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Benchmark 3DMark The Gamer's Benchmark. Benchmark everything from smartphones and tablets to high-end, multi-GPU gaming desktops. And it's not just for Windows. You can compare your scores with Android and iOS devices too.
ID: 3D0Ma00904

Benchmark Amidiag 6.02, complete hardware tests
ID: Amidi00187

Benchmark Aquamark 3 Grafik-Benchmark. file 62.400KB
ID: Aquam05443

Benchmark Axel Folley's Benchmark 1.98c, only for DOS 6.22
ID: Axel000112

Benchmark Axel Folley's Nechmark 1.993b, new version, Freeware
ID: Axel000803

Benchmark CD-Bench 2.1, CD-ROM-Benchmanrk, Small, fast and reliable benchmark for CD-ROM drives. High resolution timing (0.1 ms), 99% of asm code, 100% freeware.
Many people think that the data transfer rate of CD-ROM drives is constant from the beginning to the end of the disc, but this is true only for old-and-slow models. CD-Bench is the only benchmark that reads the disc in six different points and displays six results, so you can see if and how the speed varies. Size: 14 kB.
ID: CD0Be00907

Benchmark Chip Benchmark 32, for CPU/Harddisk/graphikcard, good CPU test, usable graphics test, hard disk only at the primary EIDE-Controler.
ID: Chip000913

Benchmark Cinebench Benchmark-Tool, the performance of the graphics card tests. CINEBENCH is a real-world cross platform test suite that evaluates your computer's performance capabilities
ID: Cineb07628

Benchmark Clibench MK || 1.0.0 , CPU/Festplatten-Tool, precise measured values, no access time measurement, shareware 10US $
ID: Clibe00912

Benchmark Dr. Hardware 2007 / 8.0.0 , now for Vista
Dr. Hardware Sysinfo 4.0d, shareware price 39.-DM CPU hard disk DMA IRQ,... not for NT, with configuration, problem solutions, speed optimization, according to PCWelt well! also on CD 98/07, side 116,
ID: Dr00H00188

Benchmark Final Realaty Benchmark 1.01, diagnosis tool for Grafikkarte and 2D/3D softwares, Freeware, before the test of DirectX-driver (version 6.1 of the CD) installs
ID: Final00887

Benchmark Gamestar Direct 3D-Benchmark, exacte 3D results for Grafikkarte, Freeware
ID: Games00906

Benchmark HD Tune 2.52 tests the hard disk (transaction rate and access installment). also for Win-XP64 and Win2003 servers. file 623KB
ID: HD0Tu07623

Benchmark Hwinfo 4 CPU, Hard drives, chipset cards
ID: Hwinf00189

Benchmark Michael's Disk Benchmark 2.01, hard disks -, CDROM-Test, no access times and doesn't deliver any comparison values
ID: MDB0200888

Benchmark Nbench 2.1, good Freeware, CPU, ridge of and Second-Level-Cache, RAM speed, hard disk,
ID: Nbenc00128

Benchmark PC PLayer Benchmark, copyrighted Freeware, test through simulates from 3D-Animationen, problems for Direct-3D-Test,
ID: PC0PL00129

Benchmark PC-Config 9.30 pro of Holin data technology, system diagnosis for CPU, IRQ, hard disk, gives RAM, bus systems, to controller, also Benchmark, shareware, full version 9.32 trophies 100.-DM
ID: PC0Co00194

Benchmark Performance test 6.0 analysis and diagnosis tool. tracks down the weak points in the PC
ID: Perfo07625

Benchmark Raidmark 1.1, old however still good hard disks Benchmark. Specifically created to measure the performance of RAID arrays. RAIDmark benchmarking program by DynaTek Automation Systems Inc., measures cache size, system overhead, and application-level performance. Includes MS-DOS and Novell versions. DynaTek no longer supports or does any development of this benchmarking program.
ID: Raidm01104

Benchmark Sandra Lite 2007 10.98: analyze the PC: hardware, hard disk, etc..... file 10.500 KB
ID: Sandr06489

Benchmark Sandra Pro 2007 of Sisoftware: system diagnosis and Benchmark, system Analyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant, good German handbook. More Details: see german text.
ID: Sandr00528

Benchmark Snooper 3.0, Benchmark, CPU only until Pentium 100, graphics card, interrupt, DMA
ID: Snoop00139

Benchmark Ultimate Boot CD 4.1.1 CPU-Check (and other), ans many tools.
3D-Benchmark VGA 1.0c on CD
ID: 3D0Be00909

Benchmark Wintest 95, Win95-Konfiguration, system resources, CPU utilization ratio, price 120.-DM
ID: Winte00143

Benchmark Wintune 97 1.0, hardware test: Bios, CPU, graphics card with Tuning proposition after test as well as diagnosis
ID: Wintu00144