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ISDN Drivers cfos makes ISDN-fähig all modem applications
ID: Treib00119

ISDN ISDN-Call 2000 ISDN-Monitor, the CAPI-2.0-Schnittstelle oversees permanently and delivers information, file 2600KB,
ID: ISDN002731

ISDN K-ISDN 1.1 professionals of millennium X software, full Telefonie-Paket for Linux, Free-Edition = gratuitously, Prof-Edition = 35.-DM
ID: K0ISD01234

ISDN Moony 1.01, oversee ISDN-phone line respecting telephone calls, fax,...
Latest Version: 3.17
ID: Moony00325

ISDN Power-ISDN-Monitor 3.1: ISDN-Monitor, the CAPI-Schnittstelle oversees and delivers information, the backwards search masters, however no telephone call diversion
ID: Power02733

ISDN Rufident backwards search for ISDN-Monitor, FOR EXAMPLE in cooperation with Klicktel and the monitor ISDN-Call 2000
ID: Rufid02732

ISDN Winanruf 2.0 reputation diversion tool for ISDN, file 3500KB. remark: this function must become, however, free-shifted from the Telekom. this direction of the Standard-ISDN-Anschluss costs about 4.-DM/Monat, with - comfort, 300 and XXL is gratuitously ser
ID: Winan02734