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ProgrammSprache Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages Objective:
This site is chock-full of scripting examples, ready to be used. The primary objective of this site, however, is to teach you how to use batch and other scripting languages yourself.
Example: Batlite 1.73 compiles batch files in COM-Files. The implementation becomes somewhat faster on that occasion. file 74KB.
ID: Batli02947

ProgrammSprache BCX 2.78 & LCC Win32 Basi c compilers, Basic translates - in C-Code and produces one EXE, needs the C-Compiler LCC Win32, also on the CD.
BCX is a small command line tool that inputs a BCX BASIC source code file and outputs a 'C' source code file which can be compiled with many C or C++ compilers.
ID: BCX0203428

ProgrammSprache Welcome to the WWW home page for the object-oriented BETA programming language. The home page contains information on the BETA language and its environments. The material is gathered from many sources, and will be augmented with as much public information as possible
ID: BETA006725

ProgrammSprache BETA is a modern object-oriented programming language. universe concepts like for example procedures, functions, classes, constants, virtual functions, Co-Routinen, types etc is united in one single concept, that of Pattern.
In the entire, it was thought through the language and their setup very well, which are to be also not expected differently on the basis of the origin, because BETA became in the 60'er years of Sim at the same institute at him/it
ula, the first object-oriented programming language, designed became at which" Scandinavian develops school object-orientation of. BETA is available with Mjolner Informatics. for the not-commercial use, this version is free.
ID: BETA006724

ProgrammSprache BETA originates, whose development process began already 1975, also like the model Simula, from the Scandinavian school of the object-oriented programming languages.
Kristen Nygaard, one of the two inventors of Simula and some further designers decided at that time to draft an abstract language on the basis of Simula, that put her/its/their weight more on describing from systems.
This language was called DELTA what means approximately so much in Norwegian like" participates", to this language, even a publication exists.
After an inter step by the name of GAMMA, that was intended as programming language for delta, one drafted BETA in order to implement GAMMA.
However, one put fast solidly that BETA would include through the Hinzunahme of libraries, GAMMA and the in addition planned Low-Level-Sprache ALPHA already.
Her/its/their realization of the other languages, through what BETA only remained remaining as a new object-oriented programming language in the end, became unnecessary consequently.
Whoever would like to know more about BETA to the evolution should the BETA-FAQ for itself under http: / / in more detail looks at.
Today, the company" Mj°lner-Informatics" expels around a complete development environment BETA, that is available for all important operating systems in the meantime, also of Linux from Denmark under it of course.
Additional to the compiler and the more or less useful tools, was enclosed the Mj°lner-Paket a multiplicity at libraries.
So, one gets also components beside ready objects for a graphic surface to the network programming, that makes even producing of distributed applications possible.
ID: BETA006726

ProgrammSprache Borg 2.27 disassemblers for Windows programs. the generated assembler code cannot be back-changed in every case in EXE files.
ID: Borg002943

ProgrammSprache C++ expert tips fo r C++-Entwickler is presented a practice-tried adjustable-speed work, that supports you effectively with the work.
ID: C000E03800

ProgrammSprache C++-Compiler 5.5 of Inprise/Borland g ratuitously available. he/it supports Ansi/Iso C++ and the STL Framework (standard Template Library) as well as Templates for C++
ID: C000C01900

ProgrammSprache Calendar V2.0 Calendar PHP-Script
ID: Calen07811

ProgrammSprache web site, universe to C++, Tutorials, links, tips to compilers as well as book respects
ID: c0plu02975

ProgrammSprache CSS: tips to CSS
ID: CSS0003392

ProgrammSprache Decafe pro 3.8 Java-Decompiler, changes the byte code of Java-Class-Dateien in Java-Quelltext, file 616KB,
ID: Decaf02823

ProgrammSprache Delphi 6.0 of Borland, development package, full version of MAGAZIN-CD (English). Delphi 6.0 is available also as German variation, price about 290.-DM little one implementations and example of the PC-MAGAZIN.
ID: Delph02980

ProgrammSprache DJ Java Decompiler 2.5.5 changes the byte code of Java-Class-Dateien into Java-Quelltext, for privately gratuitously, file 739KB. detailed info in the PC-MAGAZIN.
ID: DJ0Ja02822

ProgrammSprache Eclipse is an open source community whose projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle. A large and vibrant ecosystem of major technology vendors, innovative start-ups, universities, research institutions and individuals extend, complement and support the Eclipse platform
ID: Eclip07640

ProgrammSprache Allowed file numbers for E/A-Dateioperationen: universe VBA/VB-Versionen: * become with the Open-Anweisung a file number between 1 and 255 boasted, other applications cannot access the file.
* Is declared a file number with the Open-Anweisung between 256 and 511, other applications can access the file.
ID: Erlau06434

ProgrammSprache Galileo OpenBook: Introduction to Visual Basic .NET 2010, by Thomas Theis. Also other languages, very well explained.
ID: Galol08788

ProgrammSprache Hack 04 HEX-Editor. file 1100KB
ID: Hack005765

ProgrammSprache Hackman Lite 5.06 disassemblers, debuggers, decoders and Hexeditor. on the home page, one finds furthermore this" Language of German" pack for a German surface, file HACK506.ZIP 3.330KB,
ID: Hackm02903

ProgrammSprache Javascript Debugger: Firebug includes a powerful JavaScript debugger that lets you pause execution at any time and see what each variable looked like at that moment. If your code is a little sluggish, use the JavaScript profiler to measure performance and find bottlenecks fast.
AddOn for Firefox
ID: Javas07779

