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Auktion-eBay Auction studio 2006 Allrounder for the eBay salesperson: eBay-Allrounder Auction studio 2006: dues only with sale success! * eBay-Verkäufer trusts on the Allrounder Auction studio in 2006.
The complete software helps to put considerable article descriptions into the internet, to take over the correspondence with the buyer and to oversee the payments received. what the most eBayler know not at all:
Dues accrue for the application of Auction studio in 2006 only when a sale actually also occurs.
* Of course is it no problem to put one single auction with eBay into the internet in order to enter into contact with the customer after a sale.
If it is already about several simultaneously taking place sales, the necessary time attracts disturbingly attention already something.
Whoever discontinues regularly many auctions with eBay loses the overview properly soon - and looks around fast after a professional solution.
* Auction studio offers itself as tried complete solution in 2006, that his/its owner as many working as only possibly takes from the hand and processes for a very long time automates, until selling with eBay to a pure enjoyment becomes.
Developers Anton Röckenwagner:
"Auction studio cares about the touchdown and about the formation of a new eBay-Auktion in 2006, about the hot switching of an auction, about the correspondence with the customer, about the supervision of the finances and if necessary even about the reminder nature.
So all remains in a hand and the software always has the necessary overview over it in which stage the individual auctions are at every any time.
* Further useful functions as the overview, off-line comfortable preparing of the article description, binding of the article description into a pre-determined layout - integrated Startzeitplanu
ng for a well planned end of the auction, high stores of the new article about the eBay-API directly into the internet, administering of all own auctions in a data bank - selections of the buyer data over
the eBay-API - handling of the complete communications with the customer - several purchases can be summarized to an order - credits for didn't pay or returned articles b
eantragen - documents for text - or HTML-Mail with attached PDF send, delivery notes, bills and package appearances produce and print, automatic payment import and - balances - sub
reinforcement of part-payments - simple handling of the software of Outlook-2003-Look&Feel - administer at will much eBay-Konten, administer auctions in different countries, automated Ve,
rgabe from evaluations - data export from the XML - and CSV-Format possibly, binding to merchandise economic systems possibly, inclusive sale and turnover statistics * prepared design presentations:
Dues only with success in particular highlight at Auction studio is the possibility in 2006, with the so named Lister own eBay-Artikel, to produce, that looks really professional and that sic
h optically especially clearly from the rather established auctions, that woo about new customers with eBay otherwise, distinguishes.
Many matching design and offer presentations already are enclosed the Lister, sodass it essentially taken only few minutes lasts, until a new sales offer is put together and has put in itself per mouse click with eBay.
* Something most users of Auction studio 2006 not immediately realizes: each user can use Auction studio completely free of charge 2006 in order to shape his/its eBay-Verkaufsangebote and, to put in with eBay.
Dues accrue only when the program is put in also for the subsequent handling of sold articles. crucial is on that occasion, whether the sold articles about the eBay-API are called. Anton Röckenwagner:
In plain language, this means: dues only then accrues at Auction studio in 2006, if a sale really also took place - and this briefly for each individual transaction.
Whoever didn't find any buyer with eBay doesn't need to pay for our performances either. I think that that is a fair offer to the customers". * first tests, then buys: nobody must buy the cat in the sack.
From Auction studio, a free one is ready in 2006 14-Tage-Testversion (58 MB), that let covered itself directly from the home page. after the test phase doesn't pay the user for the software but for the performance called on.
Whoever handles no more than 20 transactions in the month is classified in the Light-Tarif and pays 29 cents per transaction. with more than 20 transactions, 9 cents are only calculated.
Whoever discontinues very many auctions with eBay books at the the best the pro tariff for 25 Euro monthly rental. then, the individual transaction only costs 5 cents. there is also a Flat.
She/it costs 75 Euro in the month and doesn't raise any further costs over this rental.
ID: Aucti07557

Auktion-eBay Auction-Sentry We are sorry to announce that as of March 23, 2015, Auction Sentry is no longer being supported.
ID: Aucti05919

Auktion-eBay Auktionmail 2.2 Auktionmail was developed by on-line auctions specifically for much auctioneers and was supported the salesperson at the handling of his/its successful business transactions. the program works as well as monetary - as also auction-independ
ID: Aukti03760

Auktion-eBay Auction master s makes his/its name all the honor the auction master, if it is about writing down on auction platforms from products. according to version still is integrated beside eBay up to 60 further suppliers like Ricardo. much salespersons input arti
ID: Aukti03757

