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Backup Back it up 5.4, A backup program. Backup creates ZIP files, mirror functions via copy or FTP. Several backup sets can be configured. Folders and separate files can be added to each backup set. For each backup set there's the option to delete specified files depending on the extension you enter. For each backup set extension for files that should not be included in the backup can be specified. Back it up! takes command line arguments so it can be executed from a batch files for example. Or create special shortcuts(wizards built in for this).
Back it up, on CD 99/12, page 202, (Win 9.x)
Back it up 2.2 on CD 99/03, Info page 92 (Win 9.x)
ID: Back000995

Backup BackToZIP 5:50 by aborange: performed manually or automatically of backups of important data. The backup files are in a ZIP file archive
ID: BackT03745

Backup Backup Assistant 2.24 provides a systematic method for backing up and restoring datafiles to floppy disks, writable CDs or other media. Data backup is essential in order to restore important files case of a hard disk failure.
The concept of program operation is to save groups of datafiles and or folders as a Backup Set. This makes backups, file restoration and synchronization very easy to do. The backed up files are compressed and archived in a standard zip format to minimize disk usage. If desired, you can make multiple Backup Sets. Several utilities are provided to help you find and designate your datafiles.
This program can also be used to synchronize files on two computers by backing up files on one computer and restoring to the other.
ID: Backu02909

Backup Backup MyPC 7.0 of Orlogix: backup software, use modules of" backup Exec" of Veritas, many attitudes: timeshared return backup emergency floppy disk, tape transport mechanisms support, ZIP, MO, CD-R, CD-RW and network drives.
# Create a Full Backup of your home PC using the new user interface or the backup wizard.
# Create a Disaster Recovery plan and protect your PC - in the event of a major PC crash, your operating system and data can be restored quickly and easily.
# Set your backup plan in motion today using the Automatic Data Protection feature.
# Create Incremental Backup sets to save media space and time.
# Create Differential Backup sets to minimize the time required to completely restore your PC data.
# Compare the backed up data to the original source to ensure complete data integrity and safety.
# Schedule a backup job when it is convenient for you - don't be a slave to your data protection needs!
# Restore individual files, groups of files, or entire backup sets using the new user interface or the restore wizard.
# Restore files to the original location, or transfer them to an alternate location.
# Use the Catalog feature that allows you to restore versions of files backed up over time.
# Create a Full Copy of your files without interfering with your normal backup schedule.
# Safeguard your files with Password Protection.
# Back up files to safe, reliable optical media - Backup MyPC supports CD, DVD and Dual-Layer DVD recordable and re-writeable devices.
# Back up to tape devices, network shares, or even an external hard drive.
Backup My PC 4.81 on PC-Welt-CD 03/01
ID: Backu03210

Backup Backup Now 5.5 NTI Deluxe: backup solution, also on CD or DVD secures. automatic planning (scheduler)
ID: Backu06494

Backup Backup Xpress pro, backup program, good on-line help in German and English:
Backup archives that have been created by BackupXpress are compatible to the Zip-Standard and can be viewed or extracted with any common Zip-Extractor(like Winzip).
BackupXpress provides both 'include' filters and 'exclude' filters enabling you to back up only the files you really need. Also you can filter files by the fileage to backup your daily-, weekly- or monthly work.
You can use BackupXpress to simplify any kind of complex copy operations either with or without compression.
The software offers expanded functionality to do incremental or differential backups.
ID: Backu01177

Backup FastTrack Backup 2.0 is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to backup your data. The program provides high performance backup, copies files and folders from one location to another on the same drive, another drive, ftp server or across the network, supports writing to Floppy, Zip, Jaz, CDR, CDRW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW or DVD+RW compatible media, has the ability to back up exclusively opened files. The program can either mirror your data "as is" or create archived zip files (gzip compatible). You can set up projects that describe the source location, the destination location, and the frequency at which you want to backup the files. This backup program features multiple connections, incremental backup. backup with timestamps and versions, can run other programs before/after executing your backup, advanced log files and more. FastTrack Backup supports Proxy, Firewall, Sockets 4, 4.5, 5, SSL (FTPS), Secure FTP (SFTP provides safe authorization using password or public-key based authentication), SSH (Secure Shell) - integrity and privacy of data transfer using SSH protocols.
link =
ID: FastT06123

