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Office Company names after the installation v. Office2000 alters: O ffice even doesn't offer any possibility, an intervention in the Registry in necessary:' HKey_Local_Machine\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{00000407-78E1-11D2-B60F-006097C998E7}', you
ID: Firme02552

Office Inflation of the buttons in the task strip with MS- Office 2000, for example with Excel is shown a button for each opened file in the task strip., to get about the attitude of Excel97, only 1 scarf surfaces, and changes window menus' of the data files abou
ID: Infla01466

Office M'S Office 2003: activation data secures: case's Sie only Office 2003 deinstallieren, you need to do nothing further. with the Deinstallation, Office leaves the file Opa11.DAT, that is necessary for the registration, on the hard disk namely.
If however, you must format the hard disk again or fear the loss of your data from other reasons, you can secure the product activation previously.
Under * * code start * *% allusersprofile%\Anwendungsdaten\Microsoft\Office\Data * * code end * * finds you the file Opa11.DAT. further info on the home page of PCWelt.
ID: MS0Of06443

Office MS-Office 2000 on Win95: with it Office 2000 on Windows 95 can be installed, the MS-Internet-Explorer 5x first must be installed.
ID: Offic02504

Office MS-Office 2000, problem with help files: a fter the installation of the SP1 for him/it internet Explorer 5.01 works no more the Office 2000-help for applications. reason: version conflict. procedure: Registry (start, executing, Regedit.exe) starts, keys' o
ID: MS0Of02013

Office MS-Office 2000: Installations-CD including Updates produces: in the PC-MAGAZIN is expounded an Installations-CD like you produces, the Office 2000 including Updates, FOR EXAMPLE SR1 + SR2, prepares.
ID: Offic02696

Office Office templates: 20,000 templates Spread over 3 PC World books for Word, Excel and Co..
Part Three in 09/10
ID: Offiv08759

Office OSA.EXE covers 4MB RAM, serves to the reading of the MS079.DLL, and is only meaningful if Office 97-components very often opened and is finished. OSA.EXE can from him/it"... \ Programme\Autostart"-Ordner (connection) is deleted FINDFAST.EXE serves the ind
ID: OSA0E00391

Office Outlook on Office97: if Office becomes more and more slowly: protocol in outlook relaxes in Extra/Optionen/Journal
ID: Outlo00596

Office Outlook: emptiness calendars (OL XP, 2003) prints. emptiness calendars on paper generates:--file, new, stewards: new steward (FOR EXAMPLE printout) aims--type of calendars fixes--over' shifts to.
Steward list' (OL 2003) or' view menu, steward list' (OL XP) of the new steward changes--file, prints: there start and end date inputs, and the indication format (day) week (month) fixes.
ID: Outlo07590

Office PowerPoint: Registry puts back, version s: PowerPoint 97 and 2000. if you put in several versions of PowerPoint on a computer, it can happen that the wrong PowerPoint version is started in the Windows-Explorer with a double-click at a presentation, for exa
ID: Power01875

Office SELFCERT.EXE, security query only for foreign macroses: if y ou want to avoid with Office 2000, that the security query appears with even written macroses, you use the tool SELFCERT.EXE. the file is on the Office-CD in the table'... \ Pfiles\Msoffice\Offic
ID: SELFC02159

Office Viewer for PowerPoint presentations and Slides- Shows
ID: Viewe00077