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Benchmark _Definition Benchmark: the English concept Benchmark marks a solid benchmark with the country surveying in the landscape". Benchmarking" means in this context of the lign* uping of all measured values on this point.
(Sources Wikipedia) in Benchmark is a program, whose purpose is it, to measure the speed in order to be able to employ comparisons.
These programs are used gladly on PCs in order to determine the performance of the total system or one single component. a Benchmark typically executes an action to it many times and measures, how long the x actions lasted.
The performance can be calculated from it afterwards. (sources PCgo)
ID: _Defi06041

Benchmark CD Bench pro,, price 69.-DM, CD-ROM-Benchmark, cache, throughput,
ID: CD0Be00152

Benchmark Checkit 5.0 from SPG/Kelkheimprice 99.-DM complete PC-Test for Windows, finds mistakes in the Win-Installation. Version 4.0 also for Win 3.1x
ID: Check00142

Benchmark Cyrils computers Speed Benchmark beta 4.01 , CPU+RAM-Tests, for fast tests ok, English, Freeware
ID: Cyril00916

Benchmark DD-Speed 2.0, the speed of the picture setup, 2D/3D-Grafik-Benchmark, tests Freeware, before the test DirectX-driver 3.0 or higher install, version 6.1 on the CD
ID: DD0Sp00905

Benchmark DX-Bench, CPU + graphics tests, only as 3d-Benchmark usable, before the test DirectX-Treiber 5,0 or installs more highly, on CD,
ID: DX0Be00915

Benchmark He bench 2.3, Copyrighted Freeware, hard disk test, start from floppy disk. If start otherwise, data are deleted
ID: He0be00153

Benchmark Info pro 2.01 system info tool, CPU, current CPUs is not recognized, cache, graphics card, RAM, hard disk FAT16 u. 32 printers modem, shareware 14 days ~~~~~~~~~~ info pro 2.0: see PC-MAGAZIN 98/07, side 116, now also for Win98 ~~~~~~~~~~ info pro 1.5, CP
ID: Infop00190

Benchmark PC Insight 2004 of Heusel system. diagnosis software. the interior life of the PC shows: hard disk, processor, graphics card, external devices. report preparation only in Microsoft-Word
ID: PC0In05497

Benchmark PC-Checkup CPU, RAM, Chipsatz
ID: PC0Ch00193

Benchmark Qbench 1.21, HD-Benchmark, suitable for comparison measurements
ID: Qbenc01103

Benchmark SAW 1.10, Freeware, CPU, Bios version, graphics card, storage,
ID: SAW0100136

Benchmark Test-It 2.0, shareware 50.-DM, CPU, graphics card, hard disk, CMOS content secures and plays back
ID: Test000140

Benchmark Thruput 2.0, hard disks Benchmark, good comparison-Tool (only comparisons)
ID: Thrup00911

Benchmark Winbench 97 1.00, copyrighted Freeware, CPU, drivers, graphics, hard disks, complete-tests lasts several hours, single-tests several minutes, however good
ID: Winbe00130

Benchmark WuBench Freeware of 1994: CPU, graphics storage hard disk, conditionally in Win95 employable because of HD-testresult too positive because of cache from Win95
ID: WuBen00131