Backup File genius of Datrim software (Canada). File Genie actually backs up your files when needed, while you work. By constantly monitoring your entire file system, File Genie knows when you save your changes to a document or copy a file to your computer, and it makes a backup copy. Then when your system is idle, it saves the backup copy to a *drive previously specified by you. With File Genie performing its magic behind the scenes you need never be concerned about data loss again.
* File Genie does not support tape or CD-R drives. CD-RW drives are supported provided that your CD-RW drive supports packet writing and you have installed CD packet writing software (such as Adaptec's DirectCD).
File genius 2000 2.01 on CD 00/06 (Win9x only)
ID: File001431

Backup Fileback PC FileBack is a high-speed file backup and synchronization utility for Microsoft Windows. Features include backups to and from hard disk/floppy/network drives, scheduled backups, automatic backup of files as they change, automatic network drive mapping, tracking of up to 99 versions of each backup file, easy-to-use backup restoration wizard, support for different hardware profiles, more! Recipient of multiple awards!
ID: File000203

Backup Mr. Mirror is that small, easy to use backup program that anyone could have written but didn't bother because they thought they had to create something great... Use Mr.Mirror to backup your files to an alternate disk drive ( e.g. Zip/Jaz drives ) or to a mapped drive on your local network.
ID: Mr00M01053

Backup My Saver 98 3.2.1, backup software, generates with timer backup copies of system data files, on wish as zip file stores.
ID: My0Sa01056

Backup Office backup of GWD: data protection and backup tool, works with hard disks and change media.
ID: Offic01743

Backup Paragon Drive backup Hard disks and partitions secure
ID: Drive07612

Backup Quik Sync 2 of Iomega: backup software, secures selected data files (also from network) on zip, Jaz, Pocketzip or Zip-CD-Laufwerke. peculiarity: become store a file existing another version already.
Old URL:
ID: ACDSe00546

Backup Real Time backup of GB-Electronics: RealTimeBackup is a Software for data backup in (nearly) real time. Your files will be e.g. reflected on another medium, as an exact copy or in a compressed format as a ZIP-file. RealTimeBackup was designed for running in the background (after start up of Windows) an make use of as little computing time as possible. When RealTimeBackup is minimized, you can only see it running as "Trayicon" in the Taskbar.
ID: Realt02036

Backup Restore It 7 copied the entire hard disk.
Actuel URL:
ID: Resto07609

Backup Retrospect servers backup 5.15 of Dantz Development: backup software for networks (for smaller companies)
• Set up and run in ten minutes
• Complete protection for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux desktops and notebooks
• Fast backups
• Smart restores with unparalleled accuracy
• Full Disaster Recovery
See also
ID: Retro02840

Backup Right Backup Start protecting the files you business values most.
With our backup solutions you get offsite protection, data security, and remote file access 24/7. Backup should not be a burden - we make it easy.
ID: Backu07782

Backup Second Copy 8.0: backup program, for daily and several times-daily backup been suitable, at button pressure or timeshared, backup also on Network, no Restore-Funktion possesses, many options: data can become zip-format, until 25 versions can be store.
ID: Secon02311

Backup Secure-It 1.41 of Thornsdale software, continuous backup, runs as screensavers and stores chosen data files into a defined table regularly. shareware 30 days
Old URL:
ID: Secur01261

Backup Sync Back 3.2: backup program, secures your data. many Einstellmöglichkeiten (subdirectories) filters, ZIP,...)
ID: Sync006502

Backup Veritas backup Exec desktop Edition 4.2, data backup for self-employers and small businesses, supports band, zip, Jaz-Lfwerke, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD u. magneto-Opt. media, 119.-DM, German, info see PCWelt 00/01 side 310/2 readings 4.4.1 also for Windows 2000 w
ID: Verit01150

Backup Whitebackup: Backup-recovery software. Powerful and flexible file backup system for your PC. Highly customizable, yet simple to use, it is designed to meet needs of most demanding home, office and professional users. Automation of complex backup jobs using customizable built-in tasks, job scheduling and hotkey-based job execution, customizable compression level and password protection, simple job scheduler, full logging of the backup process and detailed daily reporting.
ID: White05923

Backup Win Drivers backup 1.0: DriverGuide Toolkit identifies and lists drivers installed on your computer and, when connected to the Internet, allows you to search (and other sources) for driver updates and manufacturer sites. In addition, it allows you to backup your currently installed drivers for safe keeping. Backing up your Windows driver files means that they will be available to you the next time you need to reinstall the driver or the whole operating system. DriverGuide Toolkit places the driver files in one organized location of your choosing
ID: Win0D03288