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Office All in One Office 3.22 Office for companies, with applications like order processing, address administration, Dokumentenverwaltung, working time acquisition, applicant administration, reminder natures and appliance management. older persons full version o
ID: All0I03793

Office Amigo 2000, Office-Charts in TV quality, produces diagrams in the 3D-Look, as expansion for MS-Office 97 and 2000, distribution of SmartTools Publishing,
ID: Amigo01483

Office Corel WordPerfect Office X3 comprises WordPerfect X3, Quattro pro X3 Presentations X3 Presentations Graphics X3. edition of the documents also of the PDF-Format
ID: Corel06484

Office EditDialog: Office 2000 navigation strip adjusts: o nly through alterations of the Registry possibly is it the left navigation strip to be widened through own entries. the Word macros' of EditDialog' performs this task. Download on the PC-Welt-Homepage und
ID: EditD02266

Office Google text and tables future vision of Office: can be produced tables and texts version online already with the in stock beta and is used together.
ID: Googl08684

Office Hummingbird Tool: If you are a Hummingbird DM / RM administrator or a developer of solutions based on Hummingbird DM / RM, you know how difficult it is to import many documents into a system that is even a bit different from the basic installation of Hummingbird DM. Unlike the standard document import tool (docimp.exe), our program allows you to use SQL queries for updating information in any database tables, to use global and local variables whose values are automatically substituted in various places of an XML file, to change the values of variables during import, to keep values received from a database using SQL queries in variables, to work with documents (create/remove/update them), to update document profiles with one operation, to work with folders (create/remove/update folders/add and remove documents).
It is also possible to automatically change the logic of import depending on whether documents with the specified attributes exist in the library and to use references to items and references to their data. The open XML format that is used to import documents into Hummingbird allows you to create import data in any way you like – creating the necessary file manually, automatically generating it by another system, etc. Such files can be easily sent from where they were created to where they should be imported (or simultaneously to several locations). Besides, the mechanism of variables (both local – in a file, and global – in the program settings) and overriding them allows you to get different import results for one and the same file on different servers. For example, for any server you can use a specific server name, department name, lookup values of this server, etc.
ID: Hummi06586

Office K-Office 1.1.1 office package for Linux, Download 7.4MB,
ID: K0Off03039

Office Compatibility problems for MS -Office 97 and 2000: delivers HP an elaborate list of problem and mistakes they they with the use of Office 97 and in 2000 can appear.
ID: Kompa01678

Office Lotus Smartsuite and Notes 5: Update, to accelerate about the simultaneous utilization of Smartsuite-Anwendungen and Notes, file SSN5SE.EXE, 1,6MB
ID: Lotus01156

Office Microsoft Office Compatibility pack for file formats of Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 short description:
Opens, processing and storage of documents, work folders and presentations in the new file formats of Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007, without Office 2007 being installed.
ID: Micro08749

Office Microsoft Office: version survey in the Wikipedia
* Office 95 * 7.0 * August 1995
* Office 97 * 8.0 December 1996
* Office 98 * 8.0 Marches 1998
* Office 2000 * 9.0 * January 1999
* Office 2001 * 9.0 * Octobers 2000
* Office XP * 10.0 * May 2001
* Office v.X * 10 * November 2001
* Office 2003 * 11.0 * November 2003
* Office 2004 * 11.0 * May 2004
* Office 2007 * 12.0 * January 2007
* Office 2008 * 12.0 * January 2008
More details on the Wikipedia side.
ID: Micro08751

Office MS-Office 2000 SR1a German: first must the Update-Routine, Windows Installer, 138KB, under, with what x=3 for Win95/98, x=4 for WinNT, is down-loaded, the required data files then load down this, the
ID: MS0Of01371

Office MS-Office 2000 SR1a: list of the SR1-Änderungen of English as Excel-Datei. see also Access-Berater 01/01 side S380
ID: MS0Of02012

Office MS-Office 2000 SR2 comprises following improvements:
--outlook: e-mail security
--Word: security for e-mail command
--Office: OBJECT-Tag in HTML
--Excel/PowerPoint: security gap in HTML-Skripts
--outlook: CDO-secutity
--Word: security at the series pressure.
Complete List:
Size: 9.03MB, file SP2UD.EXE, german
ID: MS0Of02081

Office MS-Office 2000 SP-3 comprises of SP-2 and all since the SR-1 of published Patches and Updates. prerequisite is at least SR-1a. new features: new appendix administration for outlook size 14MB
ID: MS0Of03160

Office MS-Office 2000 Update of Microsoft: additional. graphics filters for Targa, Autocad-DXF and Micrografx-Draw, file FILTERS.EXE, 422KB,
ID: Offic01244

Office MS-Office 2000: more simply rearrang es, versions: Office 95, 97 and 2000. with the changeover from Office 2000 is a whole series of aspects to be taken into account: old data must acquired, existing Word Basic or Access Basic solutions of VBA adjusted and
ID: Offic01874

Office MS-Office 95+97: Update for new and old orthography: the user c an select the new or old orthography, file SPDEU9X.EXE, 7,7MB, under" Downloads",
ID: Offic01155

Office MS-Office 97 SR2b: Y2K, Jet-Engine improvements, ODBC. SR1 must be installed previously. if of SR2 as well as SR2a, already is installed, Sr2b must be installed manually in following sequence: Outlook97, Outlook98, Jet-Engine, Forms2.0, Word 97 presentati
ID: Offic01342

Office MS-Office XP Developer gratuitously test . counter a charge of $11,95 can be tested fully the Office XP Developer package for 30 days. 2 CDs are contained: test versions of Office XP pro (Word) Excel, PowerPoint, Access (outlook), and XP Developer tools in
ID: Offic02182

