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ISDN 10 ISDN-Karten in the te st: Simens,Elsa, AVM-Fritz, Arowana
ID: 100IS00837

ISDN Linux: with ISDN into the network, step for step prelude in the PC-MAGAZIN or under, articles" Linux, with ISDN..."
ID: Linux01717

ISDN Pro tips = boxes, installation v. adapter units Troubleshooting.
ID: Profi00358

ISDN Adviser ISDN, committee or passives cards, internally or external, CAPI-Schnitstelle, NDIS-Schnittstelle, PC to the perfect switchboard develops. the entire article" ISDN-Komfort" (scope 4 sides) can on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF ar
ID: Ratge00258

ISDN Tips: CAPI, NDIS, AOL, Compuserve, T-Online, CLIP, CLIR, COLP, D-kanal, Dss1, EFT, HDLC, hybrid appliances
ID: Tips000464