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OCR Babylon pro 6 of Babylon: translators. no more for Win-95 and NT. Babylon 6, an easy and intuitive translation and dictionary software in over 75 languages. With Babylon 6, text translation has never been easier, no more "copy/paste" or unnecessary browser windows. Just click on any text in Word, Excel, emails, instant messaging, web pages and other desktop applications
ID: Babyl00455

OCR FineReader 5.0 pros of Abbyy software House, copywriter signal software (- > Fa Asknet, as of Download 159.-DM, in the specialized stores 189.-DM, very good recognition installments, recognizes borders, formulas and tables. suppliers: Mitcom Neue media, o
ID: Fine000619

OCR Office express 2000: Scan and OCR software, Excel, PowerPoint, integrates outlook seamlessly in MS-Office applications (Word), supports all Twain-Kompatible appliances, the copywriter signal converts also colored presentations, comprises picture processin
ID: Offic02405

OCR Omnipage pro 14 of Scansoft, very good OCR software. backed MS-Office 2003 and the XML-Format. ~~~~~~~~~~ Omnipage pro 11, the PDF-Format, supports 114 languages, supports all MS-Office-Dokumente support also PC-MAGAZIN 01/08 side until Office-XP see in 2
ID: Omnip00246

OCR Paper Converter for Frontpage 2000 of Sc ansoft, copywriter signal software, changes the eingescannte texts in HTML-Dateien, works however also without Frontpage, price 149.-DM,
ID: Paper02193

OCR Readiris pro 6.0 of Softline, OCR copywriter signal, for beginners been suitable, now also for NT u. Win2000, knows 55 languages, graphics recognizes u. tables, price 149.-DM test of the beta version see PC-MAGAZIN 00/06 pages 99 ~~~~~~~~~~ Readiris 4.0,
ID: Readi00972

OCR Recognita plus 5.0 of Caere, OCR software as well as copywriter signal, recognizes Braille -, kyrillische-Schrift, the Euro symbol, Einbindung in the MS-Word u. Excel, Cross-Upgrade for each Scan-Software for 199.-DM, new-praises 1.155.-DM, also www.caere
ID: Recog01255

OCR Softwriting 3.1 of Charactell: Handschriftenerkennung, the program reads handwritten notes into the computer. effectively however it works only with texts in printed letters. shareware 14 days.
ID: Softw02963

OCR Text bridge pro Millenium of CSS: very good copywriter signal program, 56 languages, storage in Word, Excel, dBase, HTML, simple handling, also for beginners, well-suited for home page working, German, price 149.-DM
ID: Textb02195

OCR Wocar 2.5, WOCAR is an Optical Characters Recognition Application (OCR). It converts scanned documents to text documents. The software can process documents written in english or in french. WOCAR can work with any scanner that supports the TWAIN interface. I can also process any
bilevel TIFF image file.
ID: Wocar00588[id]28825[sekid]0[SiteID]