ProgrammSprache Kylix 2 professionals of Borland. development environment / WHEEL (rapidly Application Development program) for Linux. as programming language, Object Pascal is put into action.
ID: Kylix03248

ProgrammSprache OllyDbg is a 32-bit assembler level analysing debugger for Microsoft« Windows«. Emphasis on binary code analysis makes it particularly useful in cases where source is unavailable. OllyDbg is a shareware, but you can download and use it for free
ID: Ollyd02941

ProgrammSprache Pedasm 0.32 changes the binary code of data files in Assembler-Sourcecode, DEF and Include-Dateien. these can be back-changed again into some cases in feasible data files. only for 32 bits of program for Windows. further info in the PC-MAGAZIN or on the h
ID: Pedas02942

ProgrammSprache Drip and Perl/Tk: books about the topic PERL
ID: Perl001499

ProgrammSprache web site, over 3000 links to CGI, - PHP3 -, VB and ASP-Scripts as well as Java-Applets, with short explanation.
ID: Scrip02777

ProgrammSprache web site: large collection for PHP-Scripts for advanced, Scripts for FOR EXAMPLE discussion forums, visitors' books, Mailinglisten, Online-Shops, adjustments,... with short description, FAQ, forum
ID: PHPWe02684

ProgrammSprache Programmers' Heaven It's all here! Choose from almost 10000 files and 2375 left that we have! Whether you are a beginners or at experienced programmer, this is where you wants finds everything need you! assemblers: Intel, 680x0, HC11, PIC... Basic: Q-Basi
ID: Progr01446

ProgrammSprache Rebol, Scriptsprache with internet functions, can be started as CGI-Script, supports almost all internet protocols: HTTP, FTP, POP, SMTP, defective help and documentation in the program, on-line help (Rebol-Website) is unclear, English, Freeware
ID: Rebol01145

ProgrammSprache Resource hackers 3.4.0 Dekompiler, labeling makes the menus, buttons, possible, touch-tone abbreviations ETC...., to manipulate from program. additionally the program can open also DLLs, OCX and CPL-Dateien and can change. only possibly with software this
ID: Resou02824

ProgrammSprache Sniff+, developers tool, supports CorbaIDL C, C++, formula translating language, Java, source code administers, software projects develops, full version approximately 3000.-DM
ID: Sniff00866

ProgrammSprache VBA for Excel more simply learns, Tutorial of Hans W.Herber, for Excel-Version 97 and 2000 in a Windows auxiliary file clearly has the necessary bases the author and practice-oriented summarized. Download of the help file XLBASICS.ZIP under the low address.
ID: VBA0f01873

ProgrammSprache Visual Basic: tips & modules, also Download of tools, link collection, forum
ID: vbwel02659

ProgrammSprache web site, Visual Basic completely, current News, BŘchertipps, tools, data bank with tips, Workshop, Download-Bereich with more than 90 data files.
ID: Visua02709

ProgrammSprache Web Developer's Virtual Library Website: tips for Web programming.
ID: Web0D03119

ProgrammSprache Windows Scripting Host 5.1 of Microsoft, enables v. running out Script-Dateien, file ste51.exe 750KB, tips also in PC-MAGAZIN 01/02 side 215: use of CSCRIPT.EXE to the debugs started.
ID: Windo00556

ProgrammSprache Windows Scripting Host 2.0 betas , also" Senkeys", file size 298KB, now supports IE5 or Windows Script version 5.0 (666KB), Download on the same Web page, necessitate 5 examples for Scripts with" Sendkeys" on the MAGAZIN-CD
ID: Windo01235

ProgrammSprache Xbasic 6.2.3 development environment XBasic.This is the XBasic web page. It contains information about downloads, documentation, links and resources for the XBasic programming language project for Windows and Linux , which is freeware and open-source.
ID: Xbasi03061

ProgrammSprache XLim its is the world-wide biggest reference work for Limitationen, specifications and borders of Microsoft Excel and other Office-Programmen.
Also the programming languages VBA and VB, the development environments VBA-Editor and Visual Basic IDE as well as several system components - among other things Windows Registry and clipboard - are introduced and are explained extensively.
XLimits is not only one listing of the known Limitationen. here you learn all evasion solutions about backgrounds, causes, effects, problem removal possibilities, and much more.
There is a multiplicity of detailed Limitationen-Fachartikel with elaborate descriptions to especially interesting Limitationen. XLimits, the biggest German-language web site with information about few confessed Excel-Internas is moreover
ID: XLimi07806

ProgrammSprache XML Spy 5.0 Home Edition of Altova: XML-Editor, also for beginners, good provision, simple service. new in this version: XSLT-Debugger, WSDL-Editor, HTML-Import-Funktionen and Tamino-Integration.
ID: XML0S03339

ProgrammSprache XMLInspector helps developers to quickly and lightly create stable applications with human-engineered and understandable interface. The developers may concentrate on complex object modelling as XSD schemes whereas XMLInspector automatically enables them to edit the objects in a hierarchic property inspector. Main XMLInspector features and advantages: ?* Automatic generation of dialog forms. XMLInspector automatically creates dialogs and object editing forms based on XSD schemes, and enables developers to edit object properties. * TDataSet support. XMLInspector generates XSD schemes for records of any TDataSet descendants, thus helping to quickly create database record editing dialogs. * Robust applications. Using XML to create dialogs developers may easily change objects (add new attributes, make attributes compound and able to change their type depending on conditions, etc) without changing the program code and recompiling the application. * Handy data import and export. The XML format simplifies data exchange between your applications.
kategorie_andere = database management
link =
ID: XMLIn05729