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Datenbank_sonstige Base portal: on-line data bank with access for further User. together and on-line data administers. gratuitously. you produce your own Web data bank in few minutes - simply, fast and completely free!
ID: Basep08686

Datenbank_sonstige CDBFlite - multiplaform console DBF Viewer and Editor. The CDBFlite program allows users to work with .DBF files format from the command line. You can carry out various actions which don't require you to be in batch mode. CDBFlite program can be applied on a WEB-server. The program is a powerful and multi-featured command line DBF viewer and editor. It is similar in some ways to SQL. Though the command-line syntax differs, the principles are the same.
SQL: SELECT * FROM somefile.dbf ;;; CDBFlite: CDBFlite somefile.dbf /select:*
SQL: UPDATE somefile.dbf SET name="John",age=30 where id=1000 ;;; CDBFlite: CDBFlite somefile.dbf /filter:id=1000 /field:name="John",age=30 /update
SQL: DELETE * FROM somefile.dbf WHERE age>50 ;;; CDBFlite: CDBFlite somefile.dbf /filter:age>50 /delete:all /clear /pack
CDBFlite supports all types of existing fields, including memo fields.
ID: CDBFl06373

Datenbank_sonstige DBF Comparer is a sure way to find out if your DBF files bear similarities or not, if their data fields have matches or not. Basically, this comparison wizard helps you to manage your information and analyze your data at a new level of quality.
The program has an easy-to-use intuitive interface, which presents the comparison process as a logical chain. First, you choose two DBFs you need to compare, then you set the data fields to compare. The comparison engine features case sensitive and memo fields comparison, use of deleted records and comparison only of the whole records. Before comparing you can specify some data fields you want to set relation by. Finally, you get what you’ve been waiting for all this time – the detailed results of this procedure. Needless to say that files are quick to compare, so you won’t wait for long. The given results can be used to create a new DBF file to fix all matches of differences. What’s more, the program supports various DBF file formats: Dbase III/IV, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, and others.
DBF Comparer saves your time and presents a compete comparative analysis of the chosen files. A quick and smart tool to make your work with DBF files easier!
Key features: User-friendly interface; Memo fields comparison; Case sensitive comparison; Comparison with relation by one of the specified fields; Compare data with or without deleted records; You can create your own DBF file; Available for Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP.
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ID: DBF0C05914

Datenbank_sonstige DBF Doctor is a valuable addition to the software toolkit of any IT professional. It enables you to restore important data from a damaged or corrupt database file in minutes. Good recovery chances are ensured by the use of a subtle recovery engine. It automatically analyzes the headers and data structure of the file and rebuilds damaged segments with a remarkable accuracy. Also, you can take control of the recovery process and work with the data manually.??The program is optimized for a fast recovery process and easy work. Thanks to the minimum system resources consumption, it doesn’t cut down on the productivity of your computer and allows you to work smoothly with other applications. Its simple interface architecture lets you start working in seconds and without any complex training. Simply select the corrupt file, open it in DBF Doctor and you can see its content again! The program recognizes all most popular database formats, including Dbase III/IV, FoxPro!
, Visual FoxPro among many others.??DBF Doctor features: Analyzes both headers and data structures within your files; Recognizes all popular DBF formats such as Dbase III/IV, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, etc.; Automatic or manual data recovery; Allows you to use the data structure from backup files to restore the structure in the damaged file; Drag and drop files from the Windows Explorer; Print the data structure in the file.
ID: DBF0D05736

Datenbank_sonstige DBF Manager: As technology advances, we tend to change to new ways to create the same tasks. Faster machines and improves software increase our entire computing and information processing speed as well as entire comfort and reliability. New solutions offer functionality enlarged sometimes and increased performance. ? But however, there are oldies goldies even under data, of the technologies camps and processes. One such thing, used DBF is everywhere data bank format in system data bank keep and administration today. Despite the fact that the DBF-Standard exists for decades, it still is available on the market one of the most useful and characteristic empires data bank formats. What we actually need, is any piece of software, that can handle the whole format functionality, that fasts of ZugangsdBF-Datenbanken for us, allowed and lets altered both data structure as well as the data itself in the flight for us. But is there a compact solution, that would fit all our needs?? in fact gives it! DBF managers through it introductory ONE! stersoft Co., the really innovative software intended to handle different DBF-Datenbanken seamlessly.? DBF managers supports scissors, dBASE and FoxPro-Datenbanken. Data bank structure can be modified without Daten-Verlust. Data, that been suitable, using, can, you process controls over calendars for data and communication editor for communication fields. Usual register, that seeks, that is connected with fast text search function, allows the lookup in none of selected fields according to data. In a scope, to look for records, also is possible. Does useful register manager allow re - indexing, and, to reconstruct indexes, orders on axis.? besides stretching beyond expectations functionality DBF offers managers useful user interface and flexible configuration. Throw in some astonishing database management characteristics, that never are seen in software like it previously, and you get the winner! Flexible licensing mechanism labels, that DBF managers buy for both companies as well as individuals Kosten wirksam. The proposition comes attempt version available with outside. You/they can load it at the moment!
Connection =
ID: DBF0M05725

Datenbank_sonstige DBxtra is a full-featured ad hoc Report Software that empowers you to easily design and deploy queries, reports, web reports and charts without reliance on developers. Access-Lizens is not necessary, but the free MDAC must be installed. Access to MS-Jet (Access), dBASE, SQL-Server, Oracle, DB/2, FoxPro, Excel.
Restricted Free-Edition on CD Access-Berater under \TOOLS\DBXTRA
ID: DBxtr07713

Datenbank_sonstige FoxPro-Datenbanken after Access are converted forced transferred: FoxPro was taken on from Microsoft in 1992, and until 2007 develops. from 2008 unfortunately no more. Microsoft prepares to it a tool to the conversion.
ID: FoxPr08738

Datenbank_sonstige Lotus Approach 97, data bank with Upgrade-Funktion, full version of the MAGAZIN-CD, further info about the Upgrade with EDP book delivery
ID: Lotus01169

Datenbank_sonstige ZOHO DB and Reports Online Reporting - Analytics Reporting Sharing Collaboration,
Online reporting and business intelligence service coupled with web based features like sharing, tagging, publishing and more...
ID: ZOHO008685