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Passwort Accent Access Password Recovery (AC 95 to 2003) helps you recover lost or forgotten passwords to open your Microsoft Access 6.0/97/2000/XP/2003 databases. Start recovering passwords immediately with the easy-to-use graphical interface which includes context help and a step-by-step tutorial. Just select a file you need open and Accent Access Password Recovery recovers password in seconds!
Accent Access Password Recovery is distributed as shareware (try before buy). The unregistered version has only one limitation: the maximum length of a recovered password is 4 characters. This limitation is removed by registering your copy. Registration price is $25 for home using and $33.25 for business.
ID: Accen05815

Passwort Accent EXCEL Password Recovery: Lost a password to an MS Excel workbook? Lost passwords for modifying sheets in an MS Excel workbook? Accent EXCEL Password Recovery (for Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP/2003) will break the passwords and allow you to access your documents again!
Passwords to workbook sheets are found almost instantly. They may differ from the original passwords, but they will be valid.
To reduce the time of searching for a password to a workbook, the program has three search methods: a brute-force attack, an attack by an enhanced mask, an enhanced dictionary-based attack. The enhanced mask allows you to specify the range of possible values individually for each position in the password that will be generated. The enhanced dictionary-based attack allows you to search several dictionaries and transform passwords read from them. The program will automatically change the case of letters, skip characters, interchange adjacent characters and cover most possible mistakes in a password.
A lot of additional features implemented in the program will allow you to reduce the time for studying the program, specifying its options and get down to breaking passwords. For those users who use not only Latin letters in their passwords, Accent EXCEL Password Recovery makes it possible to select or create your own alphabet that will be used for generating passwords. The built-in Task Creation Wizard will guide an inexperienced user through all stages of creating the optimal password search settings step by step and give brief information about all options available in the program.
The features of Accent EXCEL Password Recovery are now enhanced and it is still easier to work with the program. No need to be a pro to break forgotten passwords to MS Excel workbooks. See for yourself!
ID: Accen05814

Passwort Accent OFFICE Password Recovery: Ever thought: "If I were a hacker...?" No, I don't mean you'd rob banks via the Internet. Being a hacker, though, you'd never have to re-write an annual report just because of a lost password for an Office document. You'd never have to wait if your colleague forgot to send you the info needed to open an Excel spreadsheet. Sometimes you'd wish you had some hacking skills just so as not to lose the results of your own work.
You think that these hacker guys are all geniuses? That's a myth. Stop watching those fairy tale hacker movies! The usual hacker is just a next-door teenager that learned how to apply some password-cracking algorithms.
And the truth is that you can do exactly the same thing. The theory is quite simple. Any password can be cracked. It's just a matter of time. A "brute force" attack on a password means that the software will try all possible combinations of characters. It's the longest way. But it works best for short passwords. For long passwords, you can speed up the process by choosing only specific symbol ranges or by using other clever algorithms that try words and word-like combinations first. That's all you need to know in order to start.
We recommend that you start with Accent OFFICE Password Recovery. This utility supports a wide range of Office document formats (from the XX century MS Office version 6 to Office XP/2003) and includes a handy Wizard that helps you to choose proper password recovery algorithms. The Wizard will ask you several questions about the password that you need to recover and choose a proper strategy.
While the program is very easy-to-use, it also has many advanced features. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery allows you to manage vocabularies and provides several word transmutation algorithms (case alteration, letter swapping and others). In addition, it can work with non-English alphabets if needed.
ID: Accen05847

Passwort Accent WORD Password Recovery: Lost a password for opening a Microsoft Word document? Lost a password for saving changes to a document? Not a problem with Accent WORD Password Recovery!
The password for saving changes will be found almost instantly. The same goes for passwords for opening Microsoft Word 6/95/97 (French Edition) documents.
To break passwords for opening MS Word 97 documents and higher, Accent WORD Password Recovery supports three methods, also known as attacks: a brute-force attack, an attack by an enhanced mask, and an enhanced dictionary-based attack.
Accent WORD Password Recovery contains a complete set of features for making it easier and faster to break passwords. The enhanced mask provides a visual means for specifying possible values for each position in the password that will be generated, which reduces the time of recovery. The enhanced dictionary-based attack provides you with a dictionary manager and mechanisms for transforming the passwords being read. Accent WORD Password Recovery searches the list of the specified dictionaries one by one and can transform passwords by changing their case, interchanging adjacent characters, skipping characters, or adding digits to each password.
Accent WORD Password Recovery also features the Task Creation Wizard and a system of context help. The wizard helps an inexperienced user reduce the time needed to learn how to use the features of the program and start searching for the password. Context help will help you get your bearings in the program in any stage of the process.
Try the limited version for free and discover that everyone can effectively recover lost passwords!
ID: Accen05828

