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win2000 Bootskin 1.05a: trade the boot picture. over 3000 Vorlagen/Bilder are on the manufacturer home page.
ID: Boots06486

win2000 Diskeeper remove or replace: instr uction of Microsoft about this standard Defragmentierungsprogramm of Win2000 to deinstallieren.
Old article number: D43422
ID: Diske02642

win2000 Emergency floppy disks produ ce: the information of the boot sector of Windows 2000, to only hardly produce again, is, if a boot manager, one Windows 9x-Installation or other software these damaged. co help of an emergency floppy disk can protect itself be
ID: Notfa05524

win2000 Ntfschk 1.0, If you dual boot between NT 4 and Windows 2000 then your NTFS drives were upgraded to NTFS v5 and you have had to boot into Windows 2000 to check them. With NTFSCHK you can check your NTFS v5 drives from NT 4.
ID: Ntfsc01727

win2000 Rundfrg 1.0 of Phil Meeks: start Defrag (Diskeeper) per command line and closes it again. for example: Rundfrg_de.exe c:
Rundfrg_de.exe d:
the generated Batchfile can be bound in the task planner.
JSI Tip 2062. Schedule your Windows 2000 defrag.
Schedule your Windows 2000 defrag. While Diskeeper is worth buying, with its' boot-time functionality, it would nice to be able to schedule the Diskeeper Lite that is built into Windows 2000. * * * I pulled the rundfrg application as I received too many reports of failure. * * * See AutoDefrag freeware allows scheduling the Windows 2000 defragger .
ID: Rundf02269

win2000 Win 2000 Update-Übersicht of Tecchannel, a sur vey of the Patches and bug fix delivers them/her/it scattered to Microsoft servers on him/it lies
ID: Win0201796

win2000 Win ME/2000, Office 2000 & your hardware: PCW elt-Artikel over problems and solution after the Installation/Umstieg on Win ME/2000/Office 2000. the entire article can on the PCWelt-Homepage ( as PDF are down-loaded.
ID: Win0M02316

win2000 current Free and shareware for all Windows versions, narrowly itself on current software, with short description, German,
ID: Win2002318

win2000 web site: installation and Tuning-Tipps for Windows 2000, differences between the different Win 2000 versions Dualbootsysteme ETC. see also PC-MAGAZIN 01/01 side 294
ID: Win2002545

win2000 Windows 2000 service pack 1 German, about 85MB. Windows 2000 beta 3: first analysis, Hardware-Vorraussetzung to the comparison of Win9x and WinNT, see PCWelt 99/06 side 56,
ID: Win2000886

win2000 Windows 2000 sets pack 2 German, abo ut 102MB. complete roll of the improvements:
ID: Windo02847

win2000 Windows 2000: test report of the PC-Welt, articles on the home page accessible
ID: Windo01437