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REG-Edit < Numlock>-Tast e with NT on on:' Hkey_Current_User\Control Panel\Keyboard', value of' InitialKeyboardIindicators' of 0 on 2 places

REG-Edit <Numlock>-Taste in Win2000 and XP on on:' Hkey_User \. Default\Control Panel\Keyboard', value of' InitialKeyboardIindicators' of 0 on 2. Only when the numeric character block was activated over the Tastatur, Windows remembers itself this condition.

REG-Edit Acoustic signals for additional events intend: event in her/it REG aims under: Hkey_Current_User\AppEvents\Shemes\Apps, for example new Schüßel" Winword", Untersschlüßel" open", then sound over framework control adds adds.
ID: Akust00422

REG-Edit Augias.DP-System 2.0, Linkcheck 5.70 (DLL-Prüfer), Registoy (securing of u. restoring), Registry Replace 0.99, Win-Programm postpones,
ID: Augia00268

REG-Edit Automatic log-in suppresses: Hkey_local_M achine/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Network/RealModeNet: new entry produces = DWORD, Wert=Auto,
ID: Autom00330

REG-Edit Bug in Regedit when reading one export Reg-Datei if comprises word wrap is
ID: Bug0i00821

REG-Edit Data files SYSTEM.DAT and US ER on optimal size reduce: important, since both are loaded completely RAM into them/her/it. of Viorgehensweise in the PC-MAGAZIN explained.
ID: Datei00261

REG-Edit Defragmentierung of the Registry in the Multi-User -Modus, from Windows as well as in the DOS mode: 1.) attrib r h, s system.dat attrib, r h s user.dat copy system.dat system.bak copy user.dat user.bak 2.) smartdrv C+ 10240, so that fast computer run in DO
ID: Defra00822

REG-Edit Desktop: storage, when finishing, deactivates Hkey, Users \. Default\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\NoSaveSettings: from 00 on 01 places.
ID: Deskt00335

REG-Edit Desktop context menu: new: abo ut the list of the entries under' new', to reduce in the desktop context menu, if never is used FOR EXAMPLE some entries, you look ShellNew" for the corresponding application in the Registry for the entry", and you delete thi
ID: Deskt02598

REG-Edit Dialogue box with the Windows start shows: Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Winlogon, new keys for text" legal note text" and title" LegalNoticeCaption"
ID: Dialo00425

REG-Edit Dokumente-Liste with the PC shutdown delete: thro ugh this Registry-Eintrag is deleted the document list with the PC shutdown of the computer. you add with following key of the DWORD' ClearRecentDocsOnExit' with value 1:' HKey_Current_User\Software\Microso
ID: Dokum02325

REG-Edit fluently scrollender steward Fenster: Hke y_Current_User\Control\Panel\Desktop": SmoothScroll"," 01" Icons with 256 colors: Hkey_Current_User\Control\Panel\Desktop\WindowsMetric": Shell Icon BPP", value" 16",
ID: flie000370

REG-Edit Wallpaper at certain desktop place: Hkey_Cur rent_User\ControlPanel\Desktop. as value for" Wallpaper" the name of the BMP-Datei boasts, then 2 new keys" WallpaperOriginX" and" WallpaperOriginY" with pixel value for distance to the edge.
ID: Hinte00424

REG-Edit Installation path for applications adjus ts, standard = C:\Programme,: entries" ProgramFilesDir" and" ProgramFilesPath" in the key HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion after wish (for example D:\Anwendung) adjusts...). with NT 4.0 a
ID: Insta01726

REG-Edit MRU-Liste deactivate: f rom DOS (only with Win 95B): regedit/d Hkey_Burrent_User\Software\Mircosoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\Recent Docs... eventin Autoexec.bat writes down
ID: MRU0L00351

REG-Edit NoSaveSettings: new key of" Hkey_ Users \. Default\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\Explorer" = > NoSaveSettings with value" 01". about a new Icon on Desktopanlegen: value at 00 places, then again 01 Streams: (Steward Layout) under Hkey
ID: NoSav00433

REG-Edit PCWTWEAK.REG, 13 additional entries for the PC-Welt Tweak-Ui-Programm,
ID: PCWTW00848

REG-Edit R40: security with the Tunin g; R41: pro tips for Registry, explanation of the Keys,
ID: R400000096

REG-Edit Regedit from can import, loa ds, with counter e or s, without confirmation,: for example Regedit / s C:\myreg.reg
ID: Reged00350

REG-Edit Regedit, keys remove: a double-clic k on a reg file imports the key into the Registry. if however, a deficit sign comes before the key, and the key in [] stands, this key with all contained Werte/Einträge is deleted. syntax for such a file: ++Windows 2000:
ID: Reged01723

REG-Edit Regfolder 1.1, Registry-Tool, opens the Registry to the treatment in the Explorer. the advantages: many functions of the Explorer is available for the treatment of the Registry, for example copies, renames,..
New Downloadlink unknow
ID: #####02371

REG-Edit Registry per VB-Script finish re ading easily with the PC-Welt-Tool Pcwenreg on all Registry-Schlüssel grabs. further info in the PC-MAGAZIN
ID: Regis02918

REG-Edit Registry Search & Replace 2.0 (sha reware 20 U.S. dollar), Rescue 95 4.0, Registry secure u. restoring, set m Up 97 3.35, Sysconfig 32 2.0, optimize reg. and system data files (demo)
ID: Regis00271

REG-Edit Registry: keys of REG-Datei deletes undocumented met hod to delete about keys in the Registry by means of a reg file. must on that occasion one minus signs is put in front. example: REGEDIT4 [- HKey_Local_Machine\TestSchlüssel]
ID: Regis03008

REG-Edit Registry: values at REG-Datei deletes undoc umented method to delete about values in the Registry by means of a reg file to delete without the entire key. must on that occasion one minus signs on the end is added. example: REGEDIT4 [, HKey_Local_Machine\Te
ID: Regis03010

REG-Edit Registry-Schlüssel of Win2000 into older version store:, to export ab out keys of the Win-2000-Registry into older Windows versions, the entry' of Win9x/NT4' must be selected with the export from Regedit. in Scripts, an undocumented parameter helps in orde
ID: Regis03034

REG-Edit Registry-Tuning: in entry basi c rules, Regedit, backup
ID: Regis05515

REG-Edit Start strip: menu attitudes (Drucker+Systemsteuerung) fades out: Hkey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer: new Dword-Wert with names" NoSetFolders" and value" 1" to it, with" 0" again visibly. only with Explorer-Neusta
ID: Start00426

REG-Edit Start arrow removes: a bout the start arrow" click you to the starts binary value HKey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer" on this button" by the name of" NoStartBanner" with value" 01 00 00 00" under the key."
ID: Start02265

REG-Edit Undocumented path, pro grams against" App Path" execute: over" start of executing" searches Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Path" Windows also the key". here zusätzlische keys can to execute for example" P.EXE" about the pr
ID: Undok01151

REG-Edit Virtual storage: attitude deactivates: for security r easons can be it necessary to close the attitude to the virtual store, as well as, to activate, if this attitude is blocked. following key must become added as well as cleared to it, it doesn't suffice
ID: Virtu01912

REG-Edit Before and after Änd.: REG exports and with FC compares: for ex ample: FC vorher.reg nacher.reg > ausgabe.txt
ID: Vor0u00352

REG-Edit Win3.x: counters / V: wrong entries seeks
ID: Win3000012

REG-Edit Win95, reunion: line feed doe sn't forget
ID: Win9500011

REG-Edit WinChanger 3, adjustment v. Registry-Optionen Freeware
ID: WinCh00276