Auktion-eBay Auktionsbuddy 2.0 as multi talent in matters auction administration proves itself Auktionsbuddy 2.0: to the many tasks, that the tool takes on, counts calculating of accruing dues, overseeing of the auction status, etc..
ID: Aukti03756

Auktion-eBay Auktionsbuddy Stopwatch 2.1 The eBay Stopwatch is a small auction stopwatch, that shows the remaining time until the auction end according to statement of an Ebay-Artikelnummer. the updating takes place all ten seconds, in which last 30 seconds of the auction run
ID: Ebay003770

Auktion-eBay Auktionscanner 1.0.2 von David White. Like with eBay puts you retrieval requests with this tool. the crucial difference too eBay exists, however, that the retrieval requests are stored and are put again automatically in accordance with a defined time interval.
ID: Aukti03769

Auktion-eBay Baywatcher pro 4.30 Baywatcher pro can compose many at will search concept in user-definable groups. the results of the parallel implemented queries are clearly presented in a central window menu.
ID: Baywa03775

Auktion-eBay Baywotch 2.1 Light: Baywotch makes more than eBay: It leaves itself observe at will many auctions (instead of only 30 like with eBay), position many at will search standard stocks instead of 15, etc...
ID: Baywo03772

Auktion-eBay Biet-O-Matic 2.0.11: eBay-Tool, offers on Ebay-Auktionen in last second, immediately when starting the computer clock with the eBay-Uhr from. reference: according to ABGs of eBay is such tools not allowed.
ID: Biet003871

Auktion-eBay Buyertools Reminder 0.9.5 of oversee your auctions. warns auction end ago. can offer for you also itself. tone AGBs of eBay doesn't allow. Werbefinanziert. file 2.400KB
ID: Buyer05405

Auktion-eBay Channeladvisor pro The software automates all work steps in eBay of the adjustment of the articles about the delivery handling according to manufacturer up to the assessing of the buyers.
In addition, diverse control and supervision possibilities are" available.
With help of the program, you can automate among other things the Mail-Verkehr with buyers, can put in articles timeshared or can ease the purchase handling. design presentations for auctions also are contained.
Regularly, the solution costs in the" Starter"-Version 3,90 Euro per month, to it 0,05 come Euro per put in auction as well as 0,95 percent of new business commission, least 0,10 Euro, at most 1,95 Euro per articles.
Channeladvisor pro is a complete online system that doesn't necessitate any Download of a software. only an internet browsers like Microsoft internet Explorer, Firefox or safari is required. tip:
Whoever would like can test the electronic little helper of October 1 gratuitously on his/its everyday efficiency to until December 31 2006
ID: Chann06599

Auktion-eBay Der Auktionator The auctioneer helps above all salespersons with the organization and particularly with the after-treatment of auctions, can be put in also by buyers at a profit, however. among other things the pressure of labels
ID: Der0A03758

Auktion-eBay Feedback-Filter of Anbra: indications and analyzes 30 days of evaluations, with full text search, gratuitously
ID: Feedb03938

Auktion-eBay Last Minute Gebot 2.5 Bidd-Agent for eBay. it helps also with the search of article. offers before auction end automatically shortly. Full version of the MAGAZIN-CD
ID: Last005548

Auktion-eBay Powerseller 3.66 software for Powerseller on basis of the data bank Filemaker5.5. Apples operating system MacOS X. now supports them an instruction you find as PDF-Datei on the web site.
ID: Power03759

Auktion-eBay Price shark 1 .0 his/its particular bite gets the Schnäppchenjäger through two functions, that the internal Ebay-Suche doesn't offer,: Zum hunts one also after auctions with a festlegbaren number of order the price shark, to the other, he/it tracks down au
ID: Preis03767

Auktion-eBay Price pirates 2.02 not alone on eBay narrowly the price pirate his/its forays. the low price snoop searches also approximately 500 Webshops. ~~~~~~~~~~ price pirates 1.01 on COM! MAGAZIN-CD 03/10, info side 28,
ID: Preis03768

Auktion-eBay Safe 2 Bid 1.1.21: EBay-Tool, examines the profile of Ebay-User over the handed over evaluations. file 3.700KB
ID: Safe003893

Auktion-eBay Tradewatcher 2.1 salespersons, who want to determine a start - or immediately purchase price, and buyers, who would like to recognize snapping little, get a mighty price comparison tool with Tradewatcher.
ID: Trade03773