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win-7 Explorer: File preview for script files: For script files , such as php, js , as, no preview is available in Windows 7. This can easily be retrofitted to open by adding the appropriate key in the Registry.
Registry . ( Run -> regedit) Below HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT search for the file extension , eg . php. The following information can be used for all kinds of text files werden. Doubleclick used to string (the default) and the value " txtfile " (without quotes ) enter. Create entries ("Edit", "New" )
1 String (REG_SZ ) named Create Content Type. Double-click on it and the value text / plain eingeben.
2 . String ( REG_SZ) Create named PerceivedType . Double-click on it and enter the value text .
3 Create a key named PersistentHandler.
4 . Click on this new bowl. Enter Double String (default) and the value of {5e941d80-bf96-11cd-b579-08002b30bfeb}
ID: Explo08833

win-7 Content search in Windows 7, see file containing a particular term or search for content: Windows normally searches only in indexed folders by file content, this can on request but also in all other folders. However, Windows makes the normally even automatically, but only in indexed folders. You can have them index your folder (type "ind" into the search field of the Start menu, select "Indexing Options" and then click "Change") or instruct Windows to look in non-indexed folders for content. Tap to "ord" into the search field of the Start menu, select the "Folder Options" and click in the tab "Search" to "Always file names and contents Search"
ID: Inhal08847

win-7 PC World article [Windows 7: New features] 7 features that are only available in Windows 7.
ID: PC0We08758

win-7 Remote Desktop Protocol not possible with Win 7 Home Premium However, there is a patcher that can activate this function. Everyone has to decide for themselves about legality
ID: Remot08923

win-7 Toolbar shortcuts will bring the shortcuts from this directory: C:\Users\username\Favorites\Links
ID: Symbo08832