Office MS-Office XP services pack 1 : security, stability, and accomplishment improvements. file OXPSP1.EXE 17.800KB
ID: Offic03068

Office MS-Office-2000-Setup: so repairs and, de, you install Office 2000. this PC-Welt-Artikel shows can be repaired like a damaged installation. topics:--Office 2000 repairs: the program again quickly smoothly does--Office 2000 repairs: command line for the rep
ID: Offic02384

Office NXPower Lite 1.54: Essential for any PowerPoint user, NXPowerLite can compress presentations by 90%. Essential for any Microsoft PowerPoint user, NXPowerLite is a small stand-alone presentation compression tool. It radically reduces the size of your PowerPoint files by optimizing the graphics and embedded documents contained within them. It's fast, effective and incredibly easy to use.
* Expires after 10 program starts
* No Install
* Minor Update
* Changes since the last release: Added support for German and French languages, user interface looks more native in XP, fixed some display problems with registered username.
* Requirements: Microsoft Powerpoint 97/2000/2002/2003
ID: NXPow06038

Office Office 2007 beta 2, Download: Microsoft announced the availability of this beta 2 version of Office 2007 on the WinHEC 2006. this beta 2 of Office 2007 already for everyone available.
You/they can down-load the beta version with Microsoft according to a log-in. according to wished partial applications, the Downloadgröße amounts to between barely 500 MB and over 2 GB.
Alternatively, Microsoft offers also the possibility, that beta from Office 2007 on the Microsoft in 2 - side, to order on DVD. this beta 2 of Office 2007 is fully employable until February 1 2007.
Afterwards, according to Microsoft, can admittedly be put in them/her/it beta 2 still, only then offers a restricted function scope, however.
ID: Offic06414

Office Office Converter pack for Off2000 offer s additional text convertibility program and graphics filters, file CONVPACK.EXE 12.5MB. also for Off97 available.
ID: Offic02755;de;212265

Office Office for Android: SoftMaker Office is the best alternative to Microsoft Office: affordable, powerful, lightning-fast, and compatible
ID: Offic08877

Office Offi helpful tips and problem solutions for all applications of the Office-Paketes.
The daily Newsletter delivers useful News and advice directly on the native PC currently always and lets the readers become better in the contact with MS-Office daily. also numerous tips for Access-Benutzer.
ID: Offic07810

Office Office-Tipps Dietrich: collection of Add-ons, macroses and tips for MS-Office 97 and 2000, for example CD-Inlays, working time acquisition, account administration,...
ID: Offic01896

Office 2.0 outgrew the beta stage and now is ready as Release Candidate. As Release Candidate, the program must once again, even even more than until now from which Community are tested.
ID: OpenO05907

Office is an open-source project, home of the software, the most widely distributed open-source multi-platform productivity suite. The community was founded by Sun Microsystems in 2000. An active community, of which Sun is a key member, enhances and supports the office suite.
The application runs on most major operating system platforms including Windows, Linux and the Solaris Operating System, and more than 45 localizations are in different stages of development. Some platforms and languages, such as Mac OS X, might not yet be available in the most current version.
The StarOffice Office Suite is the professional office productivity solution based on that provides enterprise value-add components including administration tools, commercial quality spellchecker and relational database. Additional information on StarOffice can be obtained from
ID: OpenO05908

Office Per macros on the Registry grabs: use of the Word functions in other Office-Produkte about on the Registry influx-called influx-called (Lesen/Schreiben). the click box must become Word 9.0 Object Library' (Office 2000) as well as' Microsoft for Word 8.0 O
ID: Per0M02267

Office PhraseExpress: Systemwide AutoText. Applies when installing existing text modules from MS-Office.PhraseExpress saves typing of frequently used texts and provides the Office AutoText feature in all programs. Even with special formatting.
ID: Phras08757

Office Rhdtool.exe of Microsoft. off old and hidden data in office document. only Office from 2002. for older Word versions see' of Doc Scrubber' in the category Winword.
ID: Rhdto05611

Office Softmaker Office 2006: from Softmaker. complete Office-Paket, simple service, slim programming. contains word processing, spreadsheet calculation and data management. word processing and spreadsheet calculation deliver MS-Office-kompatible to data file
ID: Softm03851

Office SR-1 for mac:Office 2001: for them/her/it from Word, Release (SR-1) is ready Excel, PowerPoint and entourage existing Macintosh Office Edition (MacOffice) from immediately the first set to the free Download with Microsoft. not only Bugfixes but also a who
ID: SR01002183

Office Star Office 5 and WinWord-Vorlagen: star possesses Office 5 to the import of Word data files an efficient filter. however you must reach something into the bag of tricks for the import of Word format presentations. only with one small detour, you can impo
ID: Star001450

Office Star Office 5.2 Update: bug fix remedies problem with special characters of Download of StarOffice Patches" in table names, file 109912-01.ZIP 587KB, under the category" on the web site in 109912-01.ZIP
ID: Star002401

Office Star Office 5.2 Update: bug fix 109945-02.ZIP Patch-Sammlung you small mistakes in star remedies Office, file 109945-02.ZIP 14.000KB, Download of StarOffice Patches" under the category" on the web site for the Linux-Version also a Patch exists
ID: Star002650

Office Star Office 6 beta: now also for XP and M, office package is modular built, faster, Download 97MB, or on MAGAZIN-CD, Open-Source-Variante Build 638, ~~~~~~~~~~ star Office 5.2 German, full version of Download (about 80MB) on which HP of Sun, also for Win2
ID: Star001079

Office Star Office 6 source text grati s to the downloaden, further info on the home page.
ID: Star002163

Office tips and tricks to star Office, in categories, FAQ, apportioned instructions. see also PC-MAGAZIN 00/11 side 309
ID: Werne02319