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Datenbank_SQLServer SQL Server-Migration per assistant (AC97-2003). co the free assistant accelerates you the conversion of your Access data banks on SQL-Server 2005
ID: SQL0S07732

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server, MSDE and SSDE, security gap in the" small" SQL-Server. solution of the PC-MAGAZIN
ID: SQL0S02799

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server 2005 express gratuitously (AC from 97) test. you already now use the free version of the new SQL-Servers. tips to the installation and utilization.
ID: SQL0S06332

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server 2005 express: in first test (AC97/2003).
* test result
* first steps
ID: SQL0S06412

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server 2005 drivers for PHP Ab SQL servers puts Microsoft a driver for these purposes to disposal in 2005. Download on Microsoft-Homepage page
ID: SQL0S08724

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server desktop Engine immediately (AC20 00-2002) puts in: step by step: benefits you the newest SQL-Server technology with Access:--references about the installation--you find the Setup on the Office-XP-CD so--service managers--connection with the SQL
ID: SQL0S03278

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server for everyone: MSDE (Acces s 2000): faster data bank accesses to MSDE (Microsoft Database Engine of Access 2000), topics: something is MSDE-Installation without problems, server configuration, MSDE, Client/Server-Prinzip, with MSDE locally works,
ID: SQL0S02019

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server: 3 solutions of the overview:
Do you push already at the limits of Access with growing amounts of data and user numbers? this of transferred on a SQL-Server then is absolutely necessary! in the Access-Berater-Edition 2006 is introduced all available alternatives * solution 1:
You immediately can of the free "small" SQL-Server In Access 2000/2002 and 2003 and begin without further costs with the development of a real SQL-Server-Anwendung co Office 2000, 2002 and 20,
in 03, the "SQL becomes server desktop Engine", in Office 2000 still is from the MSDE = Microsoft Data Engine the speech, but is meant the same, included gratuitously. it is a "Light-Version" of the Microsoft SQL-Servers.
In the difference to the full version is missing at the SQL-Server desktop Engine (SSDE) is narrowly some administration tools and the size of a data bank on 2GB.
However, the later transferred on SQL-Server then is easily possible since the data banks produced with the SSDE are fully compatible and in addition corresponding Migrationstools are available for the simple data takeover.
The SSDE is suitable for Access as data bank servers - projects (ADP) in small teams, for which an access-database (MDB) is not sufficiently efficiently, or where a corresponding growth is to be foreseen.
see following contributions to the Access-Berater-Edition 2006:--S670. SQL-Server for everyone--S675. SQL-Server desktop Engine immediately starts--S691. SQL-Server: Access-Projekte aims * solution 2:
The Microsoft SQL-Server Der of Microsoft SQL-Server offers comfortable graphic administration tools and copes also with masses of data. the advantages of the "big" Microsoft SQL-Servers lie on the hand:
Better performance with big data inventories and simultaneous access of several users, relief of network and operating stations, more flexible utilization of the data for example into Intranet-/Internet-Lösungen as well as higher consistency of the data.
The SQL-Server is installed as application on a Windows NT or Windows 2000 servers. the data banks administered by him/it are saved on the local hard disks of the server.
The access of an Access-Front-End to these data over the network takes place based on a particular protocol, that lands on existing network protocols like TCP/IP or IPX/SPX on the other hand.
So that the SQL-Server in preferably all network surroundings flexibly can be put in, he/it supports the access in a so named "Multiprotokoll«-Modus.
It also is possible, the data as well as from Workstations, that runs under pure TCP/IP, as, to reach also from Workstations, the alternative one(s) on NT servers over TCP / IP or on Novell-Server over IPX/SPX must grab.
Also the access of operating stations, that run under other operating systems like Linux/Unix or MacOS, becomes possible with it. see to it following contributions to the Access-Berater-Edition 2006:--S680. SQL-Server:
The comfortable entry--S690. Pass-Through-Abfragen optimally uses--S691. SQL-Server: Access-Projekte aims * solution 3:
You can build a full Client-Server-Lösung of the inexpensive MySQL-Server Mit of MySQL the Microsoft SQL-Server without additional costs, the best election seems on the first gaze for
, to be the cooperation with Access, but the high Lizensierungskosten will spoil you the fun fast. MySQL therefore is a very interesting alternative: this SQL-Server is not only small but also fast and efficient.
For the usage, no costs originate, since it is about Open-Source-Software, and the binding to Access is no problem.
Installation, configuration and administration necessitate however much own performance and are not rare interconnected according to existing basis knowledge with considerable time.
MySQL dominates the market of the free SQL-Server in the meantime and a support is available on wide basis.
Furthermore, MySQL offers the best prerequisites to you in order to publish your data on wish with relatively little expenditure in the Inter or Intranet. see to it contributions from the Access-Berater-Edition 2006: * M950. MySQL:
The first steps with Access * M951. MySQL: access-databases rearranges
ID: SQL0S06551

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server: Access-Projekte (AC 2000 , 2002) aims: step by step to the new SQLS servers data bank:--prerequisites--linkage--new project aims--these objects stands to the disposal--you are based new tables on the server so--you produce a report so
ID: SQL0S02806

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server: entry with Access 2000/2002, s o you switch your data bank to the SQL-Server:--bases of the usage of the SQL-Servers--important attitudes to the SQL-Server--prerequisites for the workplaces--existing data banks rearranges--new SQL-Datenbank-Pro
ID: SQL0S02565

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server: Pass-Through-Abfragen: effective interpretations, you refer queryings at the SQL-Server and unburden you the operating station
ID: SQL0S02724

Datenbank_SQLServer SQL-Server: Versions-overview for Microsoft Windows
1993 - SQL Server 4.21 for Windows NT
1995 - SQL Server 6.0, codenamed SQL95
1996 - SQL Server 6.5, codenamed Hydra
1999 - SQL Server 7.0, codenamed Sphinx
1999 - SQL Server 7.0 OLAP, codenamed Plato
2000 - SQL Server 2000 32-bit, codenamed Shiloh (version 8.0)
2003 - SQL Server 2000 64-bit, codenamed Liberty
2005 - SQL Server 2005, codenamed Yukon (version 9.0)
Next release - codenamed Katmai
ID: SQL0S06559

Datenbank_SQLServer Table can not be saved in the SQL Server Management Studio. Cause is a setting under Options / Designers / Table and Database Designer / Prevent Savings Changes That require table re-creation. This option must be turned off, so that changes are made to the table. Typical error message: "Saving changes is not permitted ..... that require the table to be re-created"
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