM Memboost 1.2 RAM tool, Windows forces programs from the RAM didn't require to postpone into the evacuation file, automatically or at button pressure. file 273KB. now also for Win-XP
Memboost 1.0 on MAGAZIN-CD 01/12, info side 55
ID: Membo02982

RAM MemMax storage optimizers, Vcache adjustable
ID: MemMa03096

RAM Memory Elevator 1.4.160, RAM-Utility, forces, Windows didn't require programs from the RAM to store on the hard disk, applications start u. runs faster, works if Windows is 217KB see of PC-Pannenhelfer also PC-MAGAZIN article S53/14 in the neutral, Freewa
ID: Memor01269

RAM MemTurbo 1.5, RAM-Utility, cleans up the storage, manually, Strg alto M, or automatically, the best results are achieved with Win95, storage management in Win98 already is improved, application starts faster about 20 percent, shareware 30 days, file 868KB
ID: Memtu01448

RAM PC-WELT-RAM-ticker: info and statistics about RAM prices
ID: PC0WE01809

RAM Qemm 97, price 200 DM, storage optimization, QEMM386. SYS replaces EMN386.EXE of M for DOS and Windows, from 32 MB
ID: Qemm000376

RAM Ram Idle SE 4.8 evacuates the storage freely, automatically or manually, file 763 until 775KB, also for Win-XP
Ram Idle SE 3.51 (standard Edition) on MAGAZIN-CD 01/02, info page 50,
ID: Ram0I02591

RAM Rambooster 1.6, storage releases, Freeware, English, file 925KB. Rambooster 1.5 on CD 99/12, page 154 Rambooster 1.3 on CD 99/07, side 59
ID: Rambo00855

RAM Ramdisk 98 1.2, virtual hard disk produces in the RAM, backup with the finishing, file RD98V12E.EXE, 2.6MB.
Ramdisk 98 1.0 on MAGAZIN-CD 00/04, info page 43 file RD98V10E.EXE 2.37MB
INFO: As of August 17, 2001, RamDiskNT and RamDisk9x/Me are the property of Cenatek, Inc. and are no longer supported or available for sale by John Lajoie Consulting
ID: Ramdi01508

RAM Rampage 1.5 cleans up the storage, either on mouse click or automatically, works in the Systray and shows the free storage there, file RAMPG15.ZIP, 190KB Download also on the PC-Welt-Homepage under also on MAGAZIN-CD 00/09, info side 45,
ID: Rampa02190

RAM System turbo 4.3 of digital Tainment pool, storage administration, accelerates applications through release of storage.
ID: Syste02836

RAM Vramdir 1.10 Trial changes tables into a RAM disk and assigns the memory dynamically - if you store nothing into these tables, this uses < tool no RAM. demo: 1/2 lessons operation after every boot process. file VRAM110T.ZIP 37KB, also Win98 ~~~~~~~~~~ Vra
ID: Vramd00311

RAM Winhack 2.0: main memory positions find and edit, with filter and Taglisten. file 1710KB
ID: Winha02944

RAM Winram boosters pro 2000 , storage releases, also Freeware-Version on CD and to the Download, file 95KB, shareware 15US $
ID: Winra01449

RAM XMSDSK, Ramdisk-Treiber of Franck Uberto, positions Ramdisk file XMSDSK.EXE over 32MB, Freeware, 73KB.
You can resize the disk (down to zero, or up to 2 Gbytes) at any time and so regain memory for another usage. This is possible on DOS command line but not under Windows because of virtualization. The transient part of EXE will calculate all parameters for the new disk (it uses the same ones as MS-DOS for hard disk, so they should be convenient for all cases).
Special requirements: XMS or EMS driver, 286 or upper cpu (use EMSDSK86 for 8086 cpu with EMS).
in the PC-MAGAZIN: tips, to load, of program or even Windows on RAM-Disk, articles" Die most clever storage tricks" on,
ID: XMSDS01690

RAM Z-Defrag RAM 1.2 RAM-Utility, optimizes and defragmentiert the storage, file 2.350KB,
ID: Z0Def03305