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ProgrammSprache Javascript for all bases to the script language
ID: Javas03393

ProgrammSprache JavaScript, JScript, VBScript: the W3-Konsortium which Scriptsprache should be used for dynamic HTML doesn't make any rules for it. on this occasion still therefore prevails some confusion. - JavaScript is the usually use and knownest Scriptsprache. it wa
ID: JavaS05312

ProgrammSprache JavaScript: Mauszeiger ändern: Den Mauszeiger ändern Sie am besten über ein Script:
<script type="text/javascript">
function MauszeigerAendern() { = "wait";

function MauszeigerZuruecksetzen() { = "default";

Mit dem zweiten Script können Sie den Standard Stand wieder einstellen.
ID: JavaS07780

ProgrammSprache Javascript: references on JS data files after document.write: < BR>Beim Erzeugen of a new side with document.writemüssen this & #60; / become-otherwise dresses up this works out refers the new side nichtund is not produced.
< BR>Folgendes example doesn't work: < tt > < BR>document.write (' & #60;! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC" - / / W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN">'); < BR>document.write (' & #60;HTML><HEAD>'); < BR>document.
write (' & #60;TITLE>Claude \' s PC-Tipps DESuchergebnis</TITLE>'); < BR>document.write (' & #60;link rel=stylesheet character =" text/css" href =" xformate.css">'); < BR>document.write (' & #60;script character =" text/javascript" src =" zbroklink.
js"></script>'); < BR>document.write (' & #60;script character =" text/javascript" src =" zcpct.js"></script>'); < BR>document.write (' & #60;script character =" text/javascript" src =" dhtml.js"></script>'); < BR>document.
write (' & #60;/HEAD>'); < / tt><BR>Lösung: the references can like follows the function in the end is reloaded: < tt><BR>//HIER DEVELOPMENT THE JS-DATEIEN IN THE HEAD NACHGELADEN < BR>var newScriptZeile1 = document.createElement (" script",; < BR>newScriptZeile1.
character =" text/javascript";<BR>newScriptZeile1.src =" dhtml.js";<BR>document.getElementsByTagName (" HEAD", [0]. appendChild(newScriptZeile1);<BR>var newScriptZeile2 = document.createElement (" script",; < BR>newScriptZeile2.type =" text/javascript";<BR>newScriptZeile2.
src =" zcpct.js";<BR>document.getElementsByTagName (" HEAD", [0]. appendChild(newScriptZeile2);<BR>var newScriptZeile3 = document.createElement (" script",; < BR>newScriptZeile3.type =" text/javascript";<BR>newScriptZeile3.src =" zbroklink.js";<BR>document.
getElementsByTagName (" HEAD", [0]. appendChild(newScriptZeile3,; < / tt >
ID: Javas07835

ProgrammSprache LISP is Approved American a programming language, that originated at the Massachusetts institute of of Technology MIT for implementation of the Lambda-Kalküls, ANSI INCITS 226-1994 (R1999), in 1959, national Stan
dard piece of information Technology - Programming Language - Common Lisp (formerly ANSI X3.226-1994, R1999,)). LISP stands for cunning of Processing.
Formula translating language subprograms, with which symbolic calculations should be executed, were meant by it originally as they are used in the Lambda-Kalkül.
Steve Russell, one of the students of John McCarthy, then got the fundamental idea to program an interpreter for these expressions, with what the programming language LISP was born.
The basic data structures of LISP are single values (scalar values) that atoms will name and lists. the lists can be interlaced at will (lists of lists).
Data structures like an associative array can also be implemented easily with it. sources: Wikipedia
ID: LISP006738

ProgrammSprache Visual studio 7.0 betas of Microsoft: with. NET-Funktionen for development of Web and Intranet-Projekten, language C #and XML.
ID: Visua02399

ProgrammSprache Windows Scripting Host: usage, tips to the more effective Windows per Script-Steuerung
ID: Win0S00832

ProgrammSprache Windows Scripting Host: concrete usage examples, co rresponding VBS-Dateien on the MAGAZIN-CD. the entire article" Gratis, a new one Windows", scope about 26 sides, can be down-loaded on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF. topics:--introduct
ID: Windo02730

ProgrammSprache Winrar in Visual-Basic put in exam ple: BefZeile1 =" WINRAR.EXE a sfx ep" & chr$(34, & zip file name & Chr$(34, &"" & file name &". rtf" & Chr$(34, result = Shell(BefZeile1,1 further possibilities of the PC-MAGAZIN
ID: Winra02643