Passwort Advanced Office 2000 passport Word Recovera 1.02 decodes passwords office document for Microsoft. the unregistrierte version decodes only passwords until a length of 4 signs, file AO20PR_S.ZIP 990KB,
ID: Advan02648

Passwort Advanced Office password Recovery 3.12 backed following programs: Microsoft backup in Windows 95 and 98, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Schedule+, Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Money and Microsoft Publisher.
ID: Advan07787

Passwort Advanced Word 97 passport Word Recovery 1.31 (Aw9 7pr) produces passwords of Word document again. also for Word 2000 usable. the unregistrierte version works until 4 signs only with passwords with length. file 990KB
ID: Advan02829

Passwort Ami-Bios: master passwords: possi ble master passwords. however, these are altered by the board manufacturer regularly. here some known passwords, for the emergency:--AMI--AMI ~--A.M.I.--AMI_ (?) SW--aammii--AMI!SW--AMI.KEY--AMI.KEY[Z]--AMI.KEZ--ami.key[z]
ID: Ami0B02463

Passwort Art password Salver, the password determines for packed Dateien,Freeware
ID: ART0P00952

Passwort AsterWin 1.20 reveals the passwords stored behind the asterisks ('***') in standard password text-boxes. It supports the following operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP
ID: Super00494

Passwort Award-Bios: master passwords: possi ble master passwords. however, these are altered by the board manufacturer regularly. here some known passwords, for the emergency:--? [_]award--awkward--award--award_?--award.sw--award sw--AWARD_ [?] SW--AWARD SW--AWARD
ID: Award02464

Passwort Clear Screen 1.0: screensaver password finishes reading. trick: the software grasps on the CD-ROM drive. prerequisite be activate this the auto start function on the computer. the software then must be burned on a Bootfähige CD-ROM.
ID: Clear02830

Passwort Call word cracks plus all precautions against that of passport-word-steal. * memory trap PC * clear text instead of starlets and points * call words for Mail and Web * call words reads without great:
Mozilla Firefox * e-mail exotic persons and Messenger * system accesses * Windows call words with force * call words in Office.
ID: Kennw06923

Passwort LC3 3.02 find passeord under Windows NT4, 2000 and XP, file lc3setupo2.EXE or lc3setup.EXE 4.200KB.
@stake Acquired by Symantec.
This Programm is illegal.
ID: LC30303232

Passwort Login Recovery is a service to reveal user names and recover passwords for Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Longhorn. As long as you have physical access to the computer, your passwords can be recovered
By following three simple steps, over 98.5% of passwords can be recovered within less than ten minutes. This service does not overwrite passwords, it does not write anything to the hard drive, it does not alter the computer in any way. It simply reads the encrypted passwords for processing through our servers.
* Step 1: Download this file to create a bootable floppy disk to read the password file.
* Step 2: Insert the disk into the computer you wish to recover passwords from and boot the computer.
* Step 3: Put the disk into an Internet enabled computer, and upload the encrypted password file for decryption. (see instructions page)
FREE service or £12.95 for priority access
ID: Login06925

Passwort MsOfPass'97, Paßwort_Knacker for Excel 97/2000 and Word 97/2000
ID: MsOfP01012

Passwort NT Password Changer password word fogeys for NT, 2000, XP or Vista? File PNORDAHL.ZIP 2.100KB.
Attention: illegal
It's VERY ALPHA yet, and relies heavily on undocumented structures and methods. You have been warned!
ID: NT0Pa03231

Passwort Passreminder makes passwords for input fields visibly, file PASSREM.ZIP 13KB also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/02, info side 50
ID: Passr02590

Passwort Passport Word Recovery Suite 3.1 Password Recovery Suite is able to recover password from Windows, Dial up networking, AIM, Windows screensaver, Ws_FTP, and a large number of other applications and files. PRS also has an encryption cracker feature. It will crack the encryption on many shareware/freeware encryped files. If you need to recover a password in a hurry PRS is not only your only answer but is also your final solution.
Old URL:
ID: Passw03123

Passwort PassWord finder 2.1 makes passwords visible.
ID: Passw02712

Passwort Password for screensavers in CONTROL.INI encodes st ored: deletes and Windows again starts:
ID: Passw00047

Passwort Passwort Inspector 2.02 lists the passwords they you in the Internet-Explorer for web site log-ins in used as well as about storage marked. lists also the passwords of the data transmission connections. file Pwinsp202.EXE 402 KB.
Download adress unknow.
ID: Passw02820

Passwort Password and call word in Win95 (xxx.pwl): tips and handling
ID: Passw00251

Passwort Password of Word97/2000 data files forgets? f ile as RTF stores, opens again, password protection lifts, is no password required here, store file as Word document again.
ID: Passw01464

Passwort Pwl tool for Windows password, pric e 40US does saved passwords visibly, (demo of CD)
All available password recovery modules listed in alphabetical order:
-- Access (both database and user passwords)
-- Act!
-- MS Backup
-- Excel (100% success guarantee! no brute-force!)
-- Lotus Organizer
-- MS Money
-- OneNote
-- Outlook
-- PowerPoint
-- Project
-- Schedule+
-- VBA Macros
-- Word (100% success guarantee! no brute-force!)
-- Zip/WinZip
ID: Pwl0T00948

Passwort PWLEDIT.EXE, on Win95/98-CD under, Systemeinleitung/Software (Win-Setup) installs, Quelle=Win95-CD:\Admin\Apptools\pwedit Win98-CD\Tools\Reskit\Vetadmin\pwedit individuals passwords remove
ID: PWLED00825

Passwort Snadboy´s Revelation 1.1, passport word spy, forgotten passwords visible does.
ID: Snadb00440

Passwort Spy & Capture 2.70 show s as legible signs passport word fields. however, this is not the main function of this tool: shows qualities of buttons or input fields (control element) of Spy & Capture and actively changes these qualities in run time.
ID: Spy0&02519

Passwort Ultimate ZIP cracker 7.0 will recover DOC, XLS, ZIP and ARJ file passwords simply and easily! File UZCSETUP.EXE 960KB
The trial version of Ultimate ZIP Cracker will reveal your password free of charge (for up to 5 characters in length). For all passwords greater than 5 characters you will need to purchase the full version. In addition you can buy a single password recovery (one password).
Also the trial version will show you the first decrypted bytes of the files in the ZIP, ARJ or DOC so you know it works.
ID: Ultim03233

Passwort Win Password, screensavers, to determine also under Registry under ScreenSave-Data", entschl. - table on CD, Freeware
ID: Win0P00950

Passwort Win-NT/2000-Passwort-Knacker, This is a utility to (re)set the password of any user that has a valid (local) account on your NT system. You do not need to know the old password to set a new one. It works offline, that is, you have to shutdown your computer and boot off a floppydisk or CD. The bootdisk includes stuff to access NTFS and FAT/FAT32 partitions and scripts to glue the whole thing together. Will detect and offer to unlock locked or disabled out user accounts!
It is also an almost fully functional registry editor!
ID: Win0N01376

Passwort Yaac, the password determines for packed ARJ-Dateien of the version 2,30, Freeware, with the compresses with option - jh -, m0, m4 and, Yaac cannot track hg down any password. also on CD: Crark for rare packers, almost zip crackers for zip records from ve
ID: Yaac000953

Passwort ZIP Password finders 1.0 beta s passport word fogeys for zip records, searches all combinations, FOR EXAMPLE 6 uppercase letters Ca 1 hours, 12 places about 55.000 years with a Pentium-III 450 MHz PC, file ZPF.ZIP 481KB, also on MAGAZIN-CD 01/08, info side
ID: ZIP0P02925