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Jahr 2000 Access97, Update Jet-Engine 3.5, further year 2000 tips and tools in the PC-MAGAZIN, jet35sp2.exe, 1MB, further URL (= services pack 2)
ID: Acces00860

Jahr 2000 Bios: Probleme near Ami-Version before 07.12.95, Award before 26.04.94, phoenix before Febr.95 Bios-Update: possibly is no Update, the" Millenium Bios board" offers a solution (8-Bit-Isakarte, Bios-Routine-Erweiterung), price 130.-DM,
ID: Bios000490

Jahr 2000 Bug fix for internet Explorer 4.x of M icrosoft: bug fix for the year 2000, up to now, IE4 hands over the Datums-Berechnungen, file 1.75MB, to some Javascripts the year 1900 instead of 2000 executes
ID: Inter01243