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Datenbank_SQLServer Data Types SQL Server and its properties
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Datenbank_SQLServer MSDE 1.0 and SQL-Server 7.0 SP3, Download-URL for OLAP Components for SQL-Server 7.0 info: see separated entry.
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Datenbank_SQLServer MSDE 1.0 and SQL-Server 7.0 SP3, extensive set pack, Database and OLAP services Components for SQL-Server, approximately 90MB, from it about 38MB for MSDE, can be installed directly over the basis version. further info: arrangement of the improvements: ht
ID: MSDE002079

Datenbank_SQLServer Lock s in the data bank module link to the SQL server 2005 online documentation (condition September 2007) locks is a mechanism, that of Database Engine (data bank module) from Microsoft's SQL server to the Synchroni
sieren the simultaneous access to the same data through several users is used. increase info on the home page...
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Datenbank_SQLServer SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Access is a tool for migrating databases from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server 2005. SSMA for Access converts Access database objects to SQL Server database objects, loads those objects into SQL Server, and then migrates data from Access to SQL Server. SSMA for Access supports Access 97 - Access 2003 databases.
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Datenbank_SQLServer SQL tool for Access 97 of Mi crosoft: free solution for the contact with SQL-Datenbanken
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Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server 2008: first test version of 2007 newcomers SQL servers version 2008, info on the Microsoft home page
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Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server and MSDE: Patch for security gap: with the SQL- Server 7 and MSDE can come it to a buffer overflow, that makes possible for hacker executing own code, with the implementation of extended saved procedures. Patch and references to the installation
ID: SQL0S02443

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server, Migration von Access97: The Microsoft Access 97 Upsizing Tools consists of the Upsizing Wizard and SQL Server Browser, which enable you to use Microsoft Access to develop and maintain Microsoft SQL Server client/server applications. The Upsizing Wizard takes a Microsoft Access database and creates a database on SQL Server with the same table structure, data, relationships, indexes, rules, and defaults of the original Microsoft Access database. The SQL Server Browser enables you to view, create, and edit SQL Server objects, such as tables, views, defaults, rules, stored procedures, and triggers.
You can use the Microsoft Access 97 Upsizing Tools to upsize your Access 97 database to any of the following versions of SQL Server:
Microsoft SQL Server 4.21
Microsoft SQL Server 6.0 with Service Pack 2 or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 (Service Pack 2 recommended)
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
ID: SQL0S06557

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server, Migration of Access2000: the simplest possibility, to change an access-database into a SQL server data bank, is to use the Upsizing-Assistenten.
The Upsizing-Assistent * gets data bank structures, including data, indexes and defaults.
* changes validity rules and defaults automatically from Access into the matching analogies in SQL servers and * gets the relationships between the tables as well as the referenzielle integrity after the Upsizing-Vorgang.
If you would like to execute the Upsizing-Assistenten of Access 2000, you show extras on data bank utilities in the menu, and click you on Upsizing-Assistent.
ID: SQL0S06558

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server: information and backgrounds, as well as definitions and continuing links.
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Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server: from Access on SQL servers migrieren: we shows with this article, when it is worthwhile, from Access on SQL servers to migrieren and describes two possible variations for a Migration.
* Most important differences between Access and SQL servers. * when should an Update be done? * possible Update-Varianten * * variation A: data on SQL servers migrieren, Access data access belassen * * variation B:
Data on SQL servers migrieren, Access data access fit details for computer science INC. see home page of light
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Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server: from Access on SQL servers migrieren: HowTo with pictures as Word document to the down store
ID: SQL0S08033