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win2000 ACPI and the IRQs Windows, management tries interface at the installation, ACPI, Advanced Configuration and power to install.
Since ACPI intervenes deeply into the Resourcenverwaltung of the PC, the complete administration of the IRQs takes over, problems can occur, if not the board this function 100 percent right backed.
If ACPI is used, Windows ignores all IRQ attitudes, that were performed in the BIOS and also can manually, nothing under Windows at the attitudes is changed.
Windows only actually activates ACPI if it finds a system, what ACPI-tauglich is according to list as well as the date of the BIOS is after the 01.01.1999. but even then, the activation of ACPI can bring more problems than advantages.
You therefore should have problems with the installation as well as
after the installation the system more badly than properly runs, you should deactivate ACPI before the installation, an additional removing so properly brings the wished success usually not and is not recommended also by M.
The possibilities: * BIOS: if your BIOS offers the function to turn off ACPI, you should deactivate this attitude here * INSTALLATION:
Press to press the F6 button at the installation for alternative SCSI adapter units, simply the F5 button. if you choose Standard-PC" instead of" ACDI-Uniprozessor-PC" here", then, ACPI is not installed.
If Windows already is 2000 installed, off one ACPI like follows: *" system", >" appliance managers", >" computers" is located the entry" ACPI-PC."
It lets all known drivers over qualities here show itself over DRIVERS and the option" for the appliance in a list..." shows all and chooses standard computers" here" - >" Standard-PC."
Now, Windows starts 2000 again and recognizes all appliances again. after it is the system ACPI-frei.
If problems still now appear with the IRQs, one can alter these manually or can deactivate the IRQ-Steuerung completely in the appliance manager under qualities of the Standard-PCs. here Windows 2000 then sticks to the handicaps from the BIOS. sources: tone statements against the home page is correctly these information also for Win-XP.
ID: ACPI006352

win2000 APCOMPAT.EXE allows the executing from older program in Win2000. Win2000 simulates the matching surroundings on that occasion. the entire article' Windows secretly' can on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF are down-loaded.
ID: APCOM02602

win2000 Boot floppy disk under Win2000 produc es: Setup-CD, table' Bootdisk', subdirectory' of Valueadd\3rdparty\Ca_Antiv'. here there is an image of' InoculateIT's anti virus' of supplement. co the Batchdatei' MAKEDISK.BAT' from the same directory and the call' m
ID: Bootd03077

win2000 PowerDownAfterShutdown computer with ATX-Motherboard causes low attitude in the Registry, that is turned off the computer with the PC shutdown,:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon" entry" PowerDownAfterShutdown" on the value" 1" places. value" 0" doesn't turn off the computer roughly."
Helpfully is also attitude in the BIOS:
* APM (Advanced power management),
* ACPI, Advanced Configuration and power interface, or
*" power Down after Shutdown"
ID: Power07797

win2000 Robocopy (robustly file Copy Utility) leave copy a tool for itself whole table structures, similarly like xcopy, for the command line with him/it and is in 'server 2003 Resource of Kit' and can be after-prepared with Win2000 and WinXP. Instruction about the installation and examples in the PC-MAGAZIN of have over 72 counters as well as parameters. see also side 127 examples:

robocopy c:\daten f:\backup /MIR

ID: Roboc05747

win2000 Setup-Key: dasWin2000-Setup accepts still following Key additionally to the code on the CD cover: 77777-77777-77777-77777-77777. wider variant: if the 5 first signs input correctly is, these can copy you and 4 marks can insert, d.h.. 5 marks the same comb
ID: Setup01460

win2000 Shutdown, faster,: leap s, but dirty solution to the fast PC shutdown: 1, < Strg><Alt><Entf >: task list calls 2 - < Shift >" PC shutdown": with the click on the button" PC shutdown" previously the Shift-Taste presses. respect: open data files is not store
ID: Shutd02842

win2000 Accessories: undesirable components deinstallieren: in the Systemsteuerung/Software of Win2000 is not accessories the entry, increases, visibly, as with the predecessor versions., to do visible about these entries, seeks you according to the file SYSOC.IN
ID: Zubeh02600