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Organizer Blackberry: Show own number: with the Blackberry stands in the telephone steward under my number": unknown". 1, attitude to the BB checks under phon--> option--> Restrict my identity: on" No" puts in.
2, under the point OPTIONS / SIM CARD gives it no extended MENU with" own telephone number alters". writes down the number FOR EXAMPLE 1720000000 here. 3, appliance turns off and switches on again, so that the alteration is activated. reference:
All appliances, on which the software can be installed version 4.0, please on V 4.0 brings and only then, one has Editierung this option with the telephone number.
ID: Black06532

Organizer BlackBerry is, the name developed motion (RIM) solution for a wireless communications one from the Canadian business Research In, primarily for e-mail and personnel piece of information managers (PIM)-Daten).
This solution includes a Client-Server-Architektur, the proprietäre BlackBerry-Protokoll between Clients and servers and a series of BlackBerry-fähigen terminals (Smartphone) of RIM.
The network connection is produced over the usual GPRS-Anbindung over a mobile radio operator. sources: Wikipedia
ID: Black06317

Organizer Palm-OS: tips and tricks: tips and tricks to Palm-OS-Organizer in the PC-MAGAZIN
ID: Palm003853

Organizer Psion Revo : accumulator set in eBay for about 9,00 EUR including instruction: lookups you in eBay after' problem accumulator of Revo'. respect: prerequisite: you can handle with the soldering iron.
ID: Psion05630

Organizer Psion: 100 Shareware-Progr. for Psion series 5... blue CD
ID: